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Hurricane Dorian lashes Carolinas, Bahamas death toll rises, new vaping concerns l ABC News

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  1. Some nic salt juices contain formaldehyde….. says right on the damn “lava flow” bottle


  2. hold up. you can get high off of cocaine just by touching it?

  3. What is this now, inbox being used as commercial advertisement for faux news??? I don't like it! I don't need idiots in fashion garb to tell me their version of news. I select what I choose to read, trusting little of it but assembling a composite from alternate sources. Amuse yourself with this trite excuse for news…not working for me.

  4. I guess the real question is: how much is Ady Barkin being paid to endorse Democrats? You'd have to be brain dead or a victim of ALS to do so!

  5. It came from a pot dispensary and was still a bad product? I dont believe thats the whole story. Somethings up with that individual dispensary if thats true and in no way shows the integrity of other dispensaries as a whole. Some of these one location hole in the wall dispensaries i can see doing some bs with the product. But not places with chain stores in multiple cities.

  6. Dorian u destroyed so many lives sry if i forgot to thank u for the cocaine u tossed to Florida's coast.

  7. Im from FL and like they said , Dorian missed us for the most part. It seems like FL has been spared for the most part thru the last few major hurricanes. Im worried we may have used up all our luck. We have been very lucky as floridians but how long will our luck run? And when we're not as lucky how bad will it be?

  8. They dont want the bible nor Jesus Christ but want us to embracd abomination this world is backwards and upside down

  9. BTW…I bet that anchor girl can eat as much as she wants and not gain a pound. Not fair!

  10. These are truly critical times hard to deal with ( 2 Timothy 3:1-5, Mathew 24, Luke 21). Although there has been suffering and death since rebellion brought about a universal issue that challenged Gods sovereignty, it is escalating as this satanic system is in its last days. The GOOD NEWS is God will soon keep his promise to restore perfection, paradise, peace, and justice. (Daniel 2:44,Psalms 37, Isaiah 35) We can’t be surprised when religion disappoints, since Jesus and his apostles said it would be corrupted, starting in their day and onward. The Bible itself is reliable; our creator knows how to protect his vital message. For free downloadable bible study aids, reference materials,etc., to help find answers to life’s important questions in your bible, I suggest, a non commercial website. It is up to the individual to decide what to accept as truth, but there is nothing to lose in examining what the Bible honestly teaches.

  11. Its on the police not so much lyft. The cops shoulda been on top of that case but they werent. They never are!

  12. Here , Let us Dem's use this sick man as a political tool ! And that's all your good for ………………….When you are gone they will be the first ones to forget you ……………………..Use you and then toss you away !

  13. heard the helicopter sound expected to see t3he best president for israel ever but he a no show prob busy elsewhere making israel reater again

  14. Get rid of the stupid special effects. It’s very distracting.

  15. "When I see the blood I will pass over thee! Thank you God for sparing Florida! Twice! 🙏 for the Bahamas.

  16. Look at that! 1 person dies from an e-cig and Michigan bans them. Why is gun control so hard?

  17. Praying for everyone effected by hurricane Dorian.

  18. ABC get your facts straight on vaping. Teens aren't getting hospitalized from vaping the nicotine their actually using black market thc cartridges which aren't made to the standards that the vape community nor the regulated marijuana industry has to follow. No one knows what actually goes into those thc cartridges from the black market. Stop supporting fake news!!

  19. directed energy weaponry and haarp. nothing natural about that hurricane, or the rest of those stories.

    maybe a prayer group could get together and pray that the luciferian whores causing the destruction of Creation, be removed from the planet, including all the other whores who support them and force their 'narratives' down our throats.

    boat on fire: directed energy weaponry practice by whores.
    the luciferian gov't uses citizens everywhere on the planet as lab rats.

  20. #Tulsi2020 – Tulsi and Bernie both advocate for Medicare for all, warren will flip flop like she has in the past.

  21. I think it’s sad when these people are exploited. What causes MLS? How did she get pregnant when he’s in that condition?

  22. That’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Truly looks apocalyptic. I feel for all the people.

  23. One been hilarious 🤣💕

  24. I praise and thank our One Merciful God, our Creator. We must believe in God and praise Him and thank Him our entire life.

  25. I hope they do not try to get help from Clinton foundation

  26. There is mass looting in the Bahamas…. the news isn't reporting it. Some People are taking food by force to feed their families. Very dangerous situation.

  27. Many good people that are NOT terrorists are put on the list that should NOT be, their lives get destroyed by this Anyone can be next

  28. 2 people died. Without knowing anything about their medical history or lifestyle, vaping is being blamed. Hardly newsworthy.

  29. Hope anyone thats able,has thought to scan for the cerns antenna arrey frequency for any/all activity !!!

  30. Seems we are having more and more Hurricanes.. Will the day come when everyone starts moving back up north…. just to get away from all of this ? Then we will be running from Blizzard's.. I live in Florida, I am still sick at my stomach.. and glad to be alive.

  31. K so imagine finding 15 kilos?

  32. Politicians don't really care if you got insurance or not because they cover they can afford it they get free healthcare as it is or even if they didn't they can afford it as to where millions of Americans don't.. God bless this man that should be enough for them to see a change is needed.

  33. This is so horrible 🙁
    Poor people♡

  34. Brace your self for the END is here.

  35. SOMEONE need to do coverage on the slow help for victims in Abaco. Officials are sending back private cargo planes with supplies and demanding VAT and duty for items. It's like they want the survivors to die!

  36. Is there something wrong with her back? Sitting so crooked . Made my spine hurt.

  37. Paying for all the victims of Dorian Hurricane. Be strong and god is your savior 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  38. fuck them demrats useing a sick guy

  39. Goddamn dude I just left Riverside!!! Wtf

  40. F LGBT what makes them special.

  41. Vaping is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen people do. It’s worse than smoking people… don’t smoke either morons

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