Im backkkk!!! Hope you guys enjoyed this video about what I did at the beginning of my fitness journey! Love you!

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  1. I thought about getting your Gym Plan but I'm so intimidated by gyms and have no one who'd go with me. I hope I'll find the courage soon.

  2. you are my far my most favourite Fitness influencer Mari… i love that your content is about aesthetics, sustainability and most importantly, mental health…. you're doing great sis!!!

  3. Hey guys,
    I recently posted my fitness journey (and only actually recently started my channel) and it would mean so so much if you could watch it! xxx

  4. I love how realistic and simple this is ❤️

  5. Sis really did that 🥵❤️

  6. Did you start out taking supplements? What kind would you recommend for burning fat and weight loss?

  7. This is the absolute best and realistic advice I have ever heard!!! And … it worked. 💕

  8. This was great to watch! I appreciate the end messages most and just how simple you've outlined it. I've overthought and beat myself up about fitness for a long time and I've been feeling pretty low recently, so thank you for sharing and uploading. I'm ready to make the rest of 2019 count!

  9. Just started following you and I have to say, you are a new favorite. I know this video is old but I still wanted to comment (I never comment on these). Even though I’ve been working out for a bit over the years I’ve been off and on and the last four months I’ve been lifting even more than ever. Your advice is perfect for getting over that fear that some people have. Plus your touching on mental illness is so amazing. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  10. Thank you for this video! I'm starting my journey and it's not easy and I love your strength and positive vibes.❤❤👑👑

  11. This was great! Glad I found your channel. What fitness podcasts would you recommend?

  12. Drinking game! I'm doing a shot everytime you say "journey". Thank goodness it's just pomegranate juice…😁👍


  14. Wow this is huge progress! This is an amazing journey

  15. Are you British or American?

  16. Where in the uk are you from xx

  17. Stunning!!! You go!!! Wow I’m sooo much older 46 😢 just saw your video thanx for sharing

  18. Please make a video about loose skin!

  19. Its so easy to lose weight in your 20’s! I am 40 and when I was 20 it was simple. 2 kids later and now 40 and it is HARD. Wish there were more vids of people who actually have a tough time losing weight.

  20. I want to get exited about gaining strength and see my skin get tighter or a visible improvement .

  21. I’ve always tried to make every change at once, and if I failed I gave up immediately. Lately I’ve been trying small changes every day, and once I master those I move on to the next. Little steps are the way to go!

  22. I have been in Colorado for 3 years now and love how much I can do here and stay active. I am down 80lbs and still have more to go.

  23. Did I really get an ad for chocolate milk before this video? I think I did.

  24. I love how realistic and reassuring you are 😭 you make me feel like I can do it omg. Thank you so much! I'll be following you from now on. Xoxoxo

  25. Someone please reply because I need help 🙁 I started working out a week ago. I do some cardio, then I weight lift and do resistance training. I changed my diet as well. I eat cleaner and I try to fit in all of my macros. Since then, I have gained 4 pounds!! I’ve been eating cleaner and working out but I still managed to gain weight? I feel like I look bigger as well, so I’m extremely disappointed. This is kind of killing my motivation to continue working out. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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