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How to look Chic when it’s hot!
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  1. wearing whites and pastels more often now because of you Josie 🌸

  2. In USA "hot and bothered" usually refers to "sexually aroused"! Not what you're trying to convey I think.

  3. Are your earrings the same in this video? One is shorter and doesn’t hang like the other lol sorry but I couldn’t help focusing on it haha! I love wearing white in the heat but it always tends to turn colors when you sweat!!! 😦

  4. Please can you tell me which travel steamer you use?

  5. Thank you so much for doing this video! I live in Australia and the summers here are awful! I'm 25 and I still have no idea how to not look a mess on those REALLY hot days! So thank you for the tips, I will apply them as best I can. ❤❤

  6. We lived in Singapore for 3 years where it is in the 30’s with a high degree of humidity all year round. You do acclimatise to it, but here are a few tips if you are feeling ‘hot and bothered’:
    1. Have a luke warm shower before bed.
    2. Wear cotton or linen dresses if at all possible the air flow is much better than when wearing shorts
    3. Move more slowly – this sounds daft but we used to adopt what we called the Singapore stroll!
    4. If you are lucky enough to have time to take a nap after lunch – do it, it really helps to re-energise you
    5. Don’t drink ice cold water, your body struggles to absorb it as easily as cool or even room temperature liquid
    6. Stay off the alcohol, particularly at lunchtime it will dehydrate you further and give you an awful headache.

  7. I love your videos so so much ❤️

  8. Josie I love all your videos! I’m the same size as you but net-a-porte recommends ordering 1 size up in the Isabel Marant dress. Which French size did you order? 34 or 36?

  9. I needed this video! Life saver. 💗

  10. where is your necklace from?

  11. This is such a needed video!! Well done, great video

  12. Can you please just come shopping with me?! Every time I see your videos I just want to throw all my clothes out the window and start over! <3 Love the content, style, vibe!

  13. Loved this video Josie!! It is sooo hot everywhere!! Love the tips!! I'll Definitely use them!! Thank you as always for an amazing video!!

  14. White dress in beginning😍😍😍😍

  15. After a hot grueling week, all is well once I hear Josie say, " Hello Darlings!." She is the AMSR of fashion! Thank you Josie for your styling tips!

  16. in Kuwait it can reach to 60c in summer ……….

  17. Here it’s 50 degree Celsius. Heat wave.

  18. Great tips and items. 😍😍
    Allways nice to listen to you and watching your videos.
    Can you please put the link of the playsuite down below? Thank you have a lovely day.. 🙂

  19. I couldn’t agree more with all of these tips, especially the organic fabrics. I cannot wear anything othet than cotton or linen in the summer. I am in Germany and last week we had 38 degrees 🥵 The only colours I’ve been wearing are white and beige (ok and some lemon yellow). I would also highly recommend having a bottle of water with a squeeze of lemon juice to keep you hydrated and it tastes great! Xoxo Alix

  20. better to show more by trying on, too much talking is boring

  21. Love all the tips…. White cotton dresses is for me.

  22. My summer ideas to add/try:-

    – For makeup, try shimmering body oil on your collar bone and shoulders for some evening glamour

    – Another beautiful trend is scarf watches, scarf bracelets, or simply wearing a silk scarf on your wrist (search Pinterest to see how they look!)

    – Use a silk scarf to tie hair; there are also scrunchies with silk scarf ends for an easy way to wear the trend

    – All white jewellery flatter most outfit colours & skin tones

    – Raffia material is beautiful too as earrings, bangles or a clutch bag

    – Have fun with colourful prints (tastefully of course 😉 ) Tropical flower prints like plumeria/frangipani, birds of paradise, hibiscus, orchid, or fruit like pineapples or lemons, or leaves like palm, banana or monstera; vintage tropical prints are great.

    I think I know the lovely shorts suit you were talking about Josie, the pink one you featured on a couple of your previous videos (can't remember which videos exactly, a link or two would help). Thank you for another helpful video!

  23. You are so pleasant to watch! Love the advice too ❤️ i personally don’t find black clothes too hot as long as they are made of natural fabrics!

  24. In south Florida here, it’s 90-95 degrees everyday from June to October!!

    So appreciate a video like this one. Josie, you always look so chic and airy and beautifully put together. My goals in the heat.

    I rarely wear black or dark colors. They are much warmer. Natural fabrics only are great because polyester holds heat like a wearing a plastic bag.

    The one issue I have with fashion in hot climates is dressing for both outside and inside temps. My husband and I travel to hotels on business frequently and the air conditioning is so cold. Grocery stores are very cold also. It helps to have a white cardigan sweater that looks summery to pop on over an outfit and I keep one with me in the car.

    Another help is to wear a pinch of baking soda under the armpits because of sweating, normal deodorants don’t last.
    Just do not apply just after shaving or when damp. It will irritate.

    It would be lovely if you could do a makeup routine for the heat using waterproof and or sweat proof makeup.

  25. This is so helpful. Thank you.

  26. Your hair looked gorgeous at the end of the video when you were showing the different ways to put it up when it's hot, mine never looks so lovely when it's been in a bun, the ponytail looked so good too ☀️❤😍😂

  27. Thanks so much for your suggestions and advices Josie 💕you are the best 🎖️😘

  28. Loved the first white dress ❤

  29. Great tips ! Thank you Jose x
    I’m loving all these new videos xxx

  30. I loved the white two piece (bralette and top) where’s it from??

  31. Hi Josie, I always love your tips/suggestions! Appreciate it very much! I agree with you; I like only wearing light weight clothing including light colors too! And I am loving it how there's breathable undergarments now so I am reaching more for those. Thanks for your awesome tips!

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