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I SPENT $1000 ON REVOLVE – WAS IT WORTH IT?! // Summer Haul + Try On // Fashion Mumblr

I SPENT $1000 ON REVOLVE – WAS IT WORTH IT?! // Summer Haul + Try On
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Blog Post – 10 Times ASOS Own Brand was BETTER than REVOLVE – https://bit.ly/2VRocWn

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❤ FEATURED in this video

Floral Blouse – http://bit.ly/2HEEpKJ
Pearl Earrings – http://bit.ly/2Y7I1ep
Tularosa one piece: http://bit.ly/2YElYeN
Majorelle dress: http://bit.ly/30rTgPW
LPA dress: http://bit.ly/2Jpvr5Y
Lovers and Friends dress: http://bit.ly/2JLWsjo
Zimmermann shorts: http://bit.ly/2DNPoiH

Reiss haul: https://youtu.be/n39ScccH2yw
ASOS haul: https://youtu.be/wtkGDzgFYdw
ASOS haul: https://youtu.be/EOy1qeSDslY

White Dress – http://bit.ly/2W150u6
Kimono Prairie Top – http://bit.ly/2W4BLq9
Blue & White Ruffle Dress – http://bit.ly/2W4BLq9

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❤ Camera that I filmed this video on – http://bit.ly/2S48HsH
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  1. Thank you for your honesty I agree with what you said on their website the clothes looked better

  2. Where is the basket bag from?!
    Do you happen to have a dupe for your prada wicker bag? I am in LOVE but my bank balance is not 😭😭😭 💕from NZ

  3. This was just the type of detailed and honest review I’ve been looking for to assist me in buying quality apparel in online! Thank you! Definitely subbing!

  4. Fully agree with all your comments. Revolve prices are skyrocket and you can get much better value for your money in Luisaviaroma, net a porter or moda operandi. Really. By the way darling found the zimmerman flower jumpsuit that you were wearing on another video for 230 euros in moda operandi. So lucky, last piece on that color. Love the reiss items you posted they are amazing and I am getting hooked with this brand which i didnt know before. Thanks a million. You are stunning by the way and no matter what you were looks great on you. The first dress in this video though overpriced looks best.

  5. 🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙😅🌙🌙🌙🌙

    Totally NOT worth it love … return and give the money for charity

  6. Good points on quality. Anytime you pay more the quality MUST reflect that. The dresses look awful and I don’t like the constant hitching up with the bathing suit.

    As for fit things should look good right at the start. Minor fitting maybe but big alterations no!

    The price of the Reiss is reflecting the better quality fabric. The point you made about the difference between the two different polyester fabrics is well put!

    Details do matter.

  7. I agree, I despise when there is a surprise metallic detail on a garment. It’s a bit tacky 🙄

  8. This was very interesting and useful. I'm abhorred that poly dresses cost so much. Personally, I hate polyester more than anything, high quality or no. It is basically a plastic based material. It doesn't breathe and after 30 minutes you smell like armpit and that smell doesn't wash out. I stopped buying polyester years ago. Prefer cotton, pure or blends, and silks when I can afford it. Viscose may do, but that's a big "may". However, I liked the last piece you showed. Very summery and flattering. Didn't quite catch the material, but if it was cotton I'd keep it. It looked wonderful on you. Finally, I'd love to see more of your beautiful mom. Love from a swedish granny.

  9. My personal impression of you, Josie is that you're so sweet and honest and I love your hauls!

  10. I am an American never heard of Revolve it is not a big brand here. Kelvin Kline is but not that one! Poorly made and polyester no good send them back! My opinion so sorry love!🤗

  11. Besides the swimsuit nothing looked really cute or flattering, even on you who are so pretty.
    You can find 100% polyester clothes like those at h&m for a fraction of the price

  12. Wow the stripy white and pink dress is insanely priced when they haven't bothered to pattern match the stripes. You definitely wouldn't see that on Zimmermann clothing (I do have a pink and white striped Zimmermann top with matched stripes 👌).

  13. Hi Josie, I really love your honesty here. You’re so honest and informative. Not like many of the other bloggers these days. You deserve all the love and support. Can’t wait for your next video 😊💕💕

  14. Revolve’s justification is that the pieces are made in the US and their employees work in good conditions and receive a living wage. However, I don’t think they should compromise fabric quality. I think they can have both at the high prices they sell.

  15. Thank you for being so honest with us 💕 one of the many reasons I love your videos. I agree the cut of the dress made it look like a maternity style xx

  16. Hello Josie, sorry for watching this video late, I was a bit busy with work, how have you been? 😊

  17. I agree. That is my experience of Revolve. Though it has unique items so good for one off occasion. Quality though is variable and a lot of polyester.

  18. You talked about the polyester. I had a question about that stuff. I'm a hot mess in summer. Is polyester always a bad idea to choose or do we have quality different s there? Sorry for my english and greetings from Germany 🌈

  19. The top you are wearing from Reiss is actually made of Viscose and not polyster. World of a difference between polyster and viscose.
    Polyster doesn't absorb sweat or water and is uncomfortable to wear. Viscose wicks away sweat and water – is breathable and comfortable. Just wanted to let you know because I'm just as obsessed with quality as you are. Love your style and your videos. And thanks for educating us all on the benefits of looking out for good quality pieces instead of being obsessed with hoarding large amounts of fast fashion.

  20. Thank you for the honest review Josie and saving our time/money buying from Revolve. It's so refreshing to see an honest review on Revolve because I noticed a lot of the people I see on ig gushing about the clothes from Revolve were sponsored/gifted the items lol.. The quality was so bad for these pricey pieces :/

  21. No it’s not an American thing . Lol is the brand trying to get a huge profit. 😁😉

  22. Yo siempre veo la etiquetas 🏷, veo el contenido de la tela. Bravo por ser honesta . 😁👍

  23. I'm glad you called out the shop for its terrible quality – i think its outrageous that some shops try to go off as the luxury ones, while the quality of garments is just terrible. I know Massimo Dutti makes itself to be very high end brand but some of their tops are really poor quality – worse than the worst pieces one can find in Primark.

  24. Need more of these critiques of companies and merchandise

  25. I feel the same type of way you do towards Revolve. I've purchased from them many times in the past and it seems like a roll of a dice if the items are going to be worth the price or not. It's same issue I have with Zara, but at a much higher price point.

  26. Josie your blouse is awesome and made from Viscose. I checked since I don't do polyester over $50. I would buy your blouse.

  27. Lately I have been experiencing the same issue concerning poor clothing quality. I buy from reputable online shops in South Africa however when the items arrive it's not the money worth.

  28. Loved this vlog. Like the fact that you told about the quality and fit. Please do more like this, saves me from having to order and item and return it. Not impressed with Revolve,

  29. wow, shipping fees must be exorbitant ! They are based in LA, as am I . The Majorelle dress is beautiful on you. !

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