Thursday , September 16 2021
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Hundreds of Afghan Evacuees Fleeing Taliban Arrive in U.S.

Hundreds of Afghans who applied for a special immigrant visa to come to the United States have been bused to an army base in Virginia where they will be staying for a week. These Afghans risked their lives to help the United States and now fear retribution from the Taliban if they stay in Afghanistan. NBC News’ Courtney Kube reports.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Hundreds of Afghan Evacuees Fleeing Taliban Arrive in U.S.


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  1. Time for you to now fund and fight your own endless pointless wars.

  2. Myself I've got nothing against anyone wanting a better life, I just don't want to support them for the rest of theirs!

  3. At least Biden didn't abandon them, like Trump did with the Kurds…

  4. So we spent all that time and money on training them,and the first thing they gonna due is go rejoin the opposition,omfg not all but most they really don't have a choice ,so what good did we do in the ,22 years over their what do we or the ones suffering have to show for it ,they brought the troops home great but for how long,justsayn.

  5. Afghan Taliban soldier ka interview USA and Afghanistan war k barray ma must watch

  6. Aliens have more rights than tax paying citizens.
    Just like Nazi Germany if you do not tow the line with the Democratic National Party you become an enemy of the state. That makes me an enemy

  7. Bidon is dreading his feet!

  8. Sleeper Cells coming over here in Droves Just like the 911 Terrorist did!

  9. This is nothing new in history, where the US betray their hosts to be massacred after the troops pulled out, they have done in every single conflict since ww2…..!! The Afghan people would have been safer sticking with the taliban in the long run as now they and there families are as good as dead …☮️❤️☮️❤️☮️❤️☮️…Give Peace A Chance..☮️

  10. 😁🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑…Lottery winners ..2.500 people, now you can go on and breed like rabbits 🐇 with all the cash you can want, then in 10 years time you will be a quarter of a mill strong with your own little neighbourhood 👌

  11. I really support the US and what they are doing. But this proccess is really taking so long and is so confusing im from Afghanistan and my dad works with US troops with different job titles for 7 years. And we applied For Special Immigrant visa (SIV) in August 2018 and we are still waiting for our case to get approved amd everytime i email them they are telling us our documents are under review in US embassy for the approval while i know the peoples who got their visa in one year and 15 mounths. I hope they give our visa soon we are still waiting the situation is really getting very bad the talibans are getting closer to us everyday we are really in danger

  12. Nonsense decision from US to withdraw troops ,spend time and trillions of dollar to fight Taliban

  13. USA is an assailant country they attack on poor country like AFG and left them with war, instability and dark situation. You can't imagine today Afghan nation is suffering clash, lack of peace, and uncertain future about their lives. Shame on USA and their policy makers.

  14. Stupid USA invasion in AFG. They invaded our country in 2001 and not brought security, peace, and a strong central government, the legacy of US invasion in AFG is insecurity, war, and clash and a few built projects only.

  15. I wake up everyday healthy and sound without any pain, recovering so fast from my herpes disease damages after using a herbal supplements from Dr IGUDIA on YouTube.

  16. I dont imagine they will fair well when the civil war gets going here. They would have been better off in their own country


  18. What did we do in Afghanistan?????

  19. Nothing to fear. The Taliban are going by the rules of the "Religion of Peace".
    If you embrace Islam then you're gonna love the Taliban. Relax and enjoy>

  20. Fleeing to America where a bunch of so called Patriot Nazi's want them dead.

  21. We already have thousand of immigrants from Mexico and other South America countries we don’t need more freaking stay in your country and fight back cowards I wish trump was still the president he would have never let this happen

  22. America should take them all

  23. If Americans helping foreign troops and they flee to the country they aided, that country must have the responsibility to take care these people as they are considered traitors. No different I see here, take some responsibility once, OK?

  24. Taliban taliban oh taliban in usa I sure hope they show democrats and the media real terror. F the media

  25. Glad we're finally getting some of them out.

  26. Indonesia subtitel please

  27. These people have earned the right to immigrate to the US.

  28. Glad they made it out. If the Taliban starts killing innocent people I hope we remove them from Afghanistan again.

  29. after 20 years this is shameless defeat of usa and its allies nato etc. usa is responsible for killing of innocent people in afghanistan

  30. After everything they’ve done for America it’s ridiculous that some interpreters are being denied visas because they failed their polygraph test.
    Esp since our government trusted them everyday for 20yrs with classified information.

  31. This feels like Vietnam all over again, same thing happened in Vietnam.

  32. afghani's are some great people!

  33. vietnam 2.0 good job america

  34. Whatever, we can’t even help the people here but keep allowing in strangers

  35. Keep them out! Don't care at all about our own people but you'll pay for everyone else to live on OUR dollars! Crap government!

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