Wednesday , January 20 2021
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Images Show U.S. Postal Machines Removed And Dismantled | NBC Nightly News

Exclusive new images obtained by NBC News appear to show high-volume mail sorting machines out of service and dismantled. This comes after Postmaster General Dejoy suspended cost-cutting measures and policy changes, blamed for delivery delays and service slowdowns, until after the election.
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Images Show U.S. Postal Machines Removed And Dismantled | NBC Nightly News


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  2. All because you voted a joke of a president in

  3. Well if we pay extra for over night delivery of other fast delivery expenses then our votes will go out or the postal service has to pay our insurance fee.

  4. No spin on this story. None whatsoever. It’s call Absentee not mail in, Big difference. Why do you think the census is so on point this year cause they’re going to send a ballot to each individual in a home regardless of citizenship or felony convictions. Absentee are requested by the voter it’s not an unsolicited ballot. In other countries this is called ballot stuffing

  5. To do this in an election year is treason. Definitely vote tampering. Just arrest him already.

  6. 2019's Terminator: Dark Fate.. (All over again).. PLEASE.!!! NOOOOOOO More.!!! NOOOOoooo I've had enough.!! 'The Horror.. The horror'.. … ..

  7. It looks like it was an attempt to hamper their regular high performance so that should the mail in ballots go in there would be chaos at the USPS… The more chaos the easier to sabotage the process during the elections. If new machines are put in it will be blamed on the new machines.. Therefore nothing should be done to the USPS before the electiond

  8. Dejoy already done the damage ordered by trump another crime done in sight of the American people what else is he going to do before he is removed

  9. Trump Virus 2020 ::: Misuse and Abuse of Government Agencies!
    VOTE and end the madness!

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    Micah 7:6- For son treats father contemptuously, Daughter rises up against her mother, Daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; A man’s enemies are the men of his own household.

    Psalm 106:37- They even sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons,

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  11. Outside the postal problem pay me be quick and easy breezy cut happy tensions in half

  12. here's a thought. 'the machines are being reallocated'. soon, we may see these machines miraculously moved to deJoy's own company…

  13. Double the price for Amazon mail. Tripple the cost to deliver junk mail! Everyone hates junk mail!

  14. Democrats started the BS Russia hoax. Democrats paid for Steel Dossier given to FISA Court -> bunch of BS. Only Senate Democrats though Kavanaugh was guilty with no evidence -> That was BS. Only Democrats, including Kamala, quickly backed the Jusse Smollett BS story. Democrats blocked immigration reform -> BS again. Democrats alone attempt impeachment -> such BS. The Barr Hearing with Democrats "I reclaim my time" was BS. Democrats calling Trump racist at Mt. Rushmore when ALL previous Presidents go there – is BS. Blaming Trump for Virus (no cure) spreading when Governors control each State is BS. The recent "Trump is removing Mail Boxes and suppressing votes" by the Democrats is more BS. A proven track record of BS lies and excuses by Democrats in Office. It's punishment time at the Polls. Reply with something Good about the Democrats? (Can't wait to hear more BS)

  15. Yeah very convenient lol right when the election is being made.

  16. I only get one letter every month. All my packages come from Fedex or UPS. Who needs to pay these union workers. My mailman gets his route finished in 4 hours and gets paid for 8 and he told me he gets 7 weeks vacation. I only got 6 weeks working on the railway , which is also union.

  17. They are faking this to blame Trump. We can see through your crap MSM!

  18. “The one thing I remember about the rise of the empire.. is how quiet it was” -Nazi SS

  19. Trump is rigging the election!

  20. Trump shoots himself in the face constantly..this is bad.

  21. DeJoy should be in DeJail!!

  22. Is this serious? There is 100 percent proof that the postal service have removed machines and mailboxes for years. Then even NBC admits random pictures haven't even been verified?

    Holy crap people are stupid

  23. So..why cant they just do an app? Of course dude says one thing then finishes his mail in vote early. Why does this seem like the same corruption we see time and time again within African nations etc…smh

  24. trump election banner made in china lollll, have you seen the video, china going to ban the export of election banner to USA lalallal

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