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How Parents Could React If Their Kids Come Out As LGBTQ

Many members of the LGBTQ community think about how their families will react if and when they decide to come out, and those reactions can strongly impact young people. Editor-in-Chief of Health Magazine, Any Conway, joins News NOW to discuss how parents can be supportive if their kids come out.
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  1. Its euros month not pride month

  2. the liberal fake news pushing nothing good as usual!

  3. I’m 13 and I came out to my mom I was really nervous and scared but she got “mad” ig you can say and said I think it’s a faze

  4. I'm 20 and recently came out as trans to my parents, they're slowly accepting it which my mom called me by my preferred name a few days ago

  5. They want the death penalty for pedos but when mainstream sexualizes your kids they get praise. Reported this channel for child abuse!

  6. Tell people how to their children is crossing the line…. 0:36 Parents " Should Respond " whatever way they see fit… You just worry about raising your kids…. And let other parents raise their children it's worked for the most part since the beginning of time…..

  7. that's not going to happen SIR my friends from hales corners going to field trips like all school has been going to field trips in their schools in the past years

  8. I love how these religious perverts comment with their god bs

  9. NBC News dictating what families should and shouldn't do when every household dynamic is unique, not to mention their cultural, societal, and religious situation.
    Y'all need to quit this far-left agenda carpet-bombing. Stop trying to teach/educate people, because you're not morally or intellectually superior–you're just jerks. Aren't there other pressing matters you need to report on?

  10. This is still a thing?

  11. I object to the Equality Act proposed by the Democratic Party.
    The Equality Act is a lie. From the Father of lies, Save Us, O Lord.
    God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

  12. EWTN News: On a mission to report the truth. God bless the United States of America.

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