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HOW TO BE ECO CHIC – my tips on being a little more sustainable and mindful of our planet, without compromising on your style!
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  1. Josie, I've watched Your videos since 2017 and You are my inspiration and a model of an elegant English lady( I've had a big English dream since ever)
    Recently I try to be environmentally conscious so I really love Your video.
    You proved that fashion can be eco- friendly.

    Greetings from Ukraine!

  2. Hi Josie! I’m a relatively new subscriber so I didn’t see this video until today. Have you heard of Bea Johnson? She is known for being a zero waste advocate and the 5 R’s – refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot (compost). I think you would really enjoy her TedTalks :)!

  3. Eileen Fisher is another ECO sustainable brand

  4. There are fantastic reusable produce bags on Amazon! I got the ones from Earthwise. They have sets that include all different sizes! It has reduced so much plastic use for me when I go to the supermarket! Highly recommend.

  5. Reusable cotton pads ! Wow that’s the best idea ever…..just bought some !

  6. Hi Josie
    You really do stand out from the crowd. I have watched a few fashion bloggers but I gravitate towards you as you are intelligent, chic, mature beyond your years, authentic and friendly. You mentioned you studied fashion management and received a first. Does this mean 'first class honours'? I am not familiar with that terminology.

    I really like the 'hello darlings' greeting. Nice touch. It makes me feel welcome. I do like how organised you are and have a purpose to each video.
    I live in Australia, where we have an abundance of sunshine, so I hang my clothes out on my washing line, which is permanently set up along my wall on the outside of my house. I don't even own a tumble dryer. In winter, I have a portable clothes rack that I hang my washing on under my patio. I have some metal rails that can be placed over my radiator when it is cold and rainy and use it to do the final drying on towels, smalls, etc. I use a front loader, use a cold wash and mostly use the 30 minute cycle.

    My daughter carries a metal straw in her handbag. It comes with a cleaning brush, so when she orders an iced coffee she specifically states 'no straw' and uses her own. I like the idea of carrying a metal cutlery set. I will purchase a set as some food places hand out plastic cutlery.
    I have found carrying larger handbags has helped as I can be prepared. Personally, I think a larger handbag is more stylish as well. Plus I can fit more in, which I need to in order to reduce plastic consumption. I carry a folded calico bag for impulse shopping, water bottle, I now have a larger purse (wallet) as well, carry my reusable coffee cup with me for takeaways. I have a folded calico bag in each handbag so when I change handbags (which I do a lot to match my outfit) then I always know I have a shopping bag with me.

    I like the idea of the 'power of your purse' and I think if we as consumers vocalise our concerns to producers, they will be aligned with us. They are probably under legislative and compliance restraints to sanitise their products, too. I am sure, that if we push back on them and ask for more sustainable practices, they will modify their practices. Even asking them to line their clothes with tissue paper rather than plastic, or using a decomposable liner could help.

    I recently purchased some bin liners that are made of natural materials that decompose. It all starts with being conscious and I think these conversations are so important to have so we can share ideas and be a collective voice. Separating rubbish in the kitchen (or bathroom) and composting so that vegetable waste goes back into the garden and reduces the bulk that goes onto landfill.
    I purchase most of my clothes from either a second hand designer retailer or vintage shop. I only look for quality pieces with mostly natural fibres and I love how unique they are.

    Perhaps you could look into doing a vintage shopping trip and showing ways to style classic pieces. I know each one is a one-off and may be counter to how you earn a living as an influencer, but the philosophy of vintage is aligned with sustainability.
    Keep up the great work, as you are doing an amazing job. I love your approach and I have learned a lot from you.

  7. This is so great! I would definitely like to see more content like this!!

  8. Do more eco friendly videos.

  9. Thank you for sharing the names of the documentaries! Something to watch over the weekend 🙂 Definitely would like to see more content like this! By the way check out konjac sponges for washing your face. It is made out of biodegradable plant.

  10. I was sitting in at my local Starbucks and I was offered a take away cup. I was shocked and insisted on a ceramic mug. The barista really tried to push the take away cup me. I was really surprised. The coffee shops themselves should be conscious of their own impact on the environment.

  11. I love this video! I'm so excited to see more of them in the future! Another tip to be more sustainable is to reduce consumption of red meat, mainly cattle. Cattle farms end up producing a lot of methane, and clearcut forests for their production.

