Saturday , July 24 2021
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How much would a China trade deal benefit the US economy?

GraniteShares CEO Will Rhind, WSJ Editorial Board member Bill McGurn and Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov on the biggest factors impacting the U.S. economic outlook.

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  1. I've known the economy was gonna tank for a year now and you dipshits are just talking about it now? I thought you were supposed to be news… Mockingbirds… All of you

  2. Why do you guys put that little snot-nosed squeaky pitch on your show unsubscribe see you later no one likes her SEPTA hater they like to hater

  3. lolthe question is more ,how a no-deal will affect US economy .

  4. I believe the deal help the people who have a business with China not American people or America and who come with the recession is that people who have business with China and look to make donations the deal to happening.

  5. Its a news alert! OMG….

  6. The media is just run by the Rothschilds, 🛑🦄🇮🇱

  7. Trade War is vrry good thing if you want to buy Shares, wait until they drop to their lowest price then buy.

  8. It’s not China, it’s Red China. They shoot millions of their own people. Does that tell you enough on how to deal with them! Pack up and go to India.

  9. If the trade deal were negotiated by Maga Maggot, it would be good for Putin.

  10. Chir. A man fed who hate American president mr trump .
    Mr fed must cut off interested rase from bank account. Economy is good in America . Praise the Lord Mr trump. Does fake news cnn tv news msnbc,abc,nbc,cbs,all fake news made American people go to not . Stop play games with American people! ! ! Liberals are non ,happy with cut off food stamps . Stop food stamps! !!

  11. If it's a FAIR deal-YES! If it only stays like it is now-DISASTER! Why do the Dumocrats have erectile disfunction when it comes to getting tough on China?

  12. Hong Kongese : Please help Hong Kong

  13. The host just laughs off the farmers like “oh no big deal” “nothing to see here “. Move on.. ha-ha.

  14. I read all these comments on here. I can’t believe you ignore the facts, farmers and steel mill are losing here. Coal miners didn’t get there jobs back, you lost for voting for trump.

  15. Trump stable genius and a great negotiators, knows the best words is working. 🤣😂

  16. Why is that annoying chick on this panel

  17. I cant stand someone that asks a question and then interrupts the guest before the question is answered and then tells us the answer according to the interviewer … Bye Bye

  18. Trump's tin foil hat ideas will crash the world economy and elect socialists that will create even more pain.

  19. LOL Srew in your own filtlh you unloving bunch of Neanderthals

  20. To worry about $500 in extra product costs you have to have a job. 6 million more people are working today than 2 years ago. We need to export products and services, not jobs.

  21. Remove tariffs first. Tariffs hurt both sides and other countries. Bipartisan investment infrastructure in the US.

  22. the message here is promoting recession.

  23. Let's get this straight. The US GDP has reached $23 trillion (with a T), and the total amount of money that the US exports American goods each year to China, is about $170 billion (with a B), which is NOTHING compared to the US GDP. It's approximately less than 1% of the US GDP or 0.74% to be exact, so what's the big deal about the trade deal with China? Stopping the trade deal with China is the right thing to do because it didn't bring any great benefits to our American economy AT ALL!  The ratio of the yearly trade money with China to our economy GDP proved that our country is doing just fine, with or without China.

  24. Something has Really gone off the Rails at FOX.  They are sounding more like CNN every Day. Bernie Sanders has a supporter in Glasses Girl who is the Worst Economic Analyst I have Ever Heard.  China's National Debt is over $ 40 Trillion Dollars.  They have abused the WTO and the WTB.  Without access to the US Market, China will go Bankrupt.  The YUAN only has Value because of their US Dollar Holdings. China has Grossly Mis-Managed their economic Growth.  Plus this whole situation is the result of Past US Presidents favouring investment in China over the USA.  These are the Worst Reports I have heard from FOX in a Long Time.

  25. Y’all can begin by cutting money out of wars 💯

  26. The top democratic candidates plus others want to place"tariffs" raise taxes on American corporations. Who will pay for those tax increases? The American consumer. At least Potus plan of tariffs are for the purpose of protecting our companies from a bad actor ,China to either change their ways or realize we will not be taken advantage of. There will be relief from the tariffs because many U.S. companies will shift out of China. There is no relief for the American consumer from the Democrats tax increase on U.S. Corporations.


  28. Potus can win the trade war with China ,if only the people, business corporations, democrats and the whole of USA support presidency's initiative.


  30. Trump… You cry baby.. you feel cheated. Take your ball. Go home and lock the door.. America can't compete.

  31. As usual these clowns demonstrate short term thinking. I’d be willing to go through quite a long term global downturn if China was punished and severely! We need to sever trading ties with China- find other suppliers. Divorce them

  32. Iam gone because of Jessica

  33. fake news jessica tarlov is a c@nt!

  34. Like finger nails on a chalk board.

  35. Doesn't Jessica Tarlov (Russian name?) have a nasty voice?

  36. I'm hearing some negative Nelly's here. Have faith in the president.

  37. im NOT LOSSING CRAP im a farmer in Oklahoma KEEP UP TRUMP!! I'd love new USA STEEL

  38. Trump ​is talking and lying to the American people. Nothing will help the American people.

  39. So what we were doing. Bye Fox Business.

  40. Xi alway tells resumption trade war has no winners trade peace has no losers.

  41. Just say no to IP theft.

  42. Suck it up America! We will win this!!

  43. President Trump knows exactly what he is doing and he chose that word “order” intentionally. He also understands the limits of his power. The “sky is NOT falling”. But the big battle is beginning 🍿🍿 The World Economic System is being re-ordered. 🍿🍿
    That’s great news for everyone except the Globalists, The Elites, Wall Street, USCOC, the Banksters, The CorruptOcrats, The Deep State, DemocRATS & RepubliCONs, and the Owners of our Politicians.

    If you don’t belong to one of those groups you will be cheering 🥳 😃 👏🏻


  44. Fox is changing their side!

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