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Kenwood House Outfits:

Blue & White Dress –
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Valentino Sandals –

Yellow Dress –

White Playsuit –
Chloe Sandals –
Second White Playsuit (ruffles) –

Hampstead Pergola Outfit
White Dress –
Sunglasses –

Ivy Chelsea Garden Outfit
White Broderie Dress –

Wedding Shoot:
Dress –
Shoes & Bags –

Petersham Nurseries:
Dress –
Earrings –

Chelsea Flower Show
Blue Dress –
Basket Bag –
Rickshaw Dress –
Poppy Dress –

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  1. What a fun video Josie!! It was great fun to see how you put your content together. Bern enjoying the beautiful IG photos from this shoot!! Lovely as always 😘

  2. Wonderful Josie! ☺️😍💖 does anyone know what the song in the video? it’s so pretty! 💕💕

  3. Lovely shoot! Where on earth do you get dressed!!!!? X

  4. Question! Do you ever keep items you clip for photoshoots? And if so do you get them altered? Keep it up Josie! Going on 3 years following you and love what you’re doing with your journey!

  5. Please reveal the source of the music. Beautiful video .

  6. Just discovered 'Garden Rescue' on youtube and am OBSESSED. Sadly, I think I may have watched them ALL (this past week and a bit). Addicted. I'll be going through withdrawel if I can't find any more… it's the BEST. I love the format and the chemistry between the Rich brothers and Charlie. Oh!!

  7. The rhodies remind me of Queenswood (where I went to school)… Oh! Nostalgia…

  8. The second accessory wedding bag is very chic and Hepburn like ….

  9. Hello Darling, I thoroughly enjoyed this particular video. You are beautiful and very meticulous with your clothing and accessories however I personally have a difficult time with not matching my bags with my shoes sometimes belts if I'm wearing them. Does Chloe make any pink sandals that would go with all of your beautiful pink bags?

  10. Oh My Word Thank you so much Josie xxx

  11. Josie, you're going to be such a gorgeous bride 👰🏼

  12. ❤️❤️❤️🤩 all your videos!!! Always great content!

  13. Aww I remember the pergola! Always love your videos Josie! Just purchased the 1st Mango dress you wore 🥰

  14. I bet all the photos turned out gorgeous, Josie!

  15. this is the most beautiful and informative vlog I've ever watched!

  16. 😍You're so pretty, and every outfit and place are beautiful too.😊👍

  17. Beautiful, as usual! What song is playing?

  18. Loved your vlog ❤️Do it more often 😍❤️

  19. loved this vlog!! beautiful 🙂

  20. Absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for sharing!♡♡♡

  21. Great video! You look beautiful as always 🙂 Quick question: If I made a purchase from Artisan Anything but it wasn't the exact item that you had (as it was sold out) is there any way for me to give you credit for my purchase since you introduced me to the brand?

  22. wow gorgeous vid! I need to go to see the bloom displays this year! How much was the rickshaw? do you need to haggle?

  23. Darling Josie, thank you for sharing such beauty! I love flowers and always try to take photos and videos of all of them. I'm glad you have that habit as well, fully enjoyed this, verything was stunning. Lovely outfits as well 🌞😍🌸

  24. Wow that's a gorgeous place for pictures!

  25. This makes my day! Girl you are pure happiness. 👑❤👠

  26. Omg your hair at the Nuxe event was so pretty. Stunning video as usual loved the bridal content💜

  27. That was fun to watch, all the flowers and floral prints? Swoon 😍! You are such a fantastic, beautiful model Josie, I hope you get to collaborate with Ralph Lauren someday 🎀

  28. Je ne sais pas, je vous suis voilà des années, je ne manquerai aucun vlog tout simplement je ne me m'ennuie jamais. De France.
    I do not know, I have been here for years, I will not miss any vlog simply I'm never bored. From France.

  29. Fantastic. Loved the locations. Class act

  30. Love , love love this video, you should definitely make it a monthly series or do it more often ✨

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