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How Should Congress Negotiate With A President Who Does Not Tell The Truth? | Meet The Press

This week the president added sharpie gate to a series of falsehoods that have marked the presidency. Can either party trust him to keep his word? Chuck Todd weighs in.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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How Should Congress Negotiate With APresident Who Does Not Tell The Truth? | Meet The Press


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  1. What’s this Sharpie talk? When Barry from Kenya said: all I need is a pen and a phone y’all were cool with that.

  2. Donald might be a criminal!!!😎

  3. Wow, a chalk on board screeching sound when DOTARD speaks!!!!

  4. I didn't do it! I don't know it! Just like a little child who was caught in the act. Compulsive liar, narcistic psycopath, obessive compulsive, a fraud and a thief.

  5. Trump the liar also promised he would release his tax returns after he was elected.

  6. you really should be the last to accuse anyone of not telling the truth….and the same for the rest of the fake news.

  7. I YouTube search “news” and this is what I find. NBC weird bias crap show. Imagine my surprise. Who does nbc want you to vote for?

  8. We all should be glad of that 2nd Amendment. With the pentagon defying congress and illegally spending money on Trump properties; they, like Trump, no longer follow the constitution. The 2nd Amendment is the last hope of our democracy.

  9. How does a President get anything done with a hypocritical, liberal lunatic left wing????

  10. Thank God for good food, friends, pets, sports and music! You can understand why so many people just want to think about their NFL team, the up coming World Series this fall,… dust off some vinyl records and play those old Beatles albums on that phonographic turntable…! Thank God for good wine, good music, good food, and friends and/or pets to enjoy the moment and just not revolve ones life around the negativity of the Political Arena.

  11. you can not negotiate with a career criminal

  12. 100% fake news and dishonest smears. Disgusting. #Trump2020

  13. The media complaining about the " truth".

  14. Maybe because he is the president and he has the final say. Bills don't become laws because you want them to. Votes votes votes. If no one vote congress can't get them done by themselves. Senate can vote and president can sign into law. So what you going to do. That's right more whinning while GOP is winning.

  15. Americans will soon revolt against Trump.

  16. This is really, really fake. If you believe it you are really, really dumb.

  17. If that trajectory map was made from the national whether system, it was possible that the hurricane would’ve gone tours alabama or others near by you stupid idiots.cause it wouldn’t just Disappear into thin air.who ever made that map is a 🤬

  18. His campaign is selling Official Sharpie with his signature. Too much fun

  19. An absolute , total and humiliating week of bumbling from Trump.

  20. You don't negotiate with a malignant narcissist and a pathological liar. What you do is expose him and his lies at every turn.

  21. Poor NBC News,,,
    Still crying about the President after their massive coverage of the Russian Boogeyman Stunt crashed & burned for all to see.
    ~ NBC News;
    You are a disgrace to the traditions of American Journalism.Partisan propaganda at its lowest.

  22. policy dictates the US does not negotiate w terrorists and gop & trump are terrorists ,hmm paradox

  23. NBC has the worst editors.

  24. An Executive Order is coming to rename Florida into South Alabama (reliable source).

  25. It's the news who doesn't tell the truth

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