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HOW TO REFRESH YOUR WARDROBE FOR 2018 // What To Keep & Toss // Fashion Mumblr

How to refresh your wardrobe for 2018! My tips for what trends to invest in, what to clear out from your closet & more±
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❤ What I Wore ❤

Pom Pom Knit –

❤ Mentioned in This Video ❤

Fleur du Mal x By Kilian Silk Set –

YSL Blogger Bag –

YSL Sunset Bag –

Majorelle Coat –

Valentino Sunglasses –

Kate Spade Sunglasses –

Fendi Sunglasses –

Monica Vinader Riva Ring –

Monica Vinader Signature Bracelet –

Monica Vinader Linear Bracelet –

Monica Vinader Fiji Diamond Bracelet –

Michael Kors Smart Watch –

Reiss Gilet –

Blog post about Monica Vinader / Timeless Jewellery Styles –


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  1. I think that keeping pieces that are too small can be an incentive for people trying to lose weight such as myself

  2. I sell all my high end/ designer items on Revolve (:

  3. That blouse you're wearing is hilarious!

  4. Hm just keep and toss, but nothing on the refreshing side. The title of the vid is missleading. Wasted my time.

  5. Hiya, if you're looking to resale your designer products there is an app called Depop. Which is brilliant x

  6. Not to sound depressing, but I’m holding on to some of my jams because someone I really cared about gave them to me and he died. I’m just having the worst trouble giving the up, even though they have holes.

  7. this jumper suits you a lot 🙂

  8. You should make a plus size fashion tips, maybe with a friend? I love your videos, but it's very hard to find nice clothing above size 8 or 10 which will be similar to pieces that i like from your videos, not to mention that when i find something it's really expensive and quite frankly didn't look good on me :/ And it's realy sad, but designer items are nonexistent.

  9. If I were to follow all of these tips I'd be left with nothing but two shirts and a drawer full of socks and underwear lol.

  10. I finally cleared my closet out… Thanks for the tips! <3

  11. what a beauty she is…I'm jealous…..I like her videos….

  12. I adore your channel and all your clothes are incredibly wish-list worthy! I love how you take simple and somewhat plain clothing a dress it up with delicate jewelry. You always look so put together and classically chic, I was hoping that you could do a video on how you take care of your jewelry, how often, and how to avoid cheap jewelry that turns color or breaks/falls apart easily. Where do you like to find quality jewelry and what are your favorite places to get it at? Anything else you can tell us about jewelry that you would deem important to know would be lovely! You make my day with your bright and upbeat personality, thank you for the videos! <3

  13. Statement earrings are on trend for 2018. 😉 XOXO

  14. Hey – I live in Battersea, London and own a luxury designer resale company with a store and website (Timpanys). Would be happy to offer excellent commission rates for you / complimentary collection etc. Do email me – link on website if we can help at all.

  15. While I love a good wardrobe declutter and update, I wonder sometimes whether Youtubers that seem to be buying new fast-fashion on an almost weekly basis ever consider the environmental impact their shopping sprees have. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters, and seeing Youtubers buy so much cheap plastics (sunglasses, costume jewellery, shoes etc) only to be thrown out after a few months to 'make space for new items' (which again won't last for a long time) heading shortly to landfill, makes me a bit uneasy. How about looking at environmentally friendly fashion and buying habits?

  16. You're so pretty! Love your elegant and girly style! 😍 definitely my style, too 💕

  17. How 'bout plaids and buffalo checks?

  18. Please do trends that will last!!! Please!!!

  19. Definitely would like to see a 2017-2018 overlapping trends vid. Thx!

  20. OMG!!!I love your hair!!.*★*.

  21. Hi, thanks for sharing! Trinny Woodall has a video on the whole process (making a good photo of the item, etc.) selling on line on her Trinny London channel. Xoxo!

  22. Poshmark is amazing for selling designer items and I’ve heard they’re expanding to Europe soon… I hope so, I’d absolutely LOVE to shop from you!

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