    I still love my steak! But I try to minimize my meat consumption on the ordinary day. Other meats like deer and turkey as well as locally-raised cattle and chicken tends to be more sustainable because the farms are smaller, the farmers care, and they can incorporate more natural environments into their practices!

  12. awesome video, thanks for the tips!

  13. Hi Josie, don’t you think that with the disposable cotton pads and your new cotton reusable pads, that there is a bit of a catch 22 situation? Watching the Stacey Dooley documentary , buying into cotton is really destroying the planet too. Utilizing what you have already like cutting up an unused towel into squares is a much better option then buying more cotton products just to take makeup off. Great video! I loved the bamboo cups! I want one and thanks for sharing. Xx

  14. Fantastic video, I found it informative and thought provoking! we need more of this – thankyou for making it.

  15. Since most of your wardrobe is light colored when you wash the reusable pads to remove your makeup does the makeup stain your clothes?

  16. Love this so much! It's so nice seeing amazing YouTubers like you advocating for plastic awareness and reduced consumerism….BRAVO!!!!

  17. Stop the excessive consumerism….save our planet

  18. Since you started to talk about more conscious fashion, I'd recommend you to check out Samantha Ravndahls No More PR- video. It's about how much waste make up PR creates. 😊

    And to add: I make 5 days worth of food once and bring food to work in glass containers and I cycle to everywhere.

  19. Great video Josie 👍🏻
    I also watched the documentary about fast fashion a few weeks and was truly eye opening.

  20. Dear Josi,
    thank you so much for this video.
    It is so importent that people understand to save our planet.
    Briget from Germany

  21. i like your nils color please send me the name and number of nils 👍👍👍💕💕💕💕

  22. Excellent video. I think it's so important that everyone takes steps to help the planets survival. I have a niece and nephew now, so has made me so much more passionate about this subject. We did not have children because of the worry for the future. I recycle a lot. Try and buy local food. I buy vintage and second hand clothes a lot of the time because it's often better quality than the stuff in the cheaper high street shops.

  23. So awesome you put this together! Just wonderful, if we all can make small changes then we can make a huge difference. A few other tips, in the UK do you have a place you can take your soft single use plastic to recycle? In Australia we have Redcycle, at our supermarkets that way any plastic bags, frozen veggie packets, the plastic packets your veggies come in, plastic wrapped on beauty product boxes etc. Also have you seen beeswax wraps? You can use them like cling wrap to cover plates in the fridge, wrap food, snacks then you just wash them and reuse, really easy. Keep sharing 💕💕

  24. Great you are thinking about sustainable changes, thought you might enjoy watching the video I have linked here. xoxo

  25. I love tropic skincare been using it for ages xxxxxx

  26. Only now getting to finish your video. You can do your own skincare products as well and it has so many advantages. For example you know exactly what's in them, you can make them smell how you want and it's so much fun to do (and use) your own skincare products! I made a couple videos about that, too.

  27. Have you watched "The True Cost"? If not, you should definitely watch it. It's eye opening and saddening!

  28. It´s always an amazing idea to care for our planet. Congratulations!

  29. So glad you made this video I actually doing an essay for school on using reusable bags instead of plastic to help the environment so I am starting to use reusable bags from now on.

  30. Thank you for all the informations❣❣

  31. Great Vlog!!! Admire you for your taste and wisdom plus kind heart. The more of us start to participate the more we will be able to help our planet…our home really. 😊

  32. Absolutely fantastic information. I love the cotton pad replacement idea since I use the same cleansing method. So much waste! I do use my own stainless steel water bottles (we are in South Florida so need to keep things cold but they also work well for keeping coffee warm). I mostly bring my own bags for shopping. Thank you for reminding us we can all make small changes to help. Cheers!

  33. Great video and good message. You might be interested in these shoes made sustainably with recycled materials and renewable resources. They are quite comfy. Check them out

  34. So glad to see you using your platform for this type of message! As a lover of all things luxurious but also on a zero waste mission its briliant to have content to watch that doesn't make me feel guilty for wanting everything mentioned! My tips would be – plastic free toilet roll which can be found at (a box of 48 rolls lasted my partner and I 8months). Also I use an online UK store called plastic freedom which has a huge range of plastic free alternatives 🙂

  35. Love it Josie!! Can't wait for the plastic free week

  36. Wow, thank you so much for using your voice for such an important topic, please keep on doing this!!! ☺️

  37. Yes, yes, so much yes! More of this please! x

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