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HOW TO SPEND 3 DAYS IN NYC | New York City Guide | Fashion Mumblr

How To Spend 3 Days in NYC – here are my favourite places to go for brunch, shopping, dinner, vistas, and so much more!

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  1. This is a cute fun vlog💚

  2. She said there's eggs and then 2 seconds later she said everything here is vegan

  3. How to spend ur life savings in three days. No shade to u I’m just broke

  4. This is NY for stuck up assholes.You wanna have a good time do the complete opposite of she says hit a dive bar and ask the locals.

  5. Great video but what was the last restaurant called?? Couldn‘t find the list on your blog??😏 xxx 😊

  6. did ana wintour just pass next to you? omg

  7. The video was like just what are where to eat in NYC for 3 days lol

  8. Of course you are rich and can spend a ton of money in NYC,,,,,,what about the "poor" people???

  9. So much fun!! Just love your travel videos!

  10. Go and enjoy NYC for this experience, not for your fucking vapid social media posts

  11. Pretty good video for a tourist, though a bit too hipster for an old upper east sider like me. Times Square – five minutes max. SoHo is just a suburban shopping mall with cobble stoned streets. When will the avocado on everything phase end? The stupid torn jeans phase has gone on 20 years, so I guess we're stuck with avocados on everything for the foreseeable future.

  12. List of all the food locations (in order which it was shown.) Also, for people asking about the cereal milkshake it's the Milk Bar Bakery. Thumbs this up for others to see! x

    – The Butcher’s Daughter
    – Milk Bar Bakery
    – By Chloe.
    – Refinery Rooftop
    – Buvette
    – 21 Club
    – Five Leaves
    – Filaga in Chelsea Market (pizza place)
    – Doughnuttery
    – Gallow Green
    – Jack’s Wife Freda
    – Domonique Ansel Bakery
    – While We Were Young
    – Pig Beach Pop-up

  13. Does anyone know where the cereal milkshake place is? I googled but can’t find it 🙁

  14. What a shallow life

  15. ayudame amiga soy venezolano que comida tan rica estoy muriendo de hambre

  16. Great video👍🏻🗽

  17. Loved loved!!! The video Josie!! Thank you so much for sharing Charlie with us!!!

  18. Why are all these travel guides about food. And excuse to get free food for adding them to your vlog?

  19. I was just NY, wish I would have seen this video before I went. I’ll have to take a trip back up soon just to try out some of your picks!

  20. How your style had changed within one year!

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