Saturday , May 15 2021
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How The Chauvin Murder Conviction May Impact The Future Of Policing | NBC News NOW

Former Obama policing taskforce member Cedric Alexander joins News NOW to discuss the future of policing following the murder conviction of Derek Chauvin and what public safety could look like moving forward.
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How The Chauvin Murder Conviction May Impact The Future Of Policing | NBC News NOW


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  1. Remember the police report of Brianna Taylor. And they still got off free.

  2. If you don’t commit crimes, why you’re afraid of being arrested?

  3. White cops on solidarity would quit

  4. It will get worse before it gets better cops will be out to show they still hold the power and can enforce the law the way the se fit ,many more innocent live will be lost before reforms are committed too

  5. Blah blah blah a bad guy is a bad guy. No matter how u look at it.
    That being a bad law enforcement agent or a street thug.

  6. Brass felt a desperate "need to take the pressure off" themselves , indeed. Just as politicians dump a myriad of social-economic problems on "policing".

    Here we go again with the "Bad Apple" theory of Police-Brutality.

    A pre-meditated diversionary tactic.

    Let's see if Biden/Harris Neoliberfalism is successful in detracting from the truth: The 'Apple-Cart'(el) theory of criminal-injustice.

    The whole cart is rotten.

    The establishment fuels obsession with the "street-corner" small-time-dealer of police-abuse. Get us hooked on viral 'reality-tv'.

    Let's focus also on the cartel's "Kingpins". Like the authors of the "Crime-bills" and military-prison-weapons-industrial-police-state-complex.

    To eradicate state-sponsored terror, targetting the frontline soldiers is a Sisyphean delusion.

    Focus on the Kingpins. Dismantle the cartel.

    Party hearty tonight. Tomorrow, a rude awakening awaits.

    Oh, BTW, Mama, don't forget to tell Junior to behave. We're in occupied-territory. Remind them it's a warzone.

  7. We better laws maybe a suggest box's! Like driving, they could just take your vehicle not your license. Not putting drivers up against a wall. Easyier ways to find jobs. Like just calling the company maybe the company picking the employees up.

  8. Be Well Everyone.

    Have some pudding.

  9. If they had listened to Eric Garner when he said he couldn’t breathe George may be alive today. Let’s not forget he died over selling loose cigarettes. 😢

  10. Why happened so frequently to black people ? Find out the root!

  11. Both sides were wrong in this case… The cop was a bad cop for sure but, he was over charged and wrongly convicted. George Floyd was a bad person, with a long record and history of drug use. He had just committed a Federal crime (counterfeiting currency) and because of his skin color, his family got a check for 27 million from us tax payers.
    George Floyd shouldn't had died but, this case was influenced by mob rule, fake news and politics… it was not decided by a unbiased / fair justice system.

  12. If any body doesn't like police reform .please leave you name and badge number bootlicker just cry it will be alright

  13. Guilty Guilty Guilty general population … Poycott any and all business that require a "Vaccine Passport tracking app system World ID" even if you do get vaccinated… Useless you want to help split society even more…. Airlines can easily have vaccinated and non- vaccinated flights they just don't want to … And they shouldn't be getting anymore (payoffs) I mean bailouts for running of their own customers ….eithe

  14. From now on … any smart cop isn't going to go anywhere near a black person. If I were a cop and got a call to a black neighborhood, I'd drive REALLY slow to get there and maybe not go at all. Why risk life in jail ?

  15. That means from now on the police would think twice before getting involved in arresting….

  16. Police, in the future, are just not going to go to black neighborhoods. Why would they? Lol

  17. ….accountability to the highest level
    with all the consequences!!!!👍👍

  18. Changes will eventually happen. Sooner or later. America is not the same as it was in the beginning of the last century.


  20. Quit breaking the law and you won't have to worry about police brutality

  21. It's both sides of the law. Citizens need to stop hating on each other and cops need to calm down.

  22. Policing should be about results. How much should the police value the life of a criminal who is resisting arrest? In my opinion not that much, especially in high crime areas because the result is more innocent people dying to criminals, and that is much worse than criminals dying to cops.

  23. Shoot first, no time for questions

  24. The mob will now decide all guilt.. make sure you follow their posting guidelines in your social media accounts or you won't be found innocent.

  25. Black people rejoice 1 bad cop convicted..You did something..

  26. Let this be a step where cops who do these egregious actions will be held accountable.

  27. Lisa McNair Palmer
    Social Security Disability and SSI Law: Key Strategies for Winning Your Clients the Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income … Need and Deserve (The Lawyer's Bible Series

  28. no.. it is not doing what will benefit the agency.. it is about doing what benefits the general population of people that the agency is there to serve!

  29. Cooperation and respect from both sides could be the answer.

  30. Police reform ! and no blanket immunity for police, if you can’t handle your job, then let someone else have it.

  31. Hospitals kills 10x more blacks than the police. That's why cameras aren't allowed

  32. Stop resisting when you're being arrested. Hahahhaha

  33. I'm so for police reforming but also for some civilian reforming as well. I am NOT making excuses for police brutality but cops are people too just like you and me. Cops have feelings too. Until people can have thick skin and enough will power to discuss this big elephant in the room then nothing will get done.

  34. Let's keep the cameras rolling 📸on all cops

  35. While it is but Step ONE, on a Million Mile Path to true Equality. It IS a step! We must protect it while making ready for the next. Right now – and for a while yet – it will be just one step at a time. But each step, in a constant move forward, WILL eventually cover the full distance to EQUALITY. Let us rejoice in the FIRST…

  36. They dont even help women with rapes or domestic violence. They always believe the man.

  37. Ask any POC who is the biggest danger in their communities. Stop blaming the popo for the out of control violence in all the big cities

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