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Hunt For Gold On Public Lands Tests Biden's Interior Department

NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz travels to a small California town, where a possible gold discovery on Bureau of Land Management land has created a fight between those hoping for an economic boost, local native tribes and environmentalists who want to protect the area’s wild beauty.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Hunt For Gold On Public Lands Tests Biden’s Interior Department


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  1. Mojave Precious Metals is not a U.S. company and mining does not bring "lots and lots" of jobs. The minerals will be extracted, the profits pocketed, and a toxic waste site left behind. I've seen it over and over in West Virginia.

  2. The problem is every place in America could be considered sacred land. Its a money grab for compensation.

  3. Socialism is democracy in the work place

  4. " look we're not going to destroy the land we're only going to sell it to a company that will"… stupid but honest

  5. Poor Inyo County…….first LA bought/stole their water rights and now the filthiest mining technique possible is imminent.

  6. Public land go to private. 1 billion a square foot.

  7. I see zero beauty in that terrain it's barren and ugly

  8. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

  9. The USA doesn't need another fracking type operation in this country. We must be smarter and innovate beyond our current ideas of how to produce technology. The technology we use now and toss in the dump should also be getting recycled and repurposed.

  10. People's, the earth is full of diamonds and gold everywhere!! You don't go destroying beautiful places on earth for them dumbasses!!!!!

  11. I happen to be part native America myself a true native #EagleEyes

  12. Native Americans why don't they leave them alone ..the foundations of America destroyed their home

  13. It's native land, and the local whites claim it will bring them money. That's such a pathetic situation, I hope the tribes get the majority of the money because they deserve it. But they'll never see a penny, and instead the crooks who want to drill will destroy the environment and claim bankruptcy to avoid cleaning up.

    If she wants to claim mining with arsenic is safe then I want her to go bathe in it to prove her point…

  14. The earth over greed tread on her..she will tread on you

  15. Im literally using cyanide drillin this stuff up watching this 😂 found 1 pound worth so far

  16. "We have stories about how each of these mountains and streams were made"

    That is all they are, stories.

    If we are to transition to green energy we need gold, silver and copper.

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