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HOW TO WEAR WHITE // Spring / Summer Outfit Ideas // Fashion Mumblr

HOW TO WEAR WHITE // Spring / Summer Outfit Ideas
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White Safari Playsuit –
Tan Belt –
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White Blouse –
White Shorts –
Belt –
Aspinal Bag –
White Dress –


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  1. "White is easier to wear than black" is probably the silliest thing I've ever heard lol. Is it easy to style? sure, does it looks fantastic on? oh yeah, is it easy to wear? hell no. If you have to touch anything even remotely dirty (think kids or a sandwich) you will find that black is much easier to wear. Case in point, my daughter hugged me this morning with a bit of avocado on her mouth and I had to wipe it off my shirt. It was black so it was totally fine, I just cleaned it off and went off to work. If it had been white, no way. I'd have to change. So yeah, it's beautiful, and easy to style, but I feel like when I ask, how to wear white, I am not asking how to style it with accessories and stuff, I'm asking how you keep it clean and looking fresh and without underwear showing through.

  2. Dear Josie,

    How do you keep your whites from getting dingy? Mine are particularly prone to underarm stains

  3. I loved your outfit so much
    Can you make video for prude clothes
    Like long dresses for Hijabe girls ❤️

  4. Safari looks fantastic on you. Wear it more often.

  5. I noticed a lot of cheaper handbags and shoes you buy/ recommend are made out of fake leather. I love those white sandals, but how comfortable are they really when you’re out for a day?😕

  6. Hi Josie, your videos are so well put together and your style is great. I think you've mentioned previously about avoiding polyester so I was sad to see the lovely white blouse is in fact polyester (though in any case I don't think River Island is readily available where I live). This fabric can be so sweaty in summer. But the white outfits are a fun inspiration for pieces from wherever. xo

  7. I always avoid all white outfits. They are so beautiful, but I am so fair that I would disappear in white. I don't know if you've done this already since I've just discover this channel (very nice by the way) but can you do a video about what white shades work best with which skin tones? Loved the video, and love the summer dress at the end! Those are my favorite all white outfits! 🙂

  8. I’ll share a tip on how to remove ink from clothes: rub milk over it, it will vanish like magic! and don’t forget to wash it after, or the milk will smell sour!

  9. Good video and beautiful clothes!

  10. Josie, you have become my favorite youtuber, always so elegant and classy! And you made me rethink my wardrobe and introduce neutral and light colors and I am LOVING IT, they were only dark colors (mostly black) in it earlier. And my God, since you are collaborating with all these brands, please try reasoning with them about the heel height, these white sandals are absolutely gorgeous, but the heel is ridiculous! Not every woman will or can wear high heels ( I can’t) and the choice for us is thus smaller. A 5-6 cm heel on these would also look lovely.Thank you for another lovely video 💖

  11. The ruffle playsuit is absolutely beautiful. I can think of so many places I could get use out of wearing that to. Love your style♡

  12. the offense you took with the money assumption in your assumption video you did a while back and now hearing you say "status" in relation to white clothing made me absolutely b e l c h

  13. You look lovely in every outfit x

  14. nice payed commercial for River island

  15. I love your videos.and your accent.😍❤❤❤

  16. thanks to you I've been wearing more white and I'm loving it

  17. The best YouTuber!! Much love.

  18. Hello 🙂 please my you let me know where the leather jacket is from? A x

  19. I have to add one thing. I was at Zara's and I bought a simple white tee with a small graphic design on it. I noticed there was someone else's make up on the collar. When I brought it up to the cashier, and told her about it, she took out a packet of "SHOUT" and wiped it clean. I was so in amazement, that she gave me a couple. I still have them and have only used one so far, but I would keep one of those in my hand bag, if I was going out in a white outfit. Thank you for this great video.

  20. omg…. all I heard was WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE. SORRY I LOVE you… but this was kinda annoying

  21. The Safari outfit looks so adorable on you, you are so great with styling, love ya girl!!

  22. Oh yes josie your talking my language white with metallic & pearls

    Only thing I would change is the white sandels I’d wear more skin tone as I’m petite 5ft 1 🌸

  23. Thank youuuu🙏🙏White I love and your selection especially the ruffle playsuit! It suits you perfectly!!

  24. Haven't watched the video yet but hoping to alleviate some of my unparalleled food-spilling skills…how to wear white – how to preserve white ?

  25. Hi Josie, I have a question relating to those terrible yellow sweat/deodorant stains. I want to wear white but still with special deodorant I still have yellow stains in my clothes. Hopefully you have the golden tip for preventing yellow stains or how to get them out of your pieces. Lots of love from the Netherlands xoxo Siobhan

  26. OK so I'm off out in white today head to toe with tan accessories. Fingers crossed I don't drop everything down me. Love your inspirational videos Josie. ❤️

  27. I’ve heard lately from other influencer that you can wear white, cream and beige together.

  28. What a clever tip 11:01, thank you! I feel inspired by the safari outfits, I would love to see them paired with animal prints for a safari look. If you ever get a chance to travel to Africa, I think you will love the Hemingways hotels and the Kempinski hotels here in Kenya, especially at the Mara and the coast! <3

  29. I do worry about white – one it will get dirty and 2 , makes me look bigger 😬♥️

  30. You didn't mention underwear

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