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  1. I was led here by your assumption video. This is so exciting. I recently started my channel so this is very inspiring. I now understand how there is so much positive vibes on your channel. You've really inspired me. Thank you so much. ❤️

  2. I have a rough going on in my family at the moment and your vlog have lifted me up. I am on the much lower end of you suggestions thought, I did begin to invest in myself and pamper my self a bit. and try to cope..Thank you so very much. Please excuse poor grammar.

  3. Would love an update on what the Secret has been doing in your life since this video… ♥️

  4. Congratulations on the Silver Play Button award and all the best in the future to you as well! <3

  5. I was curious if there's another camera guy who follows you for when you can't hold the camera up to vlog, and other occasions – like when you got your eyebrows done, for example?

  6. Congratulations on 100k plaque you so deserve it Josie I was nearly in tears well done and I will check out the secret book

  7. Congratulations Josie ❣️ what a success❣️ you deserve that more than anyone ❣️ 👍 🤗

  8. I don't get tired od watching your videos!!🤗🤗

  9. very motivating yes talk about it more!!!!🤗 You will get 1000000 sub my sweet favorite youtube 😉😊

  10. Pleaseee please say more about the secret!Sounds amazing 🤩💕

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    4. I will do the same.

  12. Hello Josie! I am a big believer in the Secret's Law of attraction . I have read her next book too called The Power. My life has changed so much this year after reading the book, becoming aware and practicing it and keeping a spirit of gratitude always!! wishing you much love and happiness. Hopefully one day my Instagram will be 100k! Lol🙏🏻❤️🇨🇦❄️⛄️

  13. Congrats!,,, love your Chanel 🌸👛🌸😁

  14. Congratulations to the great job! This is so touching……I have tears in my eyes watching this video! So happy for you~~

  15. #1 congrats! #2 I'm gonna read the secret. I have horrible negative thoughts and of course, negative things happen. I've never heard the secret explained this way, I think I really need to read this as it might helps me move onto something more positive and at the very least, not be so miserable. So yea, you may be a fashion blogger, but you are affecting me in such a more powerful way. Thank you! You totally deserve those 100k+ for all the good you're doing.

  16. I'm one of your new subscribers and I don't think I ever commented on anybody's video but I really have a desire to do it now. 🙂 I'm such a HUGE believer in Law of attraction (Secret) and I always feel sooooo happy when I see it working for other people! <3 It's such a blessing to know how we create and are in charge of our own lives. 🙂 Don't know if you watched any of Ester Hicks (Abraham) videos but I wholeheartedly recommend it! The Secret is based of their teachings 🙂 Lots of kisses from Croatia! 🙂

  17. I watched The Secret documentary this afternoon and I am feeling so inspired. My mission for this weekend is to get creating a vision board xx

  18. Congratulations Josie greet job. Lots of love Daniëlle xxx

  19. Aww I'm so Happy for you. You had me all choked up when you discovered your 100,000 subscribers YouTube play button; I could feel how important and wonderful of a feeling you had to have finally achieved your vision. I had read and watched the secret book and movie – you explained it well and you clearly understand it. It really is simple, it's like playing it out in your heart and your head, which in turn makes it a reality (always helps encourage it when you have someone else on your team, you have a great friend in Jess for editing it up and having a visual for you). So pleased and happy for you – well done Josie 🙂 xx

  20. 164k now! Belated congratulations! Will be 200k soon. Thank you for all your inspirations 😌

  21. Congratulations on your plaque Josie – very well deserved!!! Xx

  22. Yes, you should talk about The Secret more! Also, your Instagram brought me here.

    I started a YouTube channel back in October. I commented on one of your videos and told you that I wanted to start and you encouraged me. Thank you for being so positive! xoxo

  23. Congratulations!!! Your videos are beautiful as your attitude! Xoxo!

  24. Haha this made me so happy watching! Such joy came through this vid. Thanks for sharing! I think I'll read the secret now.

  25. Congratulations on your 100k mark, Well done gratitude makes us so very positive You ooze this energy on your uploads I love them Xxxx

  26. Well done on achieving 100k subscribers, I have just found your channel and am looking forward to watching more 🙂 x

  27. I discovered your channel a month ago and I have been hooked. I have my own channel and I have been working hard on it and your talk about the secret and getting to 100K subscribers really inspired me to keep going. Thank you for making this video 🙂

  28. Wow self belief is a very powerful thing. Any book that will encourage others to reach their dreams or goals can not be a bad thing. You lose nothing in trying. Well done Josie, p.s great meeting you at Manfrotto and thank you for taking a picture with me AND of course i've subscribe, lets keep this growing : ) xoxo

  29. Please – please do a vlog about vision board and the secret. Love you Josie!

  30. Congrats Josie👍🏼Your skin is glowing 💁🏻🙈

  31. Congratulations Josie 🎉 I read the book back in 2007 it was definitely a enlightening moment for me too. Changed the way I thought about life etc. And so many amazing things have happened as a result. I'm with you on "the secret" 😉😉also worth reading material from the other authors she mentions. I love Abraham & Hicks recordings and books. Xx

  32. There are an estimated 7.5 Billion people on this planet…

  33. Yes yes yes beautiful!!!! I'm all about the law of attraction. Here's to positive vibes everywhere 💕

  34. I need to order the book!!!!! I remember you had 18 thousands when I first started watching you!!! congratssss

  35. Yes! I believe in the power of positive intentions and positive mind set… 🙂 Well done! So well deserved.

  36. Just watched this after you mentioning it today I'm going to have to read the book now and believe I will one day hit 100,000 which is mg absolute dream!! Wells done on hitting your 100,000 🎉 thank you for all the advice today at the Manfrotto event 😊

  37. OMG Josie I'm so happy for you receiving the button and getting to that milestone. Your positive attitude and sunny outlook is definitely what makes people love your channel!

  38. Congratulations on 100k! Hopefully I will be able to accomplish such a goal someday 🙂

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