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IBIZA OUTFIT DIARIES // What I Wore & Did in Ibiza
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White Beach Dress –
Sunglasses –
Hat –
Sandals –
Loewe Bag –
Pearl Necklace –
White Bikini –
Earrings –


White Top –
Sunglasses –
Denim Shorts –
River Island Water Shoes –
White Swimming Costume –
Missoni Cover Up –
Pink Stripe (Missoni Dupe) Beach Dress –

Guerlain Bronzer & Highlight Palette –
Wet brush –
bareMinerals Original Foundation –
Becca Highlight –
Caudalie Suncream –
Elizabeth Arden Great 8 –
Avon Skin So Soft –
Dior Lip Maximiser –

Zimmerman Dress –
Shell Bag –
Chan Luu Earrings –
River Island Sandals –


White Beach Dress –
Pearl Earrings –
Shell Necklace –

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  1. WOW… can't believe all that plastic!

  2. Have you seen this jumpsuit from River Island? Zimmermann vibes, and so you!

  3. Loved this – and all your Ibiza content! Never thought to visit but now it's next year's holiday.

  4. Amazing video!
    plz, could you ask name music 2:03? Thanks a lot!

  5. Great vlog beautiful ♥️

  6. Just got that white top fro river island looks lovely 👒👒

  7. I love how refreshingly honest you are, not like a certain other you tuber who I have unsubscribed from.

    You dress sense is amazing and amazing video x

  8. PLEASE don’t tout Caudalie’s sunscreen as having “no ingredients that’s going to harm the coral.” Caudalie’s formula contains avobenzone, which is one of the “Awful 8” chemicals found to contribute to coral reef death. Just because it does not contain the two chemicals banned by Hawaii does not make it absolutely “reef safe,” especially since “reef safe” is an unregulated advertising term (as opposed to a regulated term that has legal requirements). Caudalie’s spf may be a nice alternative for daily use if you’re not hopping in the water, but for hopping straight in the water, a non-nano physical sunscreen like zinc oxide is what will actually be safer for the reefs. PLEASE consider a halt to referring to Caudalie’s product as containing “no ingredients” that will harm the reefs when research shows otherwise. Thank you 🙏

  9. Everything looked glorious! Nothing so chic and comfortable as a crisp white outfit on a sunny Summer day! Skin so soft is good but another little tip for avoiding mosquito bites… Thiamine/Thiamin/B1 vitamin has kept me mosquito free this entire Spring/Summer! Apparently they don’t like it and I couldn’t be more pleased… especially having to walk my doggie several times a day! I used to get covered in bites, so I now swear by Thiamin! The only drawback is the pill doesn’t smell or taste nice. But just down it quickly and it’s so worth it!

  10. Denim shorts? 😮 Very unusual for you, darling. Very flathering though 😉
    Really liked your naughty hair (when not perfect, when not wavy, but salty natural) <3
    Enjoyed your holiday, hard working family 🙂
    Greetings and good luck! :*

  11. You're so beautiful so elegant so sweet , I'm adore you 💜 EGYPT 🇪🇬

  12. Do You know you look quiet a bit like Madison Iseman?

  13. You two look so happy on this trip…sometimes I feel like you seem more stressed on trips, but this trip seems very relaxing and just fun! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Thank you for sharing! Everything looks amazing!😘

  15. What a beautiful time, so peaceful and relaxing, great food too! Love from Nairobi! <3

  16. Wow it's really beautiful there. Thanks for such a great vlog! I enjoy these! Thanks for sharing!

  17. the moment i fall in love was the moment you picked the trush.. i watched many of your videos, this is the one got my heart. thanks.

  18. Good for you for booking a spontaneous vacation! You deserve it, and everything looked amazing!

  19. Such a wonderful beach!
    Nice little dog there …

  20. Cheers for taking the time to share this trip. 😍🙋‍♀️🇦🇺 I never tire of travelogues and what to pack as each trip is always slightly different.

  21. My Becca champagne pop arrived broken when I ordered it a couple of years ago. They were very good and replaced it promptly but they clearly need to sort out the issues that they must still be having with it x

  22. Dear Josie, you have to visit Halkidiki, defenatelly, but also Crete, I'll wait you here, in south. Love you and hope to meet you some day. Wish you the best!

  23. Thank you for taking me to Ibiza with you. I really did have fun. Your videos are always such a joy to watch.

  24. Love living vicariously through you!

  25. Gorgeous places and beautiful people! You and Charlie make such a great couple:) Loving all your vlogs!

  26. The Zimmerman dress at the end is to die for… You look spectacular as always… I love the music you put in your videos, always very peppy and theme appropriate… Love it🥰


  28. Really loved the video Josie! You always look so amazing! Thank you for sharing! 😎☀️🤗😍

  29. What a beautiful place to visit…thanks for all the info

  30. Hello Josie, I am regaled with this vlog ! You are too cute and charming and Charlie is not less ! Thank you both ❣️welcome back 😊

  31. Hi josie darling,i am always coming back to you year after year because you have given me such inspiration for my holiday outfits.Probably I’ve told you this before years ago, but my husband loves my look & that’s thanks to you.Where ever we go in the world i make sure i look my best from on the beach into the evening.Have a lovely break.Susan 🏖🏝

  32. Awww all that plastic in the water makes my stomach turn. Thanks for picking it up.

  33. You seem to know some Spanish, at least you pronounce very well "croquetas de jamón"…Did you spent some time in Spain learning it? (I'm Spanish myself).

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