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How much money families will get from stimulus | CORONAVIRUS CONVERSATIONS

Families across the U.S. will get a portion of money from the federal government’s sweeping $2 trillion stimulus package.
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Consumers are not going to need to sign up for the stimulus checks.

Under the program, all U.S. residents with an adjusted gross income up to $75,000 ($150,000 married), who are not a dependent of another taxpayer and have a work-eligible Social Security number, are eligible for the full rebate check.

They would receive $1,200 per adult — or $2,400 married — as part of a stimulus rebate. In addition, they are eligible for an additional $500 per child.

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  1. Automatic welfare? Very bad idea.

  2. If say for example a person who has no job, and doesn't make much money under the $75,000 mark, does that mean he (or she) will still receive the $1,200 regardless?

  3. Funny how everyone is sooo happy for their stimulus checks. What, no where's the money gonna come from? Yes Black ppl, if they can do this, you definitely need your Reparations!

  4. What about people on Social Security Disability?

  5. So the people who truly need financial assistance, it's NOTHING

  6. I pay $4K/month in tax. I won't get a penny of stimulus. But Biden says I need to pay more.

  7. A one time payment won't help anything. This virus is going to be around for months! Are they going to give us more money? PROBABLY NOT!

  8. Sorry, that should be 500 per DEPENDENT. Another example of all the free shit pumping out kids gets you, sympathy and all. But just knowing 500 is like nothing is funny enough! Struggle on morons.

  9. People will probably never see a dime especially the ones that make less than 75 ,000 an how long are they going to debate on the amounts an when are they going to get anything at all. Please stop playing when millions are out of work Now.

  10. Thank you for the Inside Information!!

  11. Who care about money now, first peoples healths
    And by the way #JOEBIDEN2020FORPRESIDENT

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