‘I WILL BE BLAMELESS’: Biden says amid debt negotiation battle #shorts

President Biden declares himself ‘blameless’ as debt negotiations drag.

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  1. Hallmarks of dictatorship: Boogeyman (MAGA), tool of evil (AR syle rifle), outright lying, we're right you're wrong, differing opinions are sedition. The list goes on

  2. I just wish the whole nation would rally in front of the White House to chant to Joe that it's all his fault. What kind of leader doesn't take responsibility for anything.

  3. If the government defaults then of course the person who's in charge of everything which is the president is at fault. If the president was she would have to make a deal with the it works both ways. So if they default its the President Biden's fault and the Democrats because they said they won't negotiate a President has to make decisions that helps the American people but everyone knows the demos and Biden don't care about America Biden is a treasonous corrupt president who coluded with other countries to become millionaires and hasn't done a thing for our country only spent our tax money on Ukraine who Biden coluded with to make his family and mostly himself and his son rich illegally.

  4. Hey, Liberals… …WHY did you do this to us???


  6. How come this criminal Brandon is Not in prison for treason and more . People , there are Chinese spies everywhere.don’t You get that ?

  7. Biden needs to take accountability which he doesn't for anything. He's destroying this country and another 4 years will decimate us

  8. Why the hell are we in debt, these piece of s*** worthless politicians

  9. And we print monies deal with the Bric. Or we fail security and partner oversea. The Bric tried to attack

  10. We can not trust this promoter. That why collect the upper class tax 40%. Everyone make above 400000 for now must pay every dollars above must get back 40%. That is quite generous they still keep their mansion.

  11. Biden they said protectChina. Trump they said protect Putin and Kim. The Clinton they said black berry leak. The Obama. They said poverty payment So all of these they blame on each other and we have documents government property at their home. It was not the stuff ignored. And no spend to do the correction.

  12. We have the Bric. That we must deal. We have workers saving and bankruptcy. In the mean time we have huge debts. But we have richest people increase as well. Every time we asked them how they so richest. They said long term holding to earn 300% to 3000%. From 1 dollar they spent. Which means 1 = 3000 a dollar earn 3000 in 10 years. From investment. While companies bankruptcy and local bank bankruptcy and world street bankruptcy. We do not adjust their earning

  13. Therefore they want us control crime so we must collect the tax. Upper class. And print monies to reorganize the world trade we have thief earn big. Every 10 years recession. Tried to rob people retirement saving and investment. That is the crime

  14. We elected them they earn big but journalist complaints that the reason they interviewed. They set up the chatting forum

  15. The Trump crime the Ms Clinton crime. The Obama crime the Biden crime. That the interview on going for better manage crime. Then we collect the tax those earn big above 400000 every dollars they earn must get back 40% from there and print monies to fix thing correct at home and aboard. We are not do thing without the journalist complaints.

  16. If the lost from spending that total up. It is no debts. Because we have recession. So we collect monies from those earn big and print monies for workers to fix problems. Why she said no. It is not do thing no monies to fix problems. Unless we turn to become dictatorship

  17. She betrayed nation. Our capitalism pay for workers to do thing proper but she tried to let crime spread

  18. We did not use her monies. We said we print monies to control crime but she said monies can not be use to control crime

  19. We must know who hire her. To make the speak no increase capitalism to control crime

  20. No print monies. She against our nation.

  21. This lady no good promoter. She want us control crime no tax

  22. Now we have industries over sea for peace but Bric spread but we need control crime not the Bric spread people richest no 40% tax and no print monies to control crime

  23. Bush we are not elect for World trade tumble or pentagon on attack. His job watched over these. Can not fail.

  24. We elect both parties to enforce the recession crime by reorganize thing better that stop crime. All of us the richest with us control crime or do crime

  25. This lady she the part of the crime. When we lost monies to big in spend we want to know who had it. We enforcing by taxing

  26. Those complaints the tax increase they speak why do not enforcing the crime.

  27. Those earn big must pay tax Democrats have people earn big and Republican have peoples earn big. It is the 1st step enforcing the crimes

  28. Republican run no absolute no recession crime. Democrats runs no absolute no recession crime. We did run the country in the last decade we saw there are crimes

  29. Whether industries as home still deal with recession crimes or industries aboard still deal with recession crime. We never have debts if we deal with recession crimes. We have a jobs must stop the crime spread.

  30. Can I raise my debt.limit??

  31. You are you are to be blamed? It's your fault don't? Try. To blame? Trump. For this mess you democrats did it especially biden

  32. Tax Increases = Middle Class & Small Business Never closing tax loopholes used by large corporations that pay almost 0 in exchange for political donations!!

  33. Is that way I waited ninety nine days in order to start talking about it