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How vaping has become a public health crisis | USA TODAY

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tallied six deaths and more than 450 possible cases of severe lung injury in 33 states and one jurisdiction.
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The CDC confirmed that investigators narrowed their focus and that the additive vitamin E acetate is a chemical involved in many of the cases, but officials emphasized it is not in all of the cases being reviewed.

Vitamin E acetate is a “sticky greasy oil” that some marijuana includes, said Devin Alvarez, CEO and founder of Straight Hemp CBD products. “Not all oils are the same. Thick and greasy seem to be the culprits.”

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  1. Then why not ban all other drugs and liquids that causes our health such as cigarettes, marajuana, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, molly, etc.

  2. In space.There will be no sugar!

  3. Grow your own weed, organically of course.

  4. I guess cigarettes weren’t so bad after all. (Sarcasm)

  5. Yay back to normal cigarettes

  6. Vaping just looks stupid .

  7. Good idea. Ban it. Because when they banned alcohol, everyone one quit drinking. Oh no, they actually illegally made alcohol and made fortunes off it. And the people making it didn’t care if it had bad ingredients. This is going to end just wonderfully.

  8. Why is everyone so upset I'm confused

  9. Alcohol? Ciggeretts? What?

  10. Vapes: cause 6 deaths

    Cigarettes: Am I a Joke to you?

  11. Laws are not made to protect you..
    They're made to make money!!!!

  12. 480,000 people die from smoking cigarettes yet there not trying to ban them.

  13. people get sick from an activity they choose to partake in

    people die from mass shootings
    Government: Ight Imma head out

  14. We don’t know what Obama was smoking when he prioritized transgender bathrooms.

    President Trump is watching out for the 5 million teenage vape smokers who’s lives may be in danger by this smoking device. 400 teenagers have died so far, one too many.

  15. But not mass shootings?? Mass shootings not a public health crisis. Okay. Good job, America. 🙄🙄

  16. Fun fact…vg has been used in asthma inhalers for nearly 40 yrs because it was found not to harm the lungs but "they" dont have the data…not to be a conspiracy theorist but the govt needs u to smoke cigarettes…it all boils down to money…the big 4….insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, cigarette companies, tax revenue…insurance companies need u to smoke to charge big premiums and pharmaceutical companies need u to smoke to be sick and have to buy their drugs while tobacco companies need u to smoke for big profits while the govt takes their cut as taxes on each insurance policy u buy every sales tax u pay on drug prescriptions and pack of smokes u get…health care and pharmaceuticals are major parts of our economy that makes wealth so when the people are healthy money is lost. Furthermore, it's the parents to blame for this "epidemic" of youth vaping. Maybe if they paid attention to what their kids were up to instead of doing whatever it is punk ass parents are doing we wouldn't have this problem. But the blame is also shared by the federal govt and states that legalized marijuana. If it's legal in 3 states of course bootlegging and street hustlers are going to take advantage of it and make dangerous stuff that hurts ppl. Yet marijuana is still federally illegal and the feds like D.E.A or A.T.F aren't in those states serving indictments. They choose to attack vaping as a whole instead all bcuz a few hundred dumbass kids made a bad decision and were afraid to be honest about vaping tainted thc carts. And the other so called lung "diseases" these parents are crying about are nicotine burns. Nicotine is acidic. When someone cloud chases with a pod device and 50mg nic salts of course it's going to irritate your lungs. Pod devices and nic salts were designed to help smokers transition to vaping because it was more like a cigarette. If u were not a cig smoker pod devices and nic salts are not for you ( young new vapers). Nic salts seem to be the problem with underage vaping. Who expects a 16 yr old to use a pod device and 35mg nic salts responsibly? It's meant to be puffed on 4-5 times then put away for an hour or two. But these underage vapers are vaping nic salts like its regular 3 or 6mg vape juice. So if anything is going to be banned it's high milligram nic salts. NOBODY needs 30 or 50 mg nic salt juice. 20-25mg should be the absolute limit. So if you ban flavors in vaping then cig companies should have to follow that flavor ban too. No more "additives" to smooth out the harshness of tobacco. So lay blame to lazy parents and dumbass greedy self righteous corrupt politicians for the "epidemic" of vaping. They create the storm then complain about the rain……rant over

