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How to Pack your Carry On for Budget Airlines! | Fashion Mumblr

Because Budget Airlines are MEAN and you can only take ONE small carry on! Here’s what I take and how I pack for a 4 day holiday, with just one small suitcase!
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  1. Wow this travel tips are just great Josie! Especially the tip about having versatile garments 3:15 & planning colour pallets 3:33, very helpful. Thank you dear!

  2. Great traveling tips. Thanks. Just came across your vidio and very informative. Hubby and I are travelling from South Africa to Cincinnati in August. Will be checking out all your travelling tips.

  3. I leave for the UK in august, for a lil over 3 weeks, I plan on only taking my carry on suitcase, I just haven't narrowed down what I want to take yet, I did a test pack on what I'd like to take and didn't even have to unzip the 2 inch expansion, I love your tips, but could you please tell me what store you bought that clear bag from? as I have liquids I'm going to be taking and would prefer something more sturdy then a thin plastic bag, thank you ahead of time

  4. You look so good here. Your face looks fuller 😍

  5. Ryan air your allowed bring a hand bag

  6. I’m going on a 10 day trip to Scotland with only a carry- on. And I have to pack a uniform for my fyfe and drum Corp. Hello stress!

  7. We go for 2-3 weeks with only carry on ?

  8. My family and I only take carry on luggage for 7 days, and we used to go on holiday for 14 days in carry one x

  9. I never roll my clothes because they get more rinkles

  10. i like your hair in this video, so pretty!

  11. her teeth are brighter than my future

  12. Joggers, trainers, runners make more sense than (what I say) sneakers. For shoes

  13. Traveling a budget airline to London for 10 days in a few months and I have to pack in a carry-on. Hopefully I can do it!

  14. Who watches a bunch of these when you find out your going on holiday?🙋🏼

  15. 😁😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️🤗

  16. I'm packing a carry on only for 5 months 😃

  17. where did you get that makeup bag?

  18. Does anyone have budget friendly carry on suggestions that abide by the 22x14x9 in rule?

  19. I fly budget all the time; you're allowed one piece of hand luggage plus a handbag. Your handbag doesn't count as hand luggage, it says so on those metal bag-measuring cages and all your flight documentation x

  20. really good vedio but u r going floor only 4 days I am going for 1 month 9 days

  21. I've never had any problem with a handbag on Ryanair. I always have my carry-on and a medium-sized handbag, and I've had no problems. Have you been caught out with a handbag?

  22. I noticed you have Hawaiian tanning oil. Does that fall into 3 1 1 Liquid rule?

  23. You are a breath of fresh air! I love your channel x

  24. Hi Josie – loving your vlogs.  Some great tips for packing – we are off to Thailand on Sunday……I am so excited I cannot wait 🙂

  25. I always get told to move my stuff into those clear plastic bags at the airport😞! do you get away with putting that big one through security? xx

  26. I found this so helpful. I am going to Amsterdam next month and we are only taking hand luggage, thank you for the tips! 🙂 xx

  27. I absolutely love your videos! I'm always looking forward to the next one💕
    By the way I just tried my first ever Mac n Cheese an absolutely fell in love 💕💕

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