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HOW TO LOOK CHIC WHEN IT'S COLD ❄️ // Fashion Mumblr

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THERMALS I WEAR – https://rstyle.me/cz-n/c9v72b2bzw

What I’m Wearing //

Grey pearl knit – http://bit.ly/2QqYjuC
US link: http://bit.ly/2QIMDn5
Cream jeans – http://bit.ly/2P2qKlX
US link: http://bit.ly/2QKb6bL
Faux fur coat – http://bit.ly/2P2uNi2
US link: http://bit.ly/2Py4kcF
Suede trench – http://bit.ly/2Pq8y4X
US link: http://bit.ly/2PtBIRN
OTK boots – http://bit.ly/Eag0mA
US link: http://bit.ly/2PutN6A
Chunky knit – http://bit.ly/2wX6OFe
US link: http://bit.ly/2PwYMPg
Chloe bag – http://bit.ly/2L9RMRx
Silk dress – http://bit.ly/2OWWQ2s
Camel coat – http://bit.ly/2ONoQFD
US link: http://bit.ly/2QKOPdJ
Check coat – http://bit.ly/2Dgl15y
US link: http://bit.ly/2QKbE1j
Terracotta teddy coat – http://bit.ly/2P2Ww2a
US link: http://bit.ly/2Py4IrD
Jumper dresses – http://bit.ly/2CXL0Oj
Headband – http://bit.ly/2P2rqrv
US link: http://bit.ly/2Pxc0f6

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  1. Hello dear! Welcome to Finland! There's sometimes so cold, that you can't put any trench, when you going to out. I agree with Rosanna P.

  2. This is N not W. Love your clothes. Hate that brown dress. Just saying.

  3. This is not winter at all. She would freeze in negative degree weather 😬😂

  4. Where did you get that grey turtle neck!!!!

  5. I know you have a lot it things to layer and keep you warm but what about leather gloves

  6. so that's how you do it? Thankyou this was perfect!

  7. Iam 40 pounds but soooooo thin . Doctor please.…

  8. I don't think this coats will keep me warm where I live, in -30oC, could you make a video a video about being stylish in that weather condition? Thanks.

  9. Is there a us brand for the thermals???

  10. I clicked this video by accident but after couple of minutes I absolutely adore your positive attitude, great tips!:-). Cheers from Poland

  11. Do you find that thermals stretch your pants so that you won’t be able to wear them without feeling loose in the summer/spring?

  12. Wonderful tips! You are really a fashionista icon. Thank you!

  13. Please show how you dress in real live speed, and not speeded up… Ok to look at you as talking head…but more of the clothes and brands would not hurt…

  14. I am living for your nail polish color. Please what color is it?

  15. these outfits look good but useless for wintertime. buy a good quality proper winter jacket/coat, not from the highstreet, and you wont need layers. If I would wear these here in Ireland I would not get far in this cold hahahahah

  16. how do you manage to wear thermo under that kind of thin top and skinny jean? My similar top is exact size Of my body look like something wear as a bottom layer kind hard to imagine with another layer underneath same with jeans my jeans all skinny jean probably hard to even wear a thin tight under you even got a pair of sock underneath is so cool

  17. First video of yours that I have watched and am looking forward to see more of your content! Both because I loved the video itself but also because everyone seems abnormally friendly down here in the comment section 😁💕

  18. Hello there, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this video. I didn't grow up in cold weather so I sort of struggle to look stylish in the wintertime when is really cold outside. Most youtubers just make videos of outfits for the fall but not for the real cold weather lol.

  19. Please let me know what I need to know about thermals, what fabric, where to buy,

  20. I love your fashion advice! You're so stylish ALL the time <3

  21. Where did you get the sweater (jumper) you are wearing in the video. It is stunning. You are gorgeous. You inspire me so much. And I am a very, stylish and chic woman, myself.

  22. Your style is so classy without being boring! I LOVE it!. Your coats are soo beautiful, especially the dusty pink one. And that pearl sweater is so pretty! I need to get me one of those… This is the first video from I have seen from you and I must say you are a very pleasant and cheerful person to watch, I immediately subscribed. 🙂

  23. I love your videos! I’ve just invested in my first light pink long coat. Hopefully it will keep me warm over Xmas! Also I love that grey pearl jumper your wearing! I’ve looked on river island website but can’t find it. Any suggestions to how I can find it? Thanks Xx

  24. you are gorg, can I see your doggie!!??

  25. Sorry, but I can’t really imagine how these layers would work in a truly cold place like NYC or Montreal. It just simply doesn’t work.

  26. What is the lipstick and color your wearing. I really like it. Love the video.

  27. Your jewel and pearl embellished sweaters are life!!! I love them so much! <3 <3 <3

  28. A lot of publicity for river island

  29. This is the first video I watch from you and I am more than satisfied and happy! You've got yourself a new subscriber! I loved all the clothing choices you featured and also… that lipstick looks beautiful on you! Take care!

  30. My dream is To have your wear drop

  31. Why am I watching this and we never get winter? Hmmm ..because the presenter is so cute and stylish I guess…and her voice is soothing.

  32. Loved this! You have a new subscriber! Question ladies, she kept saying something like geleé??? What is she saying and what is that?

  33. i know, i hate it when i get cold on the tube 🙂

  34. Love your pearly grey mock sweater on your video. What site did it come frm😍😍

  35. love ❤️ you so much and my daughter love ❤️ you lm from egypt 🇪🇬 🌲🎉🎁🎊💕

  36. Heidi
    I love your taste but live in America where we don't have River Island and ASOS, the only reasonably priced store available that I know of is ZARA's. Any suggestions?

  37. Thank you for the tips. Really helps.

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