Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Impeachment inquiry into Trump: What happens next l ABC News

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has authorized six House committees to gather evidence and hold hearings related to President Trump’s impeachable offenses.

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  1. This “Sexual Predator” wont leave our WH so I hope he will get shot dead along with his “Privileged Prostitute” who’s a disgrace for speaking with a very poor English accent🤬🤬🤬🤬

  2. Dems are terrified of Trump winning in 2020 (which he will) , they are grasping straws. They have become completely unhinged. Sad.

  3. George (Major Donor to Hillary) Stephanopoulos is gonna hate Trump a lot more than he already does, during Trump's second term.
    "He gonna put y'all liberals back in CHAINS!"

  4. I wouldn't impeach him,. I would put him in prison….

  5. These democratic liberal low life dogs make me sick. These slimy hating and vengeful drooling slugs have absolutely no self respect or honor for their shamful acts towards our president and our country. They are driven and motivated by pure hatred.

  6. I dont support Trump but the best type of revenge he can get would be to win a second term.

  7. Ok, George, please name the high crime and/or misdemeanor President Trump committed. Put down your DNC talking point sheet and come up with a non-scripted answer.

  8. There just has to be better news to report than this. Tired of it, and I don't really like Trump.

  9. All depends on how you spin a Senate "no" vote eve of election. If I was a Dem, I'd say the evidence of corruption is in front of your eyes, and fixing that up to you the voter.

    A loss in the Senate can be weaponized by the Dems easily.

  10. The reason Clinton survived his impeachment was because he was cool as a cucumber and still did his job as the president. Donald Trump has spazzed out and will continue to spazz out and say more and more incriminating things about himself on Twitter and everywhere else. He does not have the wherewithal that Clinton had. An impeachment proceeding will destroy him.

  11. Here's how it will play out….Trump 2020

  12. Democrats have chosen to focus on an "impeachment enquiry" rather than the needs and best interest of their constituents. This path offers nothing to the American citizen who is simply trying to work to support their families and make a decent life for themselves and their loved ones………. They tried with the "Russian collusion" path and that came to naught. Now it's the "Ukrainian phone call" path. Come on people of Congress, lets focus on what best benefits the American taxpayer, without whom none of you would be paid.

  13. DISGUSTING & DISHONEST Democrats. They continue to waste our tax dollars on their coup attempt rather than doing their job and legislate for the good of our country.

  14. If you Democrats want to impeach our president, you'll have to answer to WE THE PEOPLE. Let the Second American Revolution begin.

  15. Yay at last bye bye lol trump KKK 😏😏😏😏

  16. Trump won’t be eligible for 2020.

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