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Hundreds arrested from immigration raid in Mississippi

U.S. immigration officials raided seven Mississippi chicken processing plants Wednesday, arresting 680 mostly-Latino workers in the largest workplace sting in at least a decade.



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  1. Children are well trained for such media coverage. Don't use them on media, Send the illegal immigrants back, simple as that. Today's judgement is tomorrows future. @ABC News is full of shit and non-sense.

  2. Sorry your dad is a criminal and did do wrong. If you dont want to goto Ice dont be a illegal alien.Get proper citizenship. Dont try and make us fell bad for the kids when the parents have done this to there kids.

  3. Good job ICE for enforcing laws

  4. 0:43 He's not a criminal….. 😂😂😂 Yes he is.

  5. They are ILLEGAL! Deeper investigations show MANY of them stole identities
    not just from dead ppl but living ones as well. Identity theft is ok since they’re illegally here? Also taking jobs from actual citizens and one interview shows a man telling how when he applied to get his job back after a medical leave, he was denied because it was full. I feel bad for that little girl but her parents broke the damn law and we are evil for enforcing our laws? Hell no

  6. Uh oh. We better let them all go and ignore all our immigration laws. A little girl is crying.

  7. Most of these immigrants used fake IDs and stolen social security numers, so even if you don't consider coming illigialy over the border as ok, identity theft is not

  8. Thank you ICE for your service.

  9. Ppl get arrested ALL the time leaving kids to the system , mind u and these ppl are American and if u do a crime you do the time no matter who you are or of you havr kids or not

  10. Stop exploiting footages of crying kids! Send them all back along with their parents (family union) and jail the owners and managers! They all know what they've done.

  11. Load them up with the Dims send them all back!!!

  12. IF THIS IS THE largest raid it only proves they were never doing their job all these years……………………..if they were picking up illegals years ago we wouldn't be having this conversation

  13. why dont they show a crying girl with the Mexican President towering over her. The caption could read Are you enjoying Mexico?

  14. Using these poor kids for their propaganda.. nice. I feel for them but their parents broke the law, we break the law, we dont get to have our kids with us. They are no better than we are. They knew the risks and chose to take that risk. I say get the 20 million illegals out and make them stay out. Those over 600 jobs are now being filled with Americans. The parking lot was full of people looking for a job. So I guess there are Americans that would do the jobs that illegals do.. hmmm.. we are always told Americans wont do the jobs they do.. BULLSHIT they wont. Im glad they got arrested. Now go after the employers too.

  15. Immigrants should not suffer the consequences anymore!!!!!

  16. I worked at the Koch Foods company in Forest, Mississippi. ICE came and raid the plant and it’s very heart broken 😢

  17. What's the fuss  At Auschwitz Majdanek and Treblinka they also separated the parents from their children and shot foreigners and no one complained. Later on you always can tell your grandchildren; "Wir haben es nicht gewusst"  or "we didn't know"  only sad for those officers folowing orders. Later on they will be known as those SS soldiers.

  18. The US is definitely one messed up country in the world. If the US would quit using SHIT for brains thinking, this would slow way down. But no deterrent for the criminal element that don't use willing Americans, because they don't want to pay much of a wage. Now the Fed busts these illegals and the media does their idiotic coverage. Nail the enablers, politicians use cheap labor too, so they set a terrible example for others to follow. Vote in smarter people I say.

  19. KBS you can't make a comment on TBS but they're talking about the shooting in El Paso they were killing white people not Mexican people and the killer he happened to Ben in Italian Algerian mixed Blood let's get the story straight mainstream stupid medium

  20. Hopefully white proud Americans can go apply to those jobs now. Yeah right! Go apply in the fields and factories proud Americans if you don’t want illegals in your states.

