Thursday , January 20 2022
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How New Hemp Laws Are Impacting Crime | NBC News Now

America’s rush to expand the production of industrial hemp with new industry-friendly laws is creating an unprecedented problem for law enforcement. NBC News’ Jon Schuppe breaks down the impact these new hemp laws are having on crime.
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How New Hemp Laws Are Impacting Crime | NBC News Now


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  1. I am glad to hear we are taking back our freedom from the government finally again

  2. Repeal Marijuana Prohibition and replace it with an Import Tax at the US Border. Let the 50 States regulate as they please.




    they can't test it? More like they are making it inpossible TO test it as a means of creating an arguement to make it Public Enemy number 1 again.

  4. 2:50 What do ya know, they need a WARRANT!

  5. 2:40 The sniff test. A great way to administer Prohibition.

    And makes the Smell a Stigma. Grear work!

  6. 2:25 if only we cared about testing pkants before.

    But we didnt. We only cared about busting people for possesion and other low level crimes.

    Since there already is a war over who is the next El Chapo.

  7. 1:35 They dont need to do this for the War On Drugs.

    They just ask the DEA for money "heres a yearly stipend! Keep fighting those driggies for us"

    So yea. DEA COULD help.

    Doubt they wanna help end Cannabis Prohibition though. Thats half their budget.

    They would need to go after Hard Drugs!

    Not the easy bust of Cannabis.

  8. 1:15 Its a good thing Michigan just got some ofnthe best Testing laws in the nation.

    Instead of testing Pee, we can test the Plants.

  9. And to think our declaration of independence was written on hemp paper…just legalize both…Pharmaceuticals were the ones that pushed laws against MJ.

  10. The only reason pot is illegal while cigarettes/booze are legal is because pot doesn't have the organized, wealthy lobbyists in DC.

  11. A drug is anything that temporarily changes one's mind, for good or bad. Therefore, cigarettes and booze are drugs. They are ok compared to pot? …..why?

  12. Here is what nobody is told, law enforcement works for the State, Courts, & private prison system. Anytime something that is illegal is made legal 2 of those will lose money, the court system & the private prison system. The state & localities gain extra tax revenue usually. I am not saying the police as individuals but the whole criminal justice system.

  13. Why don't they just "un schedule" marijuana in all of it's forms? no longer an issue. Then focus on drugs like meth, heroin, and cocaine? The drugs that create monsters . not the plant that creates peace

  14. This guy talks wayyyyy to fast slow down. You need marijuana

  15. Regulate it don't criminalize it !

  16. this is a case of policing for profit. they have to manufacture the crime so they can have a job in the morning and have something to do.

  17. I don’t get the logic of criminalization here. You can’t buy a little pot from a guy on the street but you CAN cross that street and buy a gallon of scotch? I’ve never smoked it and never will, but this is just stupid.

  18. Oh no! Can't generate revenue if there is no crime… guess they'll have to make other things illegal to make up for the lost money they extort from the public.

  19. People that like being high will go about it legally or illegally. I don't like that feeling, but making a PLANT illegal is no governments job.

  20. Save a lot of money. Legalize marijuana. F-ing morons.

  21. At least decriminalize it. The negatives outweigh the positives to keep it criminalized!

  22. If you get a ticket for weed, stuff it in your stash container to make it positively reek of weed for as long as possible, then submit the ticket. Everyone in the "Involuntary State-Fundraiser Auction" (whups, I meant the misdemeanor court-system) will smell it for days, and you get a little passive-aggressive protest in as well. If you have to pay a fine, use only cash that has also been soaked in weed (cheerfully force them to take it and claim you smell nothing, they must be smelling something else) and tell another court employee that you suspect the first "collector" may be stoned because you can smell it (for minuscule civil-disobedience points), just don't hang around too long.

  23. Pot should be legal nothing wrong with pot man

  24. hooray! prohibition against marijuana, a natural and beautifully medicinal plant that is celebrated around the world, is ending.

  25. Ridiculous anti Weed Laws but we can make Nuclear Bombs! Insane.. 😤

  26. Making Cannabis illegal is the TRUE crime!

  27. The Federal Emergency Preparedness Act requires the US to have hemp stockpiled. It is illegal for hemp to be illegal. Simple as that, because hemp is not a drug and therefore not under the jurisdiction of the useless DEA.

  28. Just legalize marijuana already!

  29. Yea ok good luck with that. Cops aren’t going let happen.

  30. Read the Montgomery County Texas Police reporter. They are going after pot with a vengeance as usual. Ruining peoples lives for not wanting to get drunk? With all the drunk driving accidents all the time. I think it is still a dry county as far as hard liquor. Here I think it is still a racial issue. We can not have people getting along. That is not good for the GOP. at election time. Big money you know. God bless 🙂

  31. ~Weed is the Devil! I never touched the stuff and neither should any of you! So If you ever find some, send it to me, so it can be disposed of properly…

  32. People used to be just ok before this hemp became widespread and open. Ban it again please.

  33. Well then I guess we need a new line for classification between drugs and natural substances. The U.S. government will try to regulate and control a substance that has a religious right
    If I cant claim it as a plant bearing seed given to me as palms said then we need to push to eradicate the subjects distorting the ammendments.

  34. Theres legal ketamine for depression and painkillers associated with herion. Stop demonizing a simple plant already geez. 😒

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