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HOW & WHY TO SHOP FOR QUALITY // 5 Shopping Tips // Fashion Mumblr

HOW & WHY TO SHOP FOR QUALITY // 5 Shopping Tips
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  1. The best tip in the video is "really think before buying it" – will it fit into the wardrobe, the lifestyle, will it be really useful – and one thing you are right about is that if the price tag is a bit higher the customer will think longer. Fast fashion should not be slammed only for their poor quality fabrics and horrible production cycles but also for artificially creating this "need" to follow the trend and have more to have all of it even if the items are poor and unsustainable. There is no respect for fashion, for design, for creation only for consumerism.

  2. ✨🌹🤩🤩💥🌿✨🌹🤩🤩🌿🥀✨🌟

    06:00 mins onwards tips to inquire the quality !!!!

  3. I watched this twice and it's as informative and pleasing both times 😊

  4. I went to see what there was in Nordstrom's Rack (as one went up in a new shopping center near me) which, years ago, used to be fabulous; the beautiful clothes that hadn't sold in their regular retail stores, marked way down. Now, it's quite obvious that NONE of those clothes ever saw their 'upscale' shops: If you lit a match, the entire place would go up in an instant; EVERY PIECE in Nordstom's Rack was SYNTHETIC (I walked through the entire store, touching everything) … and the shoes were all horrible plastic!!! They would have one big melty chemical mess on their hands.

    (It's clear to me that the Old Guard, the Original Nordstrom family members, are gone … and their children have lowered the standards their parents created. Nordstrom's was an extraordinary establishment. It made me really sad. Illsley B. Nordstrom used to come into the restaurant I worked in (100 years ago) and ask for Shelley, who was tall and slender, like the grande dame herself).

  5. Speaking of fabrics… you cannot imagine (occasionally one comes across a piece in thrift stores) the polyester that came out in the 70s. It was weird and thick and sort of hard to the touch … it was "gross!" … but now, even though synthetics have been refined and refined, there are still boatloads and boatloads of really nasty 'sportswear' synthetics (that DON'T breathe) that catch on ones fingers when you touch them. I dodn't know how people wear them …? They make me feel horrible. It's a mystery!

  6. (Buying LESS, FEWER pieces!)
    I love your clips!!!
    Thank you, Josie!!

  7. Loved this video…. now to exercise more restraint !

  8. yeh I only like wearing clothes for one season and im bored with it or my style changes. it does not bother me if the clothes don't last for yrs.although, I also have lots of clothes from Ross. I have had themfor15 yrs and they still look fine. I just have not worn them much. im not spending more than $30 per dress. unless it is a wedding gown. I hate zippers on dresses. its harder to dress and I want stretching my clothing for comfort.

  9. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean to buy designer….most designer clothing and accessories are a huge ripoff and the quality is poor and construction is terrible…..look for the drape…cut….fabric and construction and don’t buy for the designers name

  10. Thanks so much for the info. Love you ; )

  11. In Greece there were a lot of small local industries with high quality fabrics and leather goods but after the 2000s everyone started buying fast fashion etc. Now almost all the local industries are closed and low quality synthetic fibers are everywhere!! When i see my mother's wardrobe i find the quality of her old clothes exceptional though my family was never wealthy. She always tells me that clothes from fast fashion brands don't even worth 10 euros.

  12. What a big lie!!!! You told in your Designer Handbag Collection Video that the Chanel bag was gifted to you and now you are saying that you "where not able to afford a fullprice Chanel handbag so you BOUGHT it on a pre-owned website Xupes". What a shame to tell your audience lies, you must really think that people watching your channel are stupid!

    I just unsubscribed from your channel.

  13. Thank you for such an amazing video!You made some really good points and I love that you mentioned shopping second hand. Can’t wait to see more content like this from you x

  14. My best preloved garment is a Burberry car coat, nearly £2,000 new I paid under £10 in a charity shop. 😁

  15. Actually, some artificial fibers added to silks, cottons, etc., make the fabrics more durable, crease less and shrink less 😉

  16. Great video! All amazing tips! Once I started buying better quality and noticing how much better they feel and look on my body I could no longer forego quality. Not to mention how long they last.

  17. in this vein, it would be good to see your review of online thrift stores like ThredUp

  18. I shop almost exclusively at thrift/charity and consignment shops because it's more fun; more of a challenge, it's like a treasure hunt! So that WHEN you find something that's good, it feels AMAZING! Also, people (where I am, here in the States, near Microsoft and Google) get rid of the most beautiful clothes, it's truly perplexing! (Too much money? People here DO shop as if it were a pastime. My parent's generation DID NOT SHOP nor consume the way we do).
    I found THE MOST BEAUTIFUL black leather jacket, sort of 50s style, car-coat length. SIMPLE. PERFECT. I am crazy about it. $20 at my local Goodwill. That was a year and a half ago. I am STILL happy about it.

    But I think everyone is different and some people are energetically too sensitive to shop in thrift stores. I know a LOT of people who are too affected by all the energy on the clothing. Oddly, not a problem for me; I don't know why because I AM overly affected by light and also sound. So I totally get this. Everyone has to find what's comfy for them. But we DO need to be more ECOLOGICALLY minded. Bottom line; we have only THIS ONE PLANET and clothing manufacturing is a horribly polluting!!

    Oh! and … Yes! Good zippers!

  19. For me, the most essential key to clothing, to MY wardrobe, is … FABRIC. The fabric MUST be good: COTTON, WOOL, LINEN, RAW SILK and even RAYON. It must FEEL good to the touch; synthetics 'catch' on my finger tips and give me the heeby-jeebies. I cannot bear the feeling of synthetics. People talk about clothes falling apart but (for some reason, I don't know why … ???), my clothes DON'T. I'm always wondering about this (I'm very easy on clothes?). If there is a
    problem (small hole, etc.), a few stitches usually suffice to remedy the situation.

  20. Hi Josie. Love your videos, but I'd love if you would do less hauls, as it is very unsubstainable way of consuming fashion and inspering young people like myself into buying more fast fashion. I'd rather see your fashion content like this video, or maybe you could go secondhand shopping, I know you live in London, so maybe you have acces to some great secondhand shops? Love from Denmark.

  21. Josie, THANKS for this video, it's the one I asked for. Looking at seams is something I never thought of, now I will. Unfortunately in South Africa we do not really have the choices you have in the UK as regards quality, which probably shows a gap in the market.😊 And since I'm not as petite as you are my choices are ecen more limited. But I do want to buy less and have better quality so I will keep your tips in mind. Thank you for the thought you put into your videos and the preparations you make as regards information.

  22. Could you talk about how to care for fabrics such as silk and linen properly? Love the video, thanks for all the tips! 🙂 <3

  23. I would just like to say how perfect your hair looked in this video! 🙂

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