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HOW TO ELEVATE A HIGHSTREET OUTFIT // Look More EXPENSIVE // 🍂 #FashionMumblrAutumnEdit 🍂

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  1. love how the mirror shows the outfit on the back too!

  2. Please may I have the link to the cable knit cardigan? I can’t see it in the description box xx

  3. White House Black Market, Banana Republic, Express (sometimes) and Halogen pieces are the slightly more affordable places I find quality knitwear among other things. Great video Josie!

  4. Josie is so sweet and caring 💕✨

  5. Oh man, my boobs wil never fit into & Other Stories. It's a shame that there size range is dismal. The furry gilet with the huge sunglasses and prairie dress gave me such a throwback to early 2000's Rachel Zoe! It has been 20 years or so, it's time for those styles to come back all the way I guess. Fashion truly is so cyclical!

  6. Thank you Josie for another great video with great advice.

  7. Hi Josie!!! Another wonderful video!!!! Thank you!!!! I was hoping you could link the Chloe Tess bag shown in it please, thank you and God bless!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. does anyone know if Josie managed to reupholster that chair?! / what vlog she finishes it?! xx

  9. I really don't know what's happened to your styling ability since you moved. Unfortunately most of the 5ome you look like a bag lady with too many clashing items on the the clothes look too big and is swallowing your small frame. I think you need some time off to get back to how you used to dress. You can still dress like you used to modified for the country. I would suggest you go to a professional stylist for help. By the way this was said with concern for you. I am a professional stylist and to see you so lost is sad.

  10. I don’t know quite how to say this but I notice your presence missing when you’re not posting. Find myself wondering what is Josie doing what she’s up to. Probably a bit strange when I’ve never met you but you do happen to be my favorite and I actually really like you the best even though I follow a lot of other fashion bloggers you’ve just grown into my favorite. I just wanted you to know.

  11. Josie, I am confused. You look beautiful in a tassel skirt and in the flower dress. But then you put on the H&M that is ill fitting and too long for you and suddenly you look at least ten years older. Living in the country should not mean dressing dowdy or frumpy.

  12. 0:57 we are going for a Freddy vibe today…interesting

  13. I think this was probably the best of your highstreet elevation videos. Could still use a bit more pricing down (just fyi most of us would definitely consider Kate Spade and Tory Burch to be designer pricing even if they're not Prada pricing), but this was still definitely the most informative that you've done. I especially liked the retailer breakdown per piece. Great blog post idea– which high street brands do elevated products for each part of your wardrobe (& Other Stories for Knits, but what else?), it would be great to refer back to longterm.

  14. Great ideas w fall season and the colors skirt so beautiful n affordable ideals. Love 💕 the colors.

  15. Great tips! Thank you, Josie 🙂

  16. That H&M cardigan is exactly what I have been looking for! I guess it is sold out, though 😫

  17. 🧡🧡🧡. Very good, universal advice. Price does NOT have to be the limiting factor in bring up one’s closet ready for the cooler seasons. As you advised, look for classic pieces and only buy one! Credit scores are effected by retail therapy and wanting more! Times are so difficult at the moment for so many that my heart grieves. As yours does as well; with your 🌟❤️ loving spirit. This summer and being warned about the sun & going into the “great unknown; I bought a white, black, pink and grey classic T- Shirt. ( UVA, and very affordable: Amazon) and took them all over a few months to a tailor AND LOOKED SMART! IT CAN BE DONE ON A TINY BUDGET. Then, use 😍Josie’s tips on styling. Sunglasses!!! Most problems are probably from wrong choices in the past. Now is the time to relook at your pieces and have a plan. Josie shows us the options and gives us delightful information and inspiration. And we thank her from our hearts. I forever LOVE THAT SHE CALLS US “ Her Darlings”. And sends us forth with 😘 love

  18. Good to see that you are back to the fashion videos since moving to the countryside. The autumn outfits are all nicely put together. Do take care of the emerging eye bags which i could see clearly.

  19. OMG Josie you smashed it with this type of tip-style video!!!! My favourite video of yours is an informative/educational one. They are so useful!!! Really hope you could do more videos like this. 💞💞

  20. Due to a lot of hardships and circumstances beyond my control, my scores were in the ditch. I was served with eviction after I broke my lease, they swore the information was sent to my current address but I never received the eviction because of being gone from my previous address and never wrote a letter stating why I was moving. I basically moved from house to house to have a roof over me and my family’s head. They stated on each case that I had an eviction although I’ve paid the last due balance. It will literally take way too long for me to try sending 3 letters to the 3 credit bureaus and waiting for the eviction to be removed. However, I decided to dig online for a credit repair solution and I came across a review on Quora and Youtube here about and I must admit I was impressed. I quickly contacted them asking if they could help me and how much will it cost me. They replied after discussing the process, we moved on, and guess what? they removed the eviction, fixed my credit history, and raised my score to 800. They deleted the student loans, medical bills and the bankruptcy filled 2017. I eventually bought a home with his help and we are happy, may God bless

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  22. I like the quality of Mark's Spencer.

  23. Love seeing your beautiful room in the background Josie. Just looking at the H&M cable knit cardigan, love that you could wear it closed as a jumper or over a cami. Loved the video. x 😊

  24. Would love a video on how to tell if something is well made. Eg: what stitching to look for, places in garments to look that may be neglected by cheaper brands, what materials are most durable or timeless. I think this would translate better for those of us who are trying to shop vintage and second hand for the environment, instead of just….buying cheaper new stuff.

