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How To Find your Signature Style – 3 tips to finding your personal style and sticking with it!
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  1. I have days when I wear certain style and others that I wear something different. My styles change with my mood and the seasons. I get bored easily.

  2. This message is important for everyone. A timeless message. Thank you Josie. You are wise beyond your years.

  3. I very much like your style and enjoy watching your channel. I also appritiate most of your advices but I must say that I don't agree you should be wondering if someone else would wear something you are considering buying for yoursealf. I think the only important thing should be weather you like it or not and how comfortable you feal in it. Trying to copy someone elses style has nothing to do with finding your own style. Also, I feal like not everyone wants to have a specific 'signature' style, because some people like more than few colors or even styles. So I would recommend to everyone to get rid of things they don't like or don't feal comfortable in any more and buy peaces they will enjoy wearing, and not worry much weather it fits ito certain style or color sheme, I do however recommend to keep in mind weather you can combine it with the rest of your wardrobe. 😘

  4. My wardrobe has two different styles. It has a mixture of rocker chick and girly stuff.

  5. Josie you are my style Icon.  I live in South Africa and had difficulty finding such classic pieces in my area, but now they are introducing these fabulous pastel colours in some shops now so I am happy to go shopping and updating my wardrobe.  also when I visit my children in London I love going shopping there.

  6. I absolutely adore your style..more my like it.. but we don’t have Riess in California n like to try them before I purchase it..So I just stick to something light color that what I do.

  7. Thank you, Josie
    I have so enjoy your videos. You and Charlie in Paris is one of my favorites*. How totally romantic with the two of you out walking in the brisk fresh and wonderful snowfall and Charlie sharing his beautiful looked to be leather gloves with his damsel in distress ~Smiles.
    Your signature style is one I have been drawn to all of my adult life ~ and consider the 115 shades of white my own signature classic wardrobe that I 've worn for sometime. As far as a Icon ~ that would have to be Grace Kelly for me. Her sophisticated classic demure beauty is one of the most timeless gracious Icons of all times in my vision. Grace Kelly is a forever a symbol of a true lady frozen in time to be aspired to. What a treasured gift she is to us.
    Warmly, Fran from the Palm Beaches of Florida

  8. Love ur style, wish i could pull it off. Can you make a video for curvy ladies and that style.?

  9. I’m totally naive, what is high street?

  10. Blush pink, white, black and all super feminine! My style icon is someone super special to me and that I hold very dear and close to my heart. 😍

  11. I love your style and would definitely like to incorporate some pieces inspired by you into my wardrobe! Do you happen to know any US stores that would be similar to the stores you frequently shop at? Thanks!! 🙂

  12. I would like to know your lipstick brand and shade

  13. Your eyebrows are on fleek!

  14. So helpful! Thank you for this video. I love your ring btw it’s so beautiful 😍 how many carats if you don’t mind me asking

  15. Luv your style very much to my liking, classic always looks good never goes out of style I’d love to see what you wear around the house while you’re just chilling, cooking everyday stuff. I love Angelina Jolie Sharon Stone

  16. My style icon is the character Mickan from the Swedish TV series Solsidan 🙂

  17. My personal style change all the time!

  18. when you said finding fashion icon i was like, THAT'S YOU!

  19. You and Freddy are my style icons, i need to update my wardrobe and start dressing more feminine and classic compared to my normal jeans or leggings and a shirt

  20. I like Kate Middleton for her faminine style. Her dress collection always inspires me when shopping my new dress. Blake Lively from Gossip Girl, Hilarie Burton from White Collar are my another icons. Both represent sexy and professional lady styles in big cities where I am from. For brands, Reiss, Gabriela Hearst, Ted Baker, Bershka are my wardrobe!!

  21. Love loved this video. My style is Classy Romantic. My Favs are Grace Kelly and Celine Dion. My favorite colors are lighter shades of peacock. Your style is so soft and feminine. I love how everything reflects this in you.

  22. Victoria Beckham is my style icon. I also consider you and Freddy My Love are definitely huge inspiration. Lots of love from the french caribbean islands 😉

  23. Could you give us some ideas on how to wear the fur gilet please? I have one but never know how to style it. Thank you 💕

  24. I had my colours done a few years ago and it’s the best thing I ever did. Not only did I start getting random compliments from strangers on the tube but I’ve realised overtime that everything in my wardrobe matches. So if I buy a new dress for example I’m likely to already have the shoes and bag to match from another outfit. Highly recommend it ladies 💕

  25. I think my style is kind of bohemian – I love florals and generally quite flowy things 🙂 I really love Vanessa Hudgen’s and Lily James’ style 💕

  26. Do you have thoughts on having different styles for different environments? I feel like I am very Kate Middelton at work, Dita Von Teese on date night, and romantic or boho on weekends. Is the inconsistency bad?

  27. Do you have any tips. I like your style but i gained weight after pregnancy. I bought expensive things because they are good quality. But with a baby it is a nightmare to keep your clothes clean. I bought dresses from ted baker and some other things. But i. Bought some second hand burberry. I need good shirts They have a nice shape that give a nice weighst. My body changed so much.

  28. And I like girly boho and romantic style:)

  29. and I already found my personal style:) little by little gonna change my wardrobe haha

  30. Where did you purchase those cute clothing hangers 😍💗?

  31. You and me have such a simular style. I just subscribed and turned on post notifications

  32. This is the second video I saw from you.You are very polite beautiful and polished.Its like it comes naturally.keep going girl! Greetings from Greece

  33. I have a black color hair , I really like and feel myself in feminine clothes and pink , light blue and white are my favorite colors, but I don’t feel comfortable with my black hair ! Will it suits my style 🙁

  34. I don’t know how I found your channel, but I love it!

  35. I love your feminine yet elegant style, especially when you wear white, as this is my favorite color. 🙂

  36. Ur style is soo elegant m just making my self organanised to look out for my style

  37. I’ve been avoiding the whole style/fashion issue for the last 23 years but now I’m finally getting vulnerable with myself and admitting that I want to be fashionable and I want to be stylish. Does anyone have any tips on completely overhauling your wardrobe on a limited budget?

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