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HOW TO STYLE A ROLL NECK // Fashion Mumblr

HOW TO STYLE A ROLL NECK (Turtle Neck) – 5 Outfits & My Favourite Roll Necks in my Wardrobe!






❤ What I Wore ❤

Grey Jumper –
Earrings –


❤ What I Featured ❤

Cashmere Club Monaco Roll Neck –
Ted Baker Frill Collar Roll Neck –
Tory Burch Roll Neck –
Zara Pearl Roll Neck –


Look 1

Roll Neck –
Suede Skirt –
Feather Gilet –
Grey Boots –
Grey Bag –
Camel Coat –
Pearl Earrings –

Look 2

Roll Neck –
Pink Skirt –
Velvet Heels –
Grey Bag –

Look 3

Roll Neck –
Jeans –
Pink Coat –
Bag –
Mules –

Look 4

Roll Neck –
Black Trousers –
Trench Coat –
Watch –
Bracelet –
Black Mules –
Handbag –



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  1. I just found your videos this week and I love them. I am in my fifties. Would it be possible for you to style your mum and make a video about that for your older audience?

  2. I love your rollneck style and you layer them so well 🙂

    I've tried the chunkier style over jeans, but my favourite is wearing the lighter weight ones under either a crew or V-neck sweater.

  3. plsss do a makeup look of this ♥♥♥

  4. those pink velvet shoes are too cute!

  5. wow this pink jacket suits you a lot 🙂

  6. Ahh! Rollnecks/turtlenecks… In the US in the Northeast as kids we used to use them as extra insulation under our winter scarves.

  7. Great video and really liked your ways of styling a roll neck, my personal favourite way to style it for work is to tuck it in with a black knee length pencil skirt and black or nude heels

  8. I love this how to video! It's great to see turtlenecks styled so many different ways! Josie, I just wanted tell you that your hair is gorgeous! It looks so long and is styled so beautifully! I love seeing it down like you've been wearing it recently. It looks so romantic and glamorous!

  9. This is a great video, thanks! Do you find that the Kate Spade floral trousers stretch out & sag after wearing them?

  10. need those pink velvet heels in my closet ASAP!! xo

  11. nice style :)are shoes big for you? do u wear bigger size? labels on shoes can be seen :))

  12. I love your style, it's always so chic!! But honestly, I missed your older videos (and i watched your channel more often back then) where almost everything in it was affordable, no coats from Reiss, no bags from aspinal london, no dresses from Ted Baker, etc. They are indeed very nice & you pair everything so nicely, but I just can't justify spending so much money when i can look equally chic with less expensive outfits. But, I also get it that you have to show something from them because you've partnered with them. And I really appreciate your effort to include some affordable stuffs in the video as well 🙂 I hope you're not offended by my comment (i just wanted to be honest, and maybe you're interested on what your viewers think about your channel's development)… anyway, keep doing the great job!! x.o.x.o

  13. I love Turtle Necks also ! Keep you so warm and they are so trendy !

  14. I love your added inspiration to mix up my wardrobe a bit. Just seeing basic items mixed and matched numerous ways is wonderful for adding a bit of punch to the same ol', same ol'. I really appreciate all your time and styling efforts! Well done, Josie. I hope you continue doing these types of videos with other classic basics!

  15. The final look was gorgeous! Would definitely wear that to work, lovely video!

  16. I especially loved the last look! Thank you for introducing the Zara poloneck as a more affordable option. Keep up it!!

  17. Yassssssss the hair ❤️👌🏽

  18. The link for the bag in look4 doesn’t show the exact bag. Searched the entire site for it as I love it for the office. Please let me know how I can find the item. Also please note I live in Canada.
    LOVE your videos by the way! You have truly inspired me to change my entire style and wardrobe in the past month.

  19. I liked the outfit with the pink jacket

  20. Absolutely loved this video💕 You styled everything to PERFECTION 🙌🏼

  21. I actually just bought the same turtleneck from Zara yesterday, but I got it in navy blue!! The fact that you have the same one is awesome but while I was in the store I questioned to myself if you’d purchase this piece as well. Kind of like a guide! Lol. I was hoping you had a video on how to style it, even though I gad already made sure it would go with most pieces I already own in my closet. Your videos inspire me to buy more classic pieces and focus on the price per wear even if I can only afford high street clothing currently. Thank you everything. Now I have to see if you have a Pinterest account that I can follow as well. 💕💕💕

  22. You always look so classy and fashionable!!!!

  23. thank you for great styling videos,can you give us advice how to keep white rollneck makeup free? PLEASE.Josie.

  24. Your style is impeccable. How do you keep makeup off of your roll necks? Or rather, how do you easily wash off foundation stains on white roll necks?

  25. You have a Pandora bracelet??😍 can you show what you have on it???❤️❤️

  26. Like the tips! Where do you get your hangers?

  27. Fab as always ❤ have a look on my insta for some nice pics

  28. Lovely video! Smart and very good looking combinations with a Roll neck.
    love this Videos, helps a lot with inspiration 😻

  29. I live in Peru (South America) and wake up at 4am to watch your videos, it completely worths the effort.

  30. اعجبني ستايلك 💕💕👍

  31. I can't believe that third handbag is only Topshop. You make everything look designer and expensive 😙

  32. You are such a beauty! 😍 I live in high necks, so comfy xx

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