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HOW TO LOOK EXPENSIVE // 10 Ways To Get The Luxury Look For Less // Fashion Mumblr

HOW TO LOOK MORE EXPENSIVE – Get a Luxury Looking wardrobe with affordable highstreet pieces – here are my ten tips! Pieces mentioned linked below!
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❤ Featured in this Video ❤

White dress – http://bit.ly/2r6h8GL
Pink blouse – http://bit.ly/2tWyJp2
Ring – http://bit.ly/2i7GCSC
Gold Bracelet – http://bit.ly/2iEFfrn
Gold Cuff – http://bit.ly/2nEVk2x
Sunglasses – http://bit.ly/2tD7ZYr
Cut out sunglasses – http://bit.ly/1JjABeM
Valentino bag – http://bit.ly/2caFfyK
Pink Valentino heels – http://bit.ly/2cWFZLt
Gold Valentino heels – http://bit.ly/2nPdPW1
Pearl flats – http://bit.ly/2rvyAbc
White mules – http://bit.ly/2rRO7kP
Sally Hansen nail polish in shade ‘powder room’ – http://bit.ly/2sU4tf4
Bobble off – http://bit.ly/2sDW5fB
Lint Roller – http://bit.ly/2sDTja5
Trench coat – http://bit.ly/2pVLQED
Suede jacket – http://bit.ly/2sD
Faux fur mules – http://bit.ly/2sDBoQL
White sandals – http://bit.ly/2tnggBY
Pink Espadrilles – http://bit.ly/2stcl6l
Pink and black block heel sandals – http://bit.ly/2qVZJRa
White chain bag – http://bit.ly/2sDRxFH


❤ What I Wore ❤

White blouse – http://bit.ly/2q8mq53
Plisse culottes – http://bit.ly/2qswowN
Earrings : http://bit.ly/2ssynTH
Necklace : http://bit.ly/2mx7AVu
Ring : http://bit.ly/2i7GCSC
Bracelet : http://bit.ly/2


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❤ In the Background:

Copper clothes rail – http://bit.ly/2tWFirI
Copper hangers – http://bit.ly/2uFqP18


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  1. What’s the men version of youu

  2. This is fab, anyone commenting that she is suggesting you only buy designer obviously have not watched the whole video, nor taken in what she is actually saying. Fab tips, thanks gurl <3

  3. One of her points is to buy the best you can afford for your budget and stresses quality over quantity. Maybe this year you can’t afford much, but next time you purchase a replacement you can afford to upgrade in quality. Also, even if one can only afford to buy lower priced items, take care of them.

  4. Really cool tips. Nudes and safer colors do work in all circumstances and investing in some pieces basic is important. Yes, it "feels" a little boring BUT fundamentals are generally just what they are, a foundation you build upon. I absolutely adored the tip to get a bobble off (never heard of it before) and I loved your way to invest in current expensive trends. I see how these tips would work wonderfully for any business setting or any type of environment where you want to look put together, elegant, not attracting too much attention or just nicely blending in. I see nothing wrong with that.

  5. Entry level handbags in closed caption shows as she-devil handbags. Hell, yeah!

  6. nice clothes and shoes ARE expensive. if you want to posh just earn enough money, instead of looking " luxury"

  7. Thank you 🙏. This was very much needed. But the problem is if you are a member of a certain subculture (Lolita, ddlg/ddlb, etc…)

  8. She looks like one of those chicks from 2 and half men ..who is a real estate agent and similar to Charlie's Mom

  9. Fashion is an instant language, and a way to look elegant is to wear pieces that let your legs see, but without the need to show more. To achieve this you must discard those pieces that have a length above the knee. Combine your dress or midi long skirt with heels, a basic hairstyle and natural makeup.

  10. I’m starting to 🤔 think that maybe shoes isn’t a good place to put your money – when you think about it they do a hell of a lot of work , get dirty , wet in the rain – all the different Surfaces they have to deal with
    For me bags / and jewellery- watches or other small accessories are the place to spend $ to elevate a look 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Love the vid 🙂 🎀💜

  11. Buy better quality that will last, makes sense

  12. Love these how to boost your fashion, As a more mature woman, I've been doing this for years and it works! Please do more of these type videos. Thank you.

  13. Outgrown haircolor doesn' t look luxurious.

  14. I Can't paint my nails, is it bad?

  15. Sorry but sunglasses are a TERRIBLE investment piece. Most go out of style in 3 years and it's hard to tell cheap ones from expensive ones.

  16. Love your video. Very informative 👍🏾

  17. I find people who buy things just because they're "trendy" Not because they actually like them- odd

  18. The" neutral colors to look chic" thingy is outdated. Women out there wearing flashy yellow with blue shoes VERY ELEGANTLY.

  19. Could you please put a pic at the sides too..

  20. How does her face look so smug and rich tho? We need that Gene hack lol🤣

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