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HOW TO GROW YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL // & How Much Money I Make Online // Fashion Mumblr

HOW TO GROW YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL // & How Much Money I Make Online //
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  1. Bow 😊 Thank you so much for sharing. Such useful information and advice! ❤️

  2. Inspired, thank you for all of your hard work! Bow

  3. Lets become youtube friends
    Like this and sub❤️

  4. Thank you for sharing! So glad your channel is growing! BOW

  5. Any small channels want to grow together???

  6. Such an insightful video! I’d love to see an equivalent of this for blogging and Instagram!

  7. HEY SUBSCRIBE to my channel please, small youtubers, I’ll sub back. I have 1 video so far and just got a camera, currently filming and editing a new one for Sunday

  8. Hello Josie,

    this is the first time I am commenting. I have written very few comments on YouTube in general but I felt the need to say that I admire you and what you have been doing for at least 3-4 years. Thank you for this video in particular. Thank you for your honesty and for the genuine advice and information. Thank you again for all the lovely content and I hope the sparkle and the passion are always with you to keep up the brilliant work you are doing. 😍 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


  9. Bow! Thanks for this Josie. So helpful and really appreciate you being so open and honest! XX

  10. BOW! Thanks for sharing so honestly – really helpful 🙂

  11. Loved all the information you shared in this video, thank you Josie! xoxo (bow)

  12. beau beau beauuuu ❤️❤️❤️✌🏼

  13. you're so wonderful! i love watching your videos and your tips are always so genuine, helpful, and stuff i've never heard of

  14. Bow….a bit late watching this one, but so glad I came back to it, super interesting. Ps I am one of your older viewers lol

  15. Wow what a most interesting and un-bow-ring video 😉 yea for sure the chatty ones are the ones I watch the soonest after you post! I love the beautiful lookbooks too but because I WANT to actually look at it entirely it takes time for me to have space to watch those, definitely a balance as you mentioned!

  16. Bow, Josie 🎀 this was very interesting. I really enjoyed it

  17. Very helpful! You DID mention items on here that I have not heard from others before. Thank you!!

  18. Thank you so much for this, Josie. Because of you, I had the motivation to post my first ever Youtube video which I've made last month and haven't found the courage to post it up until now. Videography and editing were my passion back in school, and so I'm glad to go back to my roots and do this during my off time. Again, thank you so much for the tips! I've posted up a Zara haul, maybe you're interested. 💕🤘

  19. Yes! Can you do similar videos on blogs and Instagram?

  20. Thankyou for the tips super helpful! ☺️

  21. Omg no air conditioning??? That is awful.

  22. Super interesting! First time I watch a video about “being a youtuber” and I actually loved it!😘 well done and thanks!

  23. BOW ! Josie I watch you very frequently for two reasons. 1- great fashion and beauty insight. 2- from time to Time you do videos on how you are effective in your business. This one and the last one of my life as an influencer. So well done. Please keep doing these. I have a consulting firm focused on sales and marketing and what you bring to viewers is exactly what we tell our clients. You mention a app called Vid IQ but I didn’t find it in the description and I couldn’t find it in the app search. Can you direct me? Also do you use wireless lavs at all? If so what kind ( i have not seen you wearing one). Good job!

  24. This video was super helpful , definitely will be implementing these tips into my videos ! 💓

  25. Of course BOW 🎀 Thanks for the information it was very helpful. You are so honest and real!!!!

  26. Who else rlly wants grow their channel?❤️❤️ let support each other ? Comment down below so we can give other support and feedback!! 😍

  27. I just wanted to say a huge thank you Josie for inspiring me and giving me the final push to follow my 'passion for fashion over 40' and upload my first fashion video 🙂 Your advice and information have ben invaluable and I've been an avid watcher for a while now, always look forward to your quality content here and on IG! Thank you xx

  28. Wonderful video Josie, found these tips really helpful! Thanks in advance for the help! 💕🎀

  29. Amazing Video!! I would love to know any other tips you have to give! I am trying to work up the courage to start my channel 🎀 bow

  30. Thank you for an interesting video. =D I think it's good to know how much work that is behind a video and how you go about it. I think too many think you just put up a video and then sit and wait for the money to come in.

  31. Thank you so much Josie 💗! You are so kind, and thoughtful. This was amazing, and super helpful! Much love and continued success to you! xxx BOW!

  32. Bow??? Btw who doesn’t wanna watch your videos? Such a Lady in all ways💗

  33. This is so helpful, Josie! As someone who has been on YouTube for a while but is just now starting to actually want to improve my channel and take it a bit more seriously, these tips are going to really help me out. Thank you so much for sharing and for being so honest. (bow!) xx

  34. You are so sweet, I enjoy listening to you and watch your video. Bow

  35. Wonderful Josie; I am also one of your older demographic & you make me feel so comfortable about it; a lot of channels seem to side line & actively discourage us from joining in, but there has never been a video I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed & felt great empathy with. The difference it has made to my style, confidence & general positivity at my age is beyond measure & I thank you. So I say I bow to your talents & award you a bow for your beauty & generosity of spirit. ❤️❤️❤️

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