  21. Interesting Narrative by ABC. Immigration Crisis? Do you mean people coming to the United States just like the Europeans did in the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th Centuries? "Undocumented", now there's an interesting term right straight from "Nazi Germany", now I'm sure that they really meant to say: "May I See Your Papers Please"? As far as the parents of these children being "Detained", No I Not Buying That Bullsh__!!!!!!  Either they are Under Arrest, in which case they then have Miranda Rights, or I.C.E. just flat out kidnapped them, which is illegal by the way. "Immigration Crack Down"????? Seriously??? Is that even the term that these "Pretend Cops" I.C.E. want to use???? As for The Department of Homeland Insecurity, why don't they start doing a "Real & Honest Investigation" into the Crime of 9/11 instead????  Or would that be too much work??? Ah so many "Classified Documents" so little time, and why would they be "Classified"????? Unless of course 9/11 was a Corporate & Political Crime. But I totally digress. These I.C.E. Agents (if that's really what they want to call themselves) are picking on "Unarmed Civilians" & scaring little children. And thus, I "Classify" both I.C.E. & DOHS as bullies. As for the "Legality" of Immigration, let us begin with Every Caucasian Person starting writing checks to All of The Native American Indians For The Land That Was Stolen. It won't solve the problem, but it will be a step in the right direction. I look forward to the day when Mr. Trump is "Legally Voted Out of The White House" in 2020 A.D. I also look forward to the day when there will be U.S. Court Hearings into the "Detainment" of persons (which we all know is "Illegal"). Every person has Rights, and no person should be disrespected. So It Is Written, So It Shall Be. Here Endeth The Lesson.


  23. Wait a second! These factories down in Mississippi are owned by who? Are they Republican /Trump supporters? Most businessmen are! But they were using immigrant labor instead of USA labor!! Dam these factory owners, they are Carpetbaggers!! Is the Republican Party still raping the South?? Shouldn't these factories hire USA workers. But not pay them a living wage to maintain their profit margin??!! USA workers wouldn't put up with that!! American labor is proud and patriotic! But …. perhaps we need a labor wage scale, like with weights and measures. Why are you Southern boys still voting for the Carpetbaggers????

  24. Families are in anguish because their parents broke the law and dragged these kids to the US. These crying kids don't speak English very well. How much are US taxpayer paying to support ESL programs?

  25. Latinos terrified? It's been what Two weeks? Two years? 20 years? Some of us have been terrorized for over 450 years. Latinos! I feel your pain you're in the belly of the beast!! This ain't paridise this is Hell. This is America!!!

  26. There targeting the wrong people ….Mexicans are not the ones killing innocent people at Walmarts or clubs nor schools …Not my President …this break my heart

  27. Democrats are openly supporting industrialist that create a slave labor out of those illigals simultaneously cutting work opportunitoes for the citizens. They are garbage humans

  28. It's hard to see Poor little children living in miserable conditions anywhere. their parents decided to bring them without having the basic essentials of life in their countries .then throwing their problems on another countries and another people

  29. Why not highlight the American kids that are in shelters here in America that are living worst than the kids that crossed the border illegally. American kids have parents that die while serving our country, and those kids are forgotten. American kids have parents that die from gang violence on a daily basis, yet those kids are forgotten. American kids parents work hard teaching in schools and praying at churches get killed way too often, yet those kids are forgotten. American kids go to school hungry because parents work for minimum wages and can't afford to stack the cupboard or refrigerator, the school lunch might be their only meal for the day, yet those kids are forgotten. Do I smell hypocrites.

  30. Stupid little girl! Your daddy is a criminal.

  31. Come here the legal way and you won’t have to worry about getting deported simple as that.

  32. Fuck your nees but i love this shit . ice ice baby..send the mfer back to lolits island..jeffy is been locked up for a while now and its back to bizz as usual

  33. Fox "News" watchers… Has Fox "News" told you that Trump hires illegal immigrants to work at his properties? Do you think ICE will raid those properties?

  34. "my dad didn't do nothing"…, yup he did! BYE!

  35. The need to hit them hotels housekeeping departments.

  36. Keep them buses and planes rolling south!!!!!

  37. Her dad is welcomed to take her to Mexico with him and still be a dad. If not, well you better find a good guardian. But you have options…

  38. SEND THEM BACK!!!!!!

    Back to their kids

  39. For the people that think that Trump is only targeting illegal aliens and not employers, here's some research that your'e too lazy or ignorant to look up.

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