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Immigration and Customs Enforcement shut down a free hotline for detained immigrants

After the hotline was depicted in a season of “Orange is the New Black,” the group Freedom for Immigrants said that their four digit hotline for detainees was silenced.


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  1. Right now, in US immigration detention centers, they are denying people toothbrushes and soap. Imagine being detained in an overcrowded concentration camp for an indefinite period of time, all while going weeks without being able to so much as BATHE OR BRUSH YOUR TEETH.
    Such treatment would be considered barbaric if it were reserved only for the most heinous of criminals.
    In most cases these people are simply seeking asylum.

  2. Freedom for immigrants to go back to Mexico that sounds like a good one go back home you aliens

  3. About time ice gets to do something ..

  4. Why should they have more freedom than us when we commit a crime and get detained 🧐🤨🤔

  5. They should throw the people from the hotline in jail.

  6. They demand? We are supposed to weep because Netflix made a show and illegal aliens can't have 3way calling? Is this real?

  7. Aaahaaa they shut that shit dooooownnn!!😂🤣

  8. This is sad🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ trump is really mean I can't believe this

  9. Can't expect this "freedom" is denied in the country of the FREE and beliefs of freedom, liberty and democracy.

  10. Try experiencing the conditions and state of being in a detention centre before commenting here. Be thankful for your human rights you have been given and then think about how you would feel in a situation like that. Which is a low-key concentration camp feeling for some. The least one can receive or just deserves is simply legal advice. This isnt a pretty episode on tv this is ugly real life for so many. You are part of the human race so at least try to think like a humanitarian please.

  11. Illegal aliens are not immigrants

  12. Leave it up to dems to misname it. freedom for illegal immigrants is what it is.

  13. Do I get free legal help? I kinda need it.

  14. Good shut all these pieces of shit down.

  15. ICE is MS13 mastermind hijack INS and USA to control fiat dollars.

  16. I'm all for "LEGAL " Immigration.

  17. F.B.I good at spotting hotlunes but can't spot school. Or public shooters?

  18. Please ICE don't detain the criminals! PLEASE!

  19. Good job ICE! Thank you for your service!

  20. filthy migrants are costing these dumbass American liberals there tax dollars.

  21. Huh more like shelter food and jibs for our soldiers but all well fuck that idea bc mexicans are to lazy to make there country better and have to free load off of our country like damn how hard is it we did it not once but twice first was revoultionary war and civil war which cost ys over 365 thousand brave men and may there sould reat in peace and fight for there cointry no matter what side they were there braver then illegal atleast they didn't run from there problems unlike the Mexicans people personally we should just give them a waring shot and if they keep going we'll execute them right there

  22. Illegal immigration is profitable. If we made it easier for everyone, the swamp would make less money. These people arent our problem. It's the leadership in this country. It's the scumbags telling you its a problem.

  23. They are illegal!!!!!!! Take them to their country!!!!!! AMERICANS loose billions on illegals!!!!!! I DONT LIKE THAT

  24. Hey! Guess what! Illegal immigrants are not Americans, and Are not guaranteed the same rights as citizens. Get over it you pussies!

  25. America… "we'll see you in court" lol

  26. Detained suggests illegal immigration, why are they hiding this fact? Oh wait…..

  27. ABC is nothing but a propaganda outlet … working to boost Democrat numbers. Democrats only see illegals as poor, uneducated schmucks, therefore likely future Democrat voters.

  28. Us immigration is messed up

  29. Immigration and Customs Enforcement shut down a free hotline for detained ILLEGAL ALIENS

  30. You know.. people could just come here legally 👌 it’s their own doing in almost all cases.

  31. Do you have any idea how hard it is for hard-working blue-collar American to acquire adequate legal help on his own that's not fair a natural born American can't even get legal help there's no hotline really there's there's nothing

  32. They are detaining (ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS). God Bless America including our Immigrant guests, and those who choose to enter our Country illegally.

  33. The law is the law if you don’t like it gtfu

  34. Good, it should have been shut down!! These people are FUCKING ILLEGAL!!

  35. Hey Liberals 🤪
    Put a backspin on this if you can
    Video is Kryptonite to the left
    Kills narrative it's all Trump's fault😁

  36. Wow these comments though! Bahahaha. It's easy to say all this when you were lucky enough to be born here. You didn't work for it, you were born into so you couldn't image how it feels otherwise.

  37. Illegal alien invaders

  38. Immigration personnel will be excluded from BTC making opportunities. Orders from Mexico! More BTC For Everybody!

  39. The should arest the people running the hot line

  40. Close the immigration offices all-over the country like that binary can a person plied only true counsel's or immigration in the city.

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