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Iconic Test Moment: Warne's 700th on Boxing Day

“Got’im! There it is, wicket number 700!” – Shane Warne beat Andrew Strauss all ends up to bowl the England opener on Boxing Day in 2006 to claim his 700th Test wicket. Goosebumps.


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  1. Go and ask, even his teammates would not want to face him, yeah, those very greats. He was a nightmare, who gave no possible clue

  2. but why he feared from Sachin or he only respect him🙏🙏🙏

  3. Legend man after muthaiya murali

  4. Murali took 800 test wickets 😎😎😎

  5. I suppose he was an alright bowler. On his day…

  6. For a non Asian achieve such feat is absolutely wow.. thanks warney for the memories

  7. Produced wickets on any pitch in all formats

  8. Warne & Gilchrist will be most missing players….. They made such a impact….👍💪❤❤

  9. Warne a non Asia spinner with 700 wicket unbelievable

  10. Most overrated cricketer..took wickets against England NZ SA only..when he came across the subcontinent batsman he was made to look like a mediocre bowler..a lame duck.. even by average subcontinent batsman

  11. Great bowler… Currently no bowler as consistent and magical as warne is.. salute to warne.. hit like if u agree and follow cricket as religion

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