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I took the US Army Fitness Test without practice

Did I pass the US Army Physical Fitness Test?
See me take on the Marine Fitness Test here!

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  1. UPDATE: I just took on the US Marines Fitness Test since you all easily hit 15,000 likes! And I tried to get a perfect score 'cause we like a challenge! 🙏 

    Here it is:

  2. That’s awesome 👏 you doing well me also I will trying this test my greetings from Morocco

  3. Common girl you’re in waaaay better shape than the females in the us army. The standards for them are crazy looooow

  4. Ur videos are super inspiring

  5. Good job!

    -Unit Fitness Officer

  6. With the sit ups you can basically throw yourself down and use the impact to start going back up. You use more energy controlling yourself on the way down.

  7. U should try the new acft it’s not gender bias.

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  9. How do u people run without dying? Am I doing something wrong here???

  10. 17 push ups?
    50 sit ups sounds right.
    2 mile run in 19 min?
    I hope this is for women which it sounds otherwise we are f*cked as a nation.
    I remember doing a mile and 1/2 in 10 min and 90 push ups in Navy boot camp back in 2000.

  11. Is this just the female requirements or is it the same and is just that easy

  12. As a vet who did the PT test for real a lot… the ones you called crap, may or may not have been counted.

  13. Your British, your in Sydney, and your doing a US test

  14. Anyone else here from pornhub?

  15. Impressive,Now do the U.S. Army acft

  16. Where do I send my husband application?

  17. You should try the US marine cft

  18. To do the Army PFT you need to wake up at the ungodly hour of 5 and wait till 6 to start.

  19. 20 push ups in 2 mins? That's such a low requirement! No trash talk here, but even a normal guy like me who exercises moderately could do 40 push ups in one go non stop. I mean, in the video, she actually takes a few rests in between push ups, but then she's a woman so that kind of balances it out (impressive nonetheless). My point is that the requirement should be raised to 40 push ups at the very least. We don't want no weak ass mofo in the military.

  20. Girl u don’t know hot😂 try coming to Texas

  21. Try the new USA Army ACFT
    Your performance is awesome

    294/300 😮

  22. Gosh! I wish I could be as fit as you!!

  23. In Finland some high schools students need run 2 miles test and like 50% run that under 12 minutes and they are 12-15 years old and if they run Cooper many student can got over 2600 metries run

  24. The only thing that every person misses when they attempt this is that the sit ups counts when you are in the down position. Not when your chest touch your legs.

  25. nice big boobs clickbait. just pathetic.

  26. Good hustle, but see why the PT test is obsolete? Give the ACFT the 'ol college try!

  27. try the guys version oh wait you met the guys standards for pt test

  28. Instantly motivated when seeing this. You're amazing!!

  29. As a former Army guy I can tell you that to be that close to maxing the PT test without actually training for it is impressive. Great job.

  30. I was really rooting for you in this video! You did a great job! 💖🌹🎸

  31. You only did 81 sit ups because your back didn’t hit the ground for 82

  32. She should be in lane one so she can get done faster. What is she doing?

  33. 94k likes later … so you gonna do 6 consecutive marine fitness tests in a row? ^^

  34. Pretty fit body, keep it up

  35. That is the old Army fitness test..

  36. You just straight maxed the PT test LOL Congratulations. On a scale of 300 you got a 300.

  37. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  38. You should do the Ranger fitness test!! They had to modify it so they could even get a girl in the program so it’d be super interesting how you do since you killed the normal one!

  39. Middle distance runs suck, they are sprinting version of long distance runners and exhausr you mentally

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