  25. Hi Josie – Hope you had a great weekend – Loved your tips shared in this video 💖👑

  26. Biggest tip is wait for the reiss sale. Each year they come out with similar items in a slightly different colour. You won’t miss out by waiting a few months. I bought a cashmere jumper for £55 down from over £150. Better than going cheap for a poly-whatever jumper for £25 that bobbles on the first wash

  27. Thank you for the mention Josie! A luxury bag makes all the difference to an outfit – and renting is certainly a more affordable & eco option for anyone who doesn’t want to purchase just yet 👜✨♻️

  28. I won't buy from Topshop anymore because of their extensive use of polyester. A polyester dress is like wearing a plastic bag. Also, the quality of construction is just terrible and undermines the look of one's style. I find that the H&M Premium collection is much better quality and a much better value.

  29. Hey Josie, I'd love you to elaborate on neutrals because I believe they're different for everyone. I have a warmer complexion, darker hair and eyes and I feel I can only get away with wearing a light colour palette in summer. I think deeper and brighter colours can also look very elegant and I'd love to see more examples ❤️

  30. Josie great tips 😁 these can be applied to all ages, Yes? It's just I'm a mature follower 😂😂😂❤❤❤

  31. I've so been been missing your fashion videos. Beautiful. Have a great week.

  32. Thank you for this video, Josie! You have made so many notable attainments since you've launched this channel, and I am proud & happy 2 follow you #fearsfan

  33. Did you clean the floor this time.

  34. LOVE LOVE LOVE 😍😍🌞🌞👏👏👍👍

  35. Love, love, love your videos! One tiny thing – the video seems to be a bit jumpy, like there has been a lot of edits in a short space of time. It may be just my computer, but it's a little hard to watch sometimes. Other than that, it is a joy to watch you!

  36. So helpful. All the love from Brazil ❤🦋

  37. I’m missing Charlie and the pups.😆

  38. Totally agree with you on & other stories knits. They’re amazing💕💕💕

  39. I dont get it that luxury pieces are even mentioned in this supposedly high street items topic. If it was meant for the masses who usually wear non luxury items, then including designer pieces just ARENT RELEVANT.

  40. “Keep it simple, sweetie!”, is often the best advice in many areas of life. I agree that keeping things simple and classic with sleek lines are the most elegant, for formal and even in casual attire. Ostentatious designs that are overly embellished can tend to look very cheap, regardless of the price tag. Sadly, I’m afraid that the sheer floral and lace dress with the slim… and laced… and proofed sleeves, with the flouncy mini skirt does not scream understated, classy or elegant to me. Sorry. Lace can often be very tricky and a tell-tell sign of cheap, especially when it’s cheap lace. But if you put on black tights, boots and a jumper that hides the bodice and sleeves, it could be a fun autumnal outfit! If the sweater is too bulky looking with the full skirt, put a belt on the dress and then tuck the jumper in and over the belt to hide the belt!

    I thought you looked great in everything else. The fringed suede skirt was a bit out of the norm for your style, and I wouldn’t consider it a “classic”, but what a fun piece to mix things up a bit! And let me just say, those cream boots are wonderful! Wear them with your jeans you were wondering how to style, and add a cream jumper and your cream Chloe bag and you’ll be casually chic and fabulous! Swap out the jeans for cream or neutral trousers and instant boss-lady! Head to toe winter-white in classic lines is just dreamy to me and the epitome of chic and sophisticated! I think I remember you have a cream coat that would set it all off on those chillier days! 😍😍😍

  41. Hi Josie
    there are a lot of bargains around at the moment with transition from winter to spring (I live in Australia and we are coming out of winter into spring). I went to the shops yesterday and got a burgundy midi wool skirt, three jumpers (blush, lilac and breton stripe) as well as a grey rectangular chain strap handbag. I paid less than half price for each. I am so happy with my purchases. By choosing a classic style, natural fibres and limited colour palette, each of those items already fitted in to my existing wardrobe. I am a lot more selective with my purchases these days. I know what suits me and pass on 90% of what I see. I zone in on what I know I need and what works. You have been such an influence in guiding me. I no longer buy black. Burgundy and grey are my base colours. It is surprising how much better I feel now that I am wearing lighter colours. I am a similar colouring and size to you, Josie, so I am guided by you in how I have developed my style. I am really loving the new fashion content.

  42. i'm sorry but half of this video isn't making highstreet look more affordable because the advice sums up to spending a lot of money on a different part of your outfit, so the net price of the outfit is still high, so it's not very helpful that way. this video would be better if you pointed out styles that define trends and what they are, and examples of that on the highstreet. Why is a gilet classic? why are the chloe bags more "classic" that other styles of bag? You also talked a lot about buying a better handbag or sunglasses but then didn't provide examples of good fit vs bad fit or define it at all, and you should have said "keep it simple" first, because that is like my favorite thing about your wardrobe and i was waiting for you to define that in different ways/provide examples of it.

  43. & Other Stories is disappointing because they’re not very size inclusive…..I love their styles and often get frustrated browsing their website.

  44. Have you tried knitwear from UNIQLO? I find that that they also have good value 🙂

  45. 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼..

  46. Could you do a makeup and skin care organization of drawers?

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