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HOW TO MAKE THE HIGH STREET LOOK HIGH END – tips for what to buy, and how to style!
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What I’m Wearing –
Silk White tee –
Long Necklace –
Hoop Earrings –
Ring –

Stripe beige dress –
Topshop white blouse –
Karen Millen white top –
ME + EM silk tee –
Topshop outfit:
Trousers –
Lace Top –
Bag –
Shoes –
Sunglasses –
River Island trainers –
Missguided Stud Sandals –
Valentino Sandals –
Chloe Faye Dupe –
YSL handbag –
Prada bag –
Reiss silk shorts –
Kate Spade sunglasses –
Topshop sunglasses –
Philips Steam & Go –


In the background:

Gold Clothing Rail –
Coat Hangers –
Pink Small Bag –



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  1. You speak a lot. Very bored
    Speak only a few please

  2. I love the way to get look like you.

  3. If the body shape is as great as Josie‘s, a lot of things, almost everything will look great. If a person is overweight or smth- even expensive clothes will not look good. That’s only my opinion. Great video. 👍💯

  4. Love having you in my everyday love your videos

  5. Really like your channel but you talk way too much before you get to your point I'm exhausted by the time you make your point

  6. Red’s a neutral, right? 😂

  7. Josie, i enjoyed watching you. Thank you for all your tips. Love all your videos.

  8. Make a video on how you edit your instagram

  9. I Fall of the faith! 1000 pounds for Such a small bag??

  10. Hi. I’m from the US. What exactly does “High Street” mean? I can infer, but just wondering what it exactly means? 😊

  11. Have you tried Uniqlo? They're selling shorts that look exactly like the champagne ones you showed.

  12. I absolutely love how elegant you are! ♥️

  13. It's an old fashioned tip but I find wearing a slip / petticoat under lower price dresses can help them hang much better and look higher end.

  14. Thought I'd add a couple of dupes for your dupes because you can never have too many ;D The gorgeous Chloe inspired handbag is actually quite a bit cheaper on Aliexpress (which is where the company you purchased it from most likely got their stock, you'll notice its the same photos). They are out of stock on the nude one, but there are other sellers on Aliexpress that sell it too. It's by Lacattura, a well known brand for Chloe inspired dupes: The shipping takes a long time (at least to where I live) which was a bummer but well worth it to save over $100! And the most amazing Valentino Rock Stud inspired dupes are on Amazon with prime shipping by the brand Kaitlyn Pan. There are several colors and styles available, here's the link for mine that I love, love, love:

    Hope that helps someone out there that admires your lovely nude/blush/neutral style like I do!

  15. I love your music always in ur videos! Can u add that in ur vid description too pls! And what is this song in the beginning of the vid?

  16. You always look so put together and I love your colour pallet. These were great tips Josie, thank you : ) xo

  17. Do you know when the steamer will be available in the US?

  18. This was a very useful video! I totally agree, ironing or steaming is a great way of making anything look better

  19. Hi … You are so classy yet so practicable. I am very keen to know about the bangle you are wearing ? The Monica V signature bangle ? Can you do a review about the quality and if you would recommend buying the regular or the thinner bangle ? . Thks so much I really enjoy your views comments and suggestions . Love love love.

  20. You are perfect, pretty Josie.

  21. Wishing you could do a maternity look book video! I love your style, but have a bump!

  22. Loved this video! Please do more! 😀

  23. You know you can get lovely basics and mix them with a chic jacket or pants, for a lot less money, than you spend on clothes Josie. For example, I just bought some lovely soft white t shirts at Cosco, 2 for $9.99. They are beautiful, soft, wash and wear well! They are by the brand 32 degrees cool, if anyone from US is interested. Also some basic joggers, for $16.00 at TJ Maxx, worn with this white t, then a high end blazer, white Adidas and gorgeous bag, (doesn't have to be designer), and voila, a chic outfit for very reasonable!

  24. Josie, could you please tell which philips steamer do you use 🙏🏻

  25. I cannot ever think of what someone else would wear but i get the point if someone needs that much help- kinda like that show -"What not to wear". I loved that show!!

  26. I love all of your amazing advice about fashion. I think you are already elevating my style and ive only been watching for a few weeks! 🙂

  27. As always. Elegant beautiful ❤️

  28. So glad you've done another video like this. Your previous how to look expensive video was the first video I ever watched on YouTube and the video that made me fall in love with your style. I'll be taking on board all of these tips, so classy as always 😍

  29. Your style is so beautiful, please be my personal shopper 😍😍😍

  30. I would have preffered this in a lookbook style, were we could see what you are telling and would be less long. I would like less talking and showing video and more lookbooks.

  31. I love your style, every time I watch your fashion vids, I get the feeling of wanting to buy everything you literally show

  32. Lovely and elegant with some great ideas. Thanks

  33. Great video! Definitely agree with all of your tips- thanks again!

  34. Would Fleur de Force wear this?

  35. You are definitely my style icon

  36. Great job:) Nice to see high street pieces for sanity:)!!!

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