  17. Trump wants to ban because he is republican. Which means he is for the business, He is for the wealthy. Vaping is whooping tobaccos butt, so trump being the republican he is he wants to ban them. Really shouldn't be a shocker, you people are the folks who elected this squid. A more unbias approach would be him bringing the vape industry completely into the united states. He would create jobs an we would know whats in them. But him being the snake he is he would rather help his multi million dollar friends. The beast is real an its not gonna go down without a fight. For Christ sakes Epstein has been rapping children for years , But being the wealthy part of the beast he was he got away with it. Its time for a change. I would say society disgust me, but the older I get an the more I learn. I think its just "America's Society" that is disgusting. An its funny people are always "why don't you leave" honestly if I had money TO LEAVE I probably would but we are trapped in the prison in a since. Here to do nothing except keep the beast feed, grow old an die off from the cancer an every thing else they have done to us over the years. You ever herd some one say "your in the belly of the beast" you are.. Actually one of my favorite rap songs by homie lil wayne 😛

  18. Lesson: Just vaporize dabs or use the all PG wax liquidizer. If you use CBD, backround check do research on the cartridge or buy flower and a vaporizer for flower. Avoid Dank Vapes.

  19. Your lungs were meant to breath Oxygen! Not all that Drug shit!
    Wake up!🙏🏻♥️

  20. Kids puff on those things non stop so duh. They blow more smoke in one puff than a old steam train going across all of America.

  21. Don’t even mention the root cause like the trashy thc laced vapes.

  22. Excuse me, but this is NOT an emergency. Not when 140 peope die a day from opioid overdose. That's more than people who die from BREAST CANCER or CAR CRASHES. Let that one sink in.

  23. Here's an interesting angle to view it from! If overpopulation is a problem and the government is actively seeking ways to fix this such as flouride (pardon if I spelt that wrong) in our water, gmo's etc (damn near everything we consume) then why would they worry about this so much?! Marketing power move anyone? discredit if you can. I'm always up for a healthy debate

  24. If you eat McDonald’s all day everyday you will definitely die so why the outcry on this?

  25. flavored tobacco: sold at every 7/11

    flavored e cig: banned nationwide

  26. I don’t vape or smoke so I don’t have any vested interest in the issue but the sudden scrutiny of politicians and the media against this industry seems kinda… fishy.

  27. Don't we pay to have all of our product tested by the FDA

  28. Heres a little tid bit for all you folks…..

    I opened a pack of Marlboro cigarettes today. Inside, i found a coupon for $10 off a JUUL douche flute. Let that sink in for a minute.

  29. Ban it… see what happens… I bet it won’t become more dangerous. Because when you ban things people don’t go make it safer, they make it cheaper, they make it illicit. And then what, we have contaminated juice in juul pods and we got another health issue, avoided by not having the gov in everything we do

  30. Ciggarettes company lobbied this so much to be passed.

  31. trump will outlaw vaping to reward big tobacco for contributions to his election campaign.
    soon millions of vapers will discover they are addicted to nicotine and begin enjoying the full, rich, and satifying flavor of tobacco and begin showing off their yellow teeth.

  32. they no its thc carts but that are payed to lie for big tobacco that's all

  33. EVERY confirmed case has been linked to black market THC products. But no, we can't go after that. So we are going after the safest ( NOT SAFE ) alternative to old school tobacco products because it is new and trendy. Really? Damn how stupid do you think the general public is.. wait nearly 40% support the Orange Turnip. Never mind, your right too many of them are that ignorant and easily distracted from facts or truth or science.

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