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Impact of Warner Bros. releasing its 2021 films in theaters and HBO Max

Breaking down Warner Bros.’ unprecedented move of releasing its 2021 films in theaters and the HBO Max streaming service and the affect the decision will have on the industry.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Blockbuster went and he is right, bye bye theaters.

  2. Save time and SKIP THIS VIDEO!

  3. Oh God bless the "the-a-ters" 😁

  4. This guy just said that people want to stay home. Has he talked to anyone in 2020????

  5. Time to invest in home popcorn carts.

  6. Disagree im pretty sure people want to go back to the theaters, like come on, people wanna watch Godzilla vs Kong In Theater not at home lol

  7. The commie-democrats
    are TRYING to
    steal the election!

  8. There's not going to be much impact. Comcast is capping data to 1.2 Tb the beginning of next year. If you go above that limit you get charged more money. People are dropping cable TV for Streaming so Comcast is going to upcharge folks, I see that bill going to $200 a month easy. They are going to try, but once everyone starts catching on sales for Warner Brothers will decline. I'd bet the other ISPs got their plans in the works right now. You people reporting the News do a lousy job of reporting.

  9. Would rather experience Blockbuster movies in the theater.

  10. ABC is a part of DISNEY .

  11. Inside Dianne's head: how about I don't tell him that…. Lol

  12. …. pretty low to stick it to the theatres.

  13. It comes down to marketing. You turn it into a special event not your typical movie theater night out!
    People still want to go out but make an experience.
    Online is an experience, our 4k++++ Tv's give us an experience.
    They have to heighten the experience, please people waste money on experience' s.

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  15. If AMC Banned All Warner Bros. Movies I will unsubscribe from AMC Right Now….😠

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  17. You can pay thousands of dollars on a home theater system. It will never compare to a movie theater experience.

  18. Some Movies yes………But BlockBusters ….Hell No!!!

  19. Movies will be like sporting events in the future. You can either watch from home or actually pay to go to the theater.

  20. The internet came out since 1983

  21. Who cares anyway! Turn the TV off and go outdoors! Boycott the corrupt hollywood elites!

    Back to nature!

  22. This dude is so wrong. Post covid, we'll be flocking back to theaters. His analogies don't fit. I'd say most people don't care to have to shop at stores, so online definitely works. But the theater going experience is one of out favorite pastimes! *Not to mention that once the air clears (!)… Don't you think we will all be clamoring to get the hell out of our homes to go have fun…. See y'all at the movies!

  23. AMC should start a virtual reality theaters

  24. People don't want to be sitting at home because the media is selling some big scary illness while printing more money to go to multinational corporations. I really hope the internet just dies off

  25. Every American should watch this video. Parents should encourage their children/teenagers to watch this video to learn America’s values and principles: God, Family, Country, Prayers, Truth, Justice, Liberty, Honesty, Courage,Integrity,Fairness, Rule of Law, Government is the Servant, Not the Master of People, Accountability. Sidney Powell “stop the steal “ rally in Georgia

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