Saturday , January 16 2021
Home / News / Hurricane Sally floods downtown Pensacola, Florida | USA TODAY

Hurricane Sally floods downtown Pensacola, Florida | USA TODAY

Hurricane Sally lumbered ashore in Alabama early Wednesday, shoving a surge of seawater onto the coast. Before sunrise, water was up to the doors of Jordan Muse’s car outside the Pensacola hotel where her family took shelter.
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  1. How they survived: this video had transitions so OBVIOUSLY THEY edited it after the storm so…THEY WERE ALIVE!!!

  2. This is not latest it popped up out of nowhere in Florida it was like hell

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  5. I hope the best for these people.

  6. USA a great surprise is waiting for you today.
    Just had a dream.

  7. We should worry about the environment. Need to plant more trees for environmental issues. And minimize the polution for human safety

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  11. Dam Global warming is killing all of the states God be with them

  12. Phew the hurricane did not hit us I live in Florida but no hurricane here in Miami

  13. Fire and water battling in USA

  14. That is the tast of punishment

  15. The Labrant fam just left Florida with there new baby Zealand thank god

  16. Why leave your car in a parking lot where you know will be flooding from storm surge unless you want to get rid of it have insurance cover it. Just drive inland 50 miles get a hotel and drive back after it moves on.

  17. Mckeis Mcglogkin!!, Travin Martin, Harry T Moore, etc.!!!!

  18. Lmao what a fake thumbnail why I hate fake news . 🙄

  19. Alligators roaming neighbourhoods , Heavy Rains, Hurricanes, Fires, Mud-sides, cars & trucks floating down the street ……….Someone is playing Jumanji again

  20. Do you remember when Katrina hit New Orleans?
    Republicans said, "They were warned an I don't want my tax dollars to help them!"
    Just a reminder.

  21. here in Ca we are on fire, Florida is underwater. Wild

  22. Looks like the remaining winds is going to miss us..

  23. Im in Mobile and i thought this was gona be us. Prayers

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