Idaho Police Return Slain Students' Belongings To Families

Three weeks after four University of Idaho students were found stabbed to death in their off-campus home, officials still do not have any answers. NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz has the latest on the investigation.

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  1. Today's "NEWS" is Yesterdays "NEWS" that I read and saw "Last Night". Never any real or even tidbit of "NEW" info. I understand "integrity", but it works both ways. There is integrity of the case. AND there is integrity of L.E. I am getting angrier by the day and I don't want to!! Since this wasn't a Pro there must be tons of evidence. Make an arrest, or an extradition(as the case may be).
    A Colorado Mountain Grandma, USA 💜💕😇😇😇😇

  2. 😂 Lousy click-bait. Nothing has been returned. Police are only saying that it’s time to work on retiring personal belongings. Shame on you
    @NBC #NBC

  3. Moscow is a very small town with small town values. The local police, BCA, State's and FBI have all been active in the interviews. The likelihood a teenager, college kid or anyone in the young 20's orbit of these victims could sustain and pass through an interview process is next to impossible. If this murder was done by a young person in the orbit of the victims, they were likely emotional, unsophisticated in crime and life, were drunk or drugged, jealous and acted in a spurious act of rage. They would never sift through the interview or interrogation. Everyone knows everyone in this small town, and someone would have turned the murderer in by now if they knew them. And offering a reward would only add to the deluge of so-called tips and theories from YT like nitwit sleuths. And will only serve to bog down the investigation further. A small town does not need to be inspired by a reward.

  4. Unpopular opinion: These girls were incredibly cringe and full of themselves. Anyone who has seen their TikToks knows they're conceited, privileged, and full of themselves. Look at meee, look at meeee.

    It's also funny how noone made the connection that a 911 call was placed at a nearby liquor store and that police officers arrived at the frat house shortly after. I'm guessing the girl snitched on the supplier of the alcohol for the underaged kids. Those stabbed more than likely did pills and alcohol too.

  5. Check they SOCIAL MEDIA! Their phones… You should KNOW WHAT to do… Not to KEEP asking the PEOPLE for infos for so many weeks!! You want the PEOPLE to SOLVE the case?

  6. If they need to know WHAT were they doing that evening-> JUST CHECK their Ph!! And social media!! You’ll find everything! So many weeks later still asking the people for info?!? You want the PEOPLE to SOLVE this case?!? It’s a Mystery crime! Top fbi is needed!!

  7. Why is there so much focus on this (tragic) murder, when people are murdered every day with the murderer not found? What about all the thousands of missing children in the world? If these kids here were Black or Brown would we see this story every day? I doubt it.

  8. It's very simple if the killer(s) gets away: the call to 911 was made too late.
    But hopefully the police already have their suspects without the need to tell us about it.

  9. Somebody give this guy a throat lozenge.

  10. Still no story about FTX/UKRAINE/DNC/BIDEN/TWITTER/ HUMAN TRAFFICKING connection.

  11. 👆 – FREE VIRT GIRLS CHAT ✅👩h✅

  12. HEY DADDY SHERLOCK!?! You're going to F%^&*UP the Investigation! LET THEM DO THEIR JOBS! Its NOT a 40 minutes TV show!
    If they knew exactly who it was, they STILL have to build a case! You CAN NOT RUSH THIS PROCESS! If you do the trial could fail!

  13. My theory On what happened :

    I think the hoodie guy chased them home because on the food truck footage you can clearly see him run when they leave in another car as if he had the intention to keep on stalking them getting in his own car . He had no intention to stop stalking them, if so he would of just stayed at the food truck or at least would of left walking and not running in such a rush. When he got to the house he approached them before they went inside and tried to make them believe that he just wanted to make sure they arrived home ok. Now keep in mind at this point he probably didn't have any bad intentions what so ever other than the fact that he just wanted to let her know he had a crush on her and was trying to gain her by just being a simp. Kaylee was clearly tired of the situation and told him that she had returned or at least was trying to fix the situation with her ex to see if this would get him to leave. This would explain the phone calls to her ex so that he would confirm this but unfortunately he never picked up. I believe that at this point is when the hoodie guy filled with anger and left or at least pretended to leave and just hid. After a while when he thought everyone was asleep and lights were off he tried his luck with the door on the second floor and unfortunately it was open. He made his way quietly onto the third floor and started stabbing both kaylee and Madison. The 2 girls on the first floor didn't make anything of it but Ethan and Xana which were closer to the incident did and could hear everything. I believe Ethan ran upstairs as either Madison or kaylee yelled for help, by the time he ran inside the room, the hoodie guy chased him and stabbed him multiple times which would explain why he was found on the floor. By this point Xana was already involved as well and tried to fight him which would explain why she was found with so many defensive wounds. After killing both Xana and Ethan he went back upstairs and kept taking off his enormous anger stabbing kaylee over and over again, reason why she was found in worse conditions.

  14. George Floyd is SOBER 😂

  15. What about Kaylees OnlyFans account? When will they look into that?