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How The Covid Pandemic Changed Mass Shootings And Gun Violence In America | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Jacob Ward takes a look at the impact the coronavirus pandemic had on mass shootings and gun violence to see how those trends might change now that states begin to lift Covid-19 restrictions.
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How The Covid Pandemic Changed Mass Shootings And Gun Violence In America | NBC News NOW


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  1. I think 2020 changed the way we talk about guns I'm America. The democrats came out less than a year ago and supported defunding the police. It was democrats mayors and governors who let blm destroy cities. What was the response? Millions of new people mostly in places like LA and Chicago went and brought every gun they could get their hands on.

  2. PH is trolling. Either that or he is just that straight stupid. More than likely sitting in his moms basement still with is domino’s pizza shirt on from work waiting for a response. A pandemic is not going to stop crazy people. Just not happening. Having people who are allowed to CC and protect themselves is where WE are safe. We lose our gun rights and we are just lead to slaughter just like the sheep the democrats want us to be

  3. Boring gun-happy Americans. The world is sick of US racism, 7 MASS SHOOTINGS in 7 days, school shootings and bombing in the name of peace..

    The US show videos from Mars but no videos of Uyghurs in Xinjiang and only two suspect witnesses from a city of 25 million.

    The Changcheng (Great wall) to Lu sè Changcheng (Great green wall) can both be seen from space.

    The US had fires from a gender reveal party that could be seen from space. When was America great?

  4. Covid deaths US 561,142 Mexico 200,862 UK 126,515 Canada 22,826 China 4,636 Australia 909 NZ 26 Taiwan 10.

    Two thirds of Covid variants originate from the US which makes Covid the US VIRUS.

    1964 Japan's first bullet trains vs 2021 US has NO high speed trains.

    Americans die believing Traitor Trump and Fox TV when they called the pandemic a hoax. When was America great?

  5. Freedom USA, shooting every day!

  6. All was part of Biden's population control let them have guns.

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  8. Forget about the mass shootings from BLM all 2020?

  9. The issue is *violence*, not just gun violence, and even then you have to look at murders per capita, and not include suicides, and lawful LE shootings of violent felons. And ignore the tens of thousands of violent felons released by democrat controlled prisons. Ignore the failure of democrat DAs to prosecute violent felons. In fact, let's ignore the BLM riots, Antifa riots, and even terrorist acts by Syrian American Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa linked to another individual under FBI investigation! Let's blame guns! Let's blame Trump! And they wonder why no one trusts *journalists*!

  10. The dead mass bilaterally listen because aluminum supply raise amongst a groovy jewel. unarmed, sable beam

  11. It's not the gun, it's the gunner. Put the blame on the shooter–profile them in every way=childhood history, religion, political party, age,etc. You would think a group of psychologists would go out on a limb and make a statement.
    With all the constant violence every night in cities, you can't blame people for carrying a handgun–might have helped in Boulder.
    With the defunding of police there are way more people carrying than before–it only makes sense.

  12. Joe's Antifa buddies need to be arrested

  13. One sided uneducated people that believe this television news. They must have missed the September 2019 Lancaster County California PD sniper shooting, who said it was fake? Lancaster County California Police Department did so there's your proof. Once a liar always a liar.

  14. Vote blue in 22. Vote red and we are dead.

  15. If you keep attaching your narrative to somebody else's murders you will never understand why they did it or how to stop them. Causation and correlation aren't the same thing.

  16. Nobody stop them from studying gun violence who’s stopping me I didn’t say nothing dumb the government I don’t think they did anything to it they’re lying

  17. Thankfully we have a second amendment in this free country so we can protect ourselves from these loonies.

  18. Get a grip you clowns. Just move your sheep onto the next stage of the plandemic.

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