How New York’s ‘quirky law’ could impact the Trump investigation

Former U.S. Attorney and Senior FBI Official Chuck Rosenberg joins Meet the Press NOW to discuss how New York’s “quirky law” of a witness telling the grand jury why Trump shouldn’t be charged will impact the probe into the former president.

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  1. yeah cmon trump tell us how you did, and how you felt, being threatened ww3

  2. Trump used finance campaign money to pay storage Daniels off that is against the law I believe it's a felony

  3. Fortunately Cohen brought undeniable receipts: signed checks, recorded phone calls…
    Those receipts speak for themselves.

  4. Look, first of all no one needs to besmirch Cohen's character.LMAO. He has proven himself what a despicable person he is. He is a disbarred, 3 time-convicted felon who was convicted of Lying to federal prosecutors, Tax evasion, and Federal campaign fraud. For just once be honest.

  5. Why hasn't the prostitute Stormy Daniels been charged for her blackmail against Cohen, and by association with him, against Trump? Equal Justice? Not at all! It's Perverted Justice.

  6. Quirky. Yall just plain stupid. Trump is using yall to expose yall BS

  7. What is the quirky law?????

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  9. DA Bragg has no authority to indict an innocent person like President Trump,if he continues to indict him he violates the US laws.We hope the US laws is not being used as political circus or black propaganda against President Trump, this will boonerang to the faces of Bragg and. His boss joe and Soros.

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  11. I think someone needs to prove in COURT that he is guilty of something ,,,,,and I have lost count of the attempts

    And if Trump is guilty for security clearance violations , then Biden is also

  12. JB is not by the book himself. Trump have every right to defend himself by any means necessary while this government intentionally plunges Americans into poverty by any illegal means necessary. Cut the crap!

  13. Disbarred trump** lawyer: "Is your testimony to allow fries to be included in your order?"

  14. You people, only use laws that are pivotal through business and laws privatizing government entitled for the wealthy only, a crime is a crime,

  15. The Fake News media pundits act as though this is the 1st time in history Hush Money has been paid out! Our country was founded on Pay Outs homie!

  16. Michael Cohen was Trump's personal attorney for over ten years. I bet he knows where all the bodies are buried. Can't wait to hear what he has to say.

  17. Another channel that pretends the witch hunts are constitutional.

  18. the whole story is so awful and so Trump, and this fraud was the president dividing a country to conquer the power with a riot on the capitol like nazis storming the reichstag in 1936…

  19. They are so worried about this one man being able to control all this chaos from all these people, maybe that's why they are so against him and try to keep him down because they know so many people out there actually support him and will vote for him so they do what they can to stop that. It's funny they will let murderers go free to keep from having a protest but they will pull out all the stops for this verdict.

  20. When one of San Jose's coward cops murdered an innocent man running from the plainclothes freak on a sunday morning two nuns on their way to church witnessed it. They said the cop never identified himself or even call out to his victim before shooting him in the back from behind a chain link fence.
    I saw coward because he said he feared for his life from the poor guy running for his own. The nuns were called liars, the jury agreed, the badged criminal was found not guilty in the rigged trial and promptly set on the public again.

  21. Just because a suspect is being investigated for murder in another state does not mean that a burglary charge in my state is unimportant, even if it is less important.

  22. I like Republicans that support the rule of law. Are there any?

  23. I love the grounded reality of this channel!! Despite the recession, I’m so happy withdrawing my $78k profits out of my investment with a platform in town

  24. Meanwhile. More open evidence being created 😂


  26. Of course not on witness testimony alone 😂. They call it EVIDENCE. Something they wouldn’t understand what evidence actually means to back your claims more to come🎉❤🇺🇸✊

  27. Nonsense 🤦‍♀️😐🫵 delay delay delay. Owell. Patiently we wait 😎😁✊ tic tok tik tok lol 😂

  28. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today……

  29. No indictment, no arrests will be made.

  30. "show me the man and I'll show you the crime" still waiting to hear what the actual provable crime is. NDA's are not illegal.

  31. In the mean time, the United States looks like a fool, who can’t clean its own house. 🤦‍♂️

  32. Lock up chump! As Americans we deserve it! After the worldwide jerrrty springer laughing stock he made us look like

  33. How New York’s ‘quirky law’ could impact the CHUMP 🤡 investigation

    CHUMP20TOLIFE 🇺🇲🇺🇲