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How The Epoch Times Became One Of Trump’s Biggest Supporters | NBC News Now

The Epoch Times has been paying for some of the biggest pro-Trump ad’s on Facebook. NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny reports after NBC News exclusively learned that Epoch is tied to a Chinese spiritual group whose goal is to take down China’s government.
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How The Epoch Times Became One Of Trump’s Biggest Supporters | NBC News Now


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  1. Uhhhh, The television/video component of Epoch Times is NTDTV not NDTV. NTDTV is an abbreviation for "New Tang Dynasty Television" while the other is "New Delhi Television". Please get that right.

  2. gotta love how people make claims about anything that could possibly support Trump's economic vision being America First. This is certainly NOT the MSM agenda. Hence why this cycle will be repeating for a good decade to come. People are dumb and stubborn.

  3. The stupid conservative and evangelicals are laughable to side with the Epoch Times. Well, The falungong’s founder, Li Hongzhi, who is behind the epoch Times, despised and mocked Jesus. He claimed Jesus was crucified because his ministry offended other bigger and more powerful deities. He claimed God’s words 2000years ago is outdated and he brings more complete, newer salvation this time. Li Hongzhi said he is a much higher deity than Jesus and created millions of Jesus and Buddha in different universe dimensions. He also claimed racially mixed children will not go to heaven as each race independently has a correspondent heaven. However some Chinese falungong practitioners married white Americans,and then claimed their children will still go to heaven as the are excluded from this race mixing curse by their master Li’s blessings. Anti-China doesn’t necessarily make epoch Times righteous, just like one punk is usually fighting against another punk. Btw, I’m a conservative.

  4. Umm, Falun Gong teaches you are not suppose to take medicine because illness is due to karma. Because human do bad things they can accumulate karma. If a person want to take medicine that's fine but medicine will never truly heal due to karma.

  5. Yoga? You are lying. His practice is part of the Buddhist school but not the religion of Buddhism.

  6. They are not pro trump they report the news. You guys are pro communist!

  7. Way to be a full-fledged apologist for the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Brandy Zadrozny, you sleazily serve the CCP well. Do you also carry a little posh purse with Mao's face embroidered on it too? So much for liberal tolerance! Attack anyone of any religious view that runs contrary to the warped worldview of corporate progressives.

  8. You guys need to learn to lie better! Tell Epstein I said hi..

  9. Much attempt to discredit the “very conservative “ Epoch times. Regarding apocalyptic, it isn’t the Trump supporters screaming that global warming/climate change is going to destroy the world yesterday unless we submit. Likewise it isn’t Trump supporters fear-mongering to children to control them. Nice Try!

  10. It’s been about anti communism since before I watched Sputnik cross the night sky

  11. That's because the American people like the truth. Seems I haven't heard about the hillary supporters all too much. Maybe go back and do some real journalism.

  12. Want to know WHY NBC is on a smear campaign against the EPOCH TIMES? Simple. NBC has multi billion dollar business dealings in CHINA right now. Epoch Times has been EXPOSING China and the CCP. The Chinese contacted NBC and told them to put out a smear and disinformation campaign against the EPOCH times. This has nothing to do with Trump and EVERYTHING to do with CHINA pulling the strings at NBC!

  13. WTF?!?!? The "Eee-pock" Times???? English. Can you speak it?

  14. NBC definitely jealous their Trump haters

  15. Wow, Brandy Zadrozny you just unknowingly promoted Falun Gong. Let me ad one thing you missed.
    This cultivation practice, it's very core is
    Truthfulness, comparison, and forbearance.
    That is the bedrock for all these people who practice Falun Gong.
    One more thing, it's NTDTV.

  16. Love the Epoch Times……breath of fresh air….instead of the dank lying CNNs etc.

  17. Omg this horse face is really ugly. Probably she thinks she is beautiful. Lol and her voice is even worse 😆

  18. So apparently reporting facts truthfully is now labelled pro trump. Lol. How about stopping the fake news reporting at NBC first?

  19. They blame Obama for the Russian scandals I think that is pretty conservative.

  20. There is real news like epoch times and lame propaganda like nbc and cnn

  21. Li Honghzi: "Let me tell you, if I weren’t teaching this Fa [Dharma] today, [the] gods’ first target of annihilation would be homosexuals. It’s not me who would destroy them, but gods. … [G]ods can’t tolerate their existence and will destroy them."

  22. NBC has become a joke. Such a pathetic hitjob. A big fail

  23. Laughable. Failing NBC news is desperately trying to stay relevant…And not succeeding.

  24. NBC "News" has become a joke because of its hatred of Trump.

  25. This is total left wing FAKE NEWS once again. Watch the interviews on American Thought Leaders, and you'll see some of the best content available on the web. Interesting, thought provoking, and insightful. In particular, if you are really interested in the "actual" story, and not the MSNBC warped fake news version, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn1AX8dgOw0 and hear Stephen Gregory , publisher of the US editions of Epoch Times correct the record.

  26. "Ultra conservative." This use of 'ultra' and 'extreme' reminds me of the when people kept using "X" in front of titles in the 90s.

  27. Imma just use this for my current events project in school lol

  28. Actual jounalism skyrocketing passed the CNN and MSNBCs…..
    Who knew?

  29. NBC who gave the Clinton camp the debate questions ahead of the debate? Please respond

  30. SNOOTY SJW FEMINAZI…what a disgusting person smh

  31. The Epoch Times are using the "fake news mantra" to force their propaganda on gullible Americans and boy is it working. I remember when it was the duty of Christians to expose dangerous religious cults. However, these Chinese cultists know they can trick Christians into letting their guard down by saying 3 simple words "We Support Trump".

  32. Leftist Media NBC news slants a story to suppress conservative news stories presenting the other side. Lie, suppress, deceive, that's all you people do.

  33. It doesn’t matter who is a supporter of trump it is a free country and we can support who we want to even if somebody says something hurtful it is free speech so stop complaining about 2016

  34. I subscribe both in paper and on youtube, fb wont let you advertise, Come to Libertyrush.com, A Patriot only site MAGA2020, and will be much cheaper than fb

  35. Its sad the founders of the Epoch Times fled an oppressive censoring communist state only to find the lefty’s in America… not much difference.

  36. Wow. This article bring out all the #TrumpScum #WingNutZ! Must be SPOT ON! Post anything negative about it and the #LooneyAltRightWhiners come out FAST!

  37. So far the Epoch Times had been dead on accurate about everything and been FACTUALLY BASED (and noted their opinions as opinions). They were even right about Rosenstein being on Trump's side when I thought he was against Trump.
    The more I listen and read the Epoch Times, the more I laugh at the media stations like CNN, NBC, ABC, and MSNBC which seem to consistently get it wrong and outright LIE to the public or omit information to make for a more one sided story/narrative !

    Epoch times may be funded by Falun Gong but they are NOT Falun Gong but thanks for trying to obfuscate and make it appear as though they are the same. Same NCB , Same FAKE NEWS!!

  38. false narrative u making of it religionist and the support of trump … making believe is china and a cult like al** … deceiver s u are nbc cnn and the fake false narrative distorsion 😉

  39. You guys are a bunch of fruit cakes.

  40. 15 second unskippable ads for CNN. nothing on independent stuff.

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