If US not already in recession, America 'slowing towards' one: Former Kansas City Fed president

Thomas Hoenig, who served as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, explains what will create a ‘great’ reduction of liquidity and borrowing, which he argued will lead to uncertainty.

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  1. In Kansas City there was a Dorothy, at some point. A tornado. And a fake wizard..

  2. America is in a recession. And it’s getting worse every day. Blame Biden not Trump like the worthless Democrats are doing. They blame everyone but themselves

  3. My portfolio has strong stocks, but it has been stalled this year. I have about $130k in my reserve that needs to expand; any advice for growing my portfolio would be much appreciated.

  4. I hope they aren’t getting their financial advice about the likelihood of recession from the same folks that told them inflation was transitory.

  5. U.S.A. A country of winers willing to probably blame other countries for their woes just like Israel.

  6. President Alzheimer loves running the country….into the ground!

  7. She couldn’t even get it out. That’s how you know she’s was lying. Lol 😂

  8. Wishful thinking on dems part. This train is headed nowhere good.

  9. I don't know why they continue to entertain the thought that this disaster is caused by the Russian/Ukraine war.
    That has nothing to do with it…

  10. Create a new currency…make it like platinum…it replaces the dollar which replaced Gold all over the world…not controlled by the fed…it's a national currency, interest and debt free…all debts immediately payable in it…this will have to involve the military as this is a very serious issue for those who use the United States internationally as an infinite piggy bank…


  11. Zero growth……..thanks democrats (THE PARTY OF TREASON) FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Deny Deny Deny! Thanks for teaching our youth how to lie you curly haired with who’s speaking on behalf of the W.H. Shame on you! Yes we are in a recession and thanks to our commander and chief failed policies we are effed! America deserves better and America deserves to be self sufficient. Not relying on outside countries because we have everything we need here. Wake up Joe! You screwed America more than any other President and you are responsible for this. Your New Mexican citizens will be voting Against you! You screwed everybody by the lack of enforcement at our borders and you’ll be out of office very soon, not soon enough. 2yrs is to long. All who are under you are just as bad! NWO is in control and they need to be out of office! Let’s go Brandon. F.U. JB

  13. I already cut my spending by 50%. I am looking forward to the recession. I am saving my money to buy things in the recession since the prices will be cut in recession.

  14. The only way out of inflation is to grow the economy. That means, that to 0.1% that have 90% of the new money, have to spend money by building things.

  15. 6:54 Are you telling me these silly little Federal Reserve Shoes, don't know what they're doing? And that these people are nothing but a con?

  16. They love the word transition lmao these people are the biggest pieces of garbage in the world

  17. Nothing is going to change till we kick them to the curb in 2024

  18. That steady growth won't come to 2025 when a Republican take office

  19. They trying to keep people calm



  22. जय श्री गणेश 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  24. She is not too smart if any."LoL."

  25. How much they paid her for that lies? LoL."!!!!!

  26. Yet to seen many translations going with 👆🏿☝🏾👆🏿 you are so amazing

  27. Yet to seen many translations going with 👆🏿☝🏾👆🏿 you are so amazing

  28. "We are not in a recession". The stock market sure is starting to look like it…

  29. Why do we continue to help other countries when we are below water makes no sense need to stop all foreign aid now time for other countries to step up to the plate we are over our heads in dept cut the government programs make people get back up work earn their living they would help

  30. This little girl Pierre needs to change occupation as she certainly is making a fool of herself.

  31. Actually, inflation IS temporary. It will end when Biden leaves office! 🤣

  32. Most times it amazes me greatly the way I moved from an average lifestyle to earning over 63k per month, utter shock is the word. I have understood a lot in the past few years to doubt that opportunities abound in the financial markets, The only thing is to know where to focus.

  33. Wake up we are already in a Recession and heading for a Depression.

  34. Collapse of the US economy. The dollar becomes worthless Brandon

  35. Didn't Janet Yellen say the word transitory needs to be retired like a year ago?

  36. Jean pierre: PUH-LEASE.

  37. More like a depression

  38. Well for many of us…this is actually a depression. Recycled clothing. Bare bones make from scratch poor man's meals. Getting behind every month.

  39. This BYYTCH can’t even get her words STRAIGHT 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. More lies from the white house. What did you expect…this administration has to get it together.

  41. Transition… out of the frying pan and into the fire

  42. Shame on you Biden voters !

  43. We already are in recession we are heading for depression.


  45. Went to store this morning for hamburger came home with rice pucks. Wonder if my kids will notice. Maybe if I put some 3 year old ketchup packs on I ca pass them off. Thanks Joe.

  46. Already there. A depression is next.