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Hurricane Dorian, Brexit, building collapse: World in Photos, Sept. 5, 2019

A look at the top photos from around the globe.

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  1. Stupid humans we all deserve to die

  2. All the cruise ships that made millions taking ppl there shud dock for awhile and give the ppl somewhere to shit,shower,and shave/bathe! Where are they now the D.R. Where ppl are gettin poisened?

  3. Rebuild & EVERYONE BOOK VACA TRAVEL get them $$$$$

  4. Some or most things I don’t understand
    Why can’t a boat be near with WIFI CELL TOWER??
    Why does it take so long to get AID?

  5. Baltimore always Looks like this ……..

  6. No ppl died 😭 I am sorry that it hurt or something God bless u 🙏💔 that just breaks my heart 💔😥

  7. Will they gain wisdoms from this yet another storm since America became a country and kept records of such storms.

    Let’s see if they are stupid for the fiftieth time and rebuild homes at ground level to be flooded yet again.

    Let’s see if they are stupid and build houses yet again out of wood sticks, fiberglass insulation and asphalt roof shingles that get blown to piles of junk when da wind blow again.

    But to prove they have gained Wisdoms oh lord, let them build no lower than 20 feet above the average High tide mark.

    Prove they have wisdoms by building out of 💯 percent concrete foundations walls and roofs.

    Prove they celebrate a Loving GOD by gaining wisdoms! Amen 🙏🏻

    As for climate change causing storms, think again.

    In October 1780, a powerful storm slammed the islands of the Caribbean, killing more than 20,000 people. Known as the Great Hurricane of 1780, it is among the deadliest storms ever recorded.

  8. I felt Dorian in Florida, the ocean is it's own dire quest and shows no ambience…


  10. Good to see the milky way after so many tragedies and bad news and sad pictures. Everyday tragic stories and weather disasters.

  11. It is all because of Canada.

  12. God, we ask your Grace please hear the cries from the innocence, please be merciful upon this destruction of evils pathetic ways, innocence knows not Your ways but they are rendering the painful reality to the truth that brings to your lands, I Praise Thai in the Name Of Jesus, Amen

  13. So do they recycle a lot of these materials?

  14. Ada nampak daddy happy?..jika anda rasa gembira tepuk tangan…layanzzzz°,next…

  15. I can only comment on one topic at a time per video, and seeing the lack of comments, others may feel the same way.

  16. Looks good. Shows u as a reminder god is charge and in full control.👈👀

  17. Do you think the Democrats could send some of the newly found Trillions of Green Deal Dollars to help these people?? nah..no votes involved.

  18. I would declare all of these islands uninhabitable. These Cat 5 hurricanes will occur year and after year, and then maybe twice a year in the near future. If you're going to rebuild, it better be high-tech aerodynamic fortresses.

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