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Impeachment Trial Looms Over Trump’s Final Days In Office | NBC Nightly News

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Democrats are preparing for the Senate impeachment trial, where they would need 17 Republicans to vote to convict President Trump.
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Impeachment Trial Looms Over Trump’s Final Days In Office | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Biden and Harris have always tried to separate the American people by race. In the last two weeks, they both publicly stated that BLM would have been treated differently had they rioted at the capital and that black people are treated differently by Police. There are close to 90,000 black Police officers in America, the democrats continue to dishonor them. Obviously, Police officers treat criminals differently than they treat law-abiding citizens.

  2. Just found out congress committed 6 congressional federal felony's according to the law under the constitution and non of them can be touched they all have reprisals from prosecution above the law and they attacked a seated President that does not have reprisals and attacked for 4 years not including past crimes committed by congress using U.S. money in the billions without restitution for the outcome, voting them out of office is the only way, or the law needs to change so no one is above the law! It's a disgrace that the congressional house violated the constitution showing all American's that the United States of America is under tyranny! America should be at civil war if justice can't be served!

  3. Not fair. I want to get impeached too……dosent sound like a big deal. Its like being scolded by your grandmas neighbor

  4. Millionaire and Billionaire Wealth Tax Now!👍

  5. lisa mukowski, a "trump critic"? You've got to be kidding me? And you call yourself "NBC News".

  6. LOL fake news, pathetic. Its not an impeachment if the senate doesnt vote for it duma$$, or when the house never votes for it, or if no evidence nor testimony is allowed or never sworn as truthful, as occurred in this case. Communist dictator biden is already impeached on "day 1" by your fake definition, as if there will be a day 1. Trump won 80% landsllde. Biden is already charged with treason and other high crimes, 25,000 troops ready to make the arrests in DC. The capitol riot was by 226 of bidens antifa blm terrorists led by killer john sullivan and CNN "reporter" Jade Sacker. Civil War, Communist Revolution, World War 3, Battle of Athens Tennessee. Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. Enjoy the shitshow.


  7. The end result will be the same no matter what the outcome of the impeachment trial is. If Trump is found guilty, then by law he will not be able to hold any government job. If he is found innocent, he will still be disgraced, so he still won't be able to hold any government job. It's heads I win, tails you lose!

  8. CNN the AMERICAN news network, born and established in AMERICA says from a “source” that President Donald J Trump incited violence.

    MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, MTV, Disney, Nickelodeon all AMERICAN run news media networks agree.
    The Teachers Union, BLM, ANTIFA, Planed Parenthood, Code Pink all of which are AMERICAN Run organizations also agree.

    Has the extremely dim lightbulb in your extremely dim CONSERVATIVE heads gone off yet?


    It’s been Socialist the past 47 years

  9. President Donald Trump did not commit any impeachable offenses, but the House violated the Constitution to suggest he did and are, ironically, immune from reprisals, according to constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax TV.

    "We all hear that the president is not above the law, but Congress is not above the law: When Congress impeached the president earlier this week, they committed six independent violations of the Constitution," Dershowitz told "Saturday Report."

    "They violated the free speech provision. They violated the impeachment criteria. They violated the bill of attainder. They violated due process, on and on and on."

    Ironically, lawmakers are protected from legal culpability from their congressional actions, so unlike they are doing with the president, they cannot be sought for the allegations against them.

    "But the only sanction is to vote them out of office and to bring them to trial in the court of public opinion," Dershowitz told host Carl Higbie. "Senators and congressmen are immune from lawsuits for what they do or say on the floor of the Senate, so there can't be any personal lawsuits.

    "And I wouldn't favor recriminations."

    All House Democrats and 10 Republicans impeached the president for the second time this week for inciting the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, but the president's pursuit of an Electoral College challenge is not grounds for impeachment, Dershowitz noted.

    "How can you impeach a president for a speech that is constitutionally protected?" he lamented.

    Ultimately, impeachment should die in the Senate as it did the last time, according to Dershowitz, a member of the president's first Senate impeachment trial team.

    "The Constitution is very clear, the purpose of impeachment is removal," he concluded, adding the president will be out of office by the time a trial can be held, pointing to the precedent of former President Richard Nixon's resignation ending an impeachment trial in the Senate.

    "The Senate cannot try an ordinary citizen."

  10. They look so stupid with masks on.

  11. Once again Pelosi sounds like a hysterical old woman, totally embarrassing herself.

  12. If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.
    ——-Julius Caesar

  13. The only thing looming over anybody in DC,is when are we going to get arrested. Hahahaha!!!

  14. The Witch will get her eternal brimstone bath probably by 2040.

    I hope it is televised

  15. Pelosi should get booted also …

  16. For sure 2 will convict Trump however rest of GOP will not.

  17. These career politicians needs removed for treason and countless other crimes against humanity, America and Trump.

  18. The democrats are crazy now they are in office. They lied the first time. Now their evil continues. They want rest until they ruin the best president we have ever had! Now they will tear the country down ! Their lies, their corruption, their cheating, their Satanism. Pelosi is a sick woman.

  19. America officially Jussie’d by The Lemons and Fake News

  20. We The People will without a shadow of a doubt stand beside President Trump & not lose him to the (Extremist Terrorism Democratic Party) that are only there to push their agenda of communist rule, Big tech! & the media mob that only spins a one-sided view points, We America stand beside Donald Trump the President of the United States & we will not abandon him it doesn't matter how much our boat shakes on The chaotic waters of Fraud Lies Deceit & Pure Evil, we will not be thrown off course!! 🙏🏻👏🏻 We Gather in Support of our president and the Constitution, we will render victorious!!!!!!!!!!!! 💛👏🏻, Donald Trump is going nowhere but into his second term 👌🇺🇸…0&)://.?(/:)4468(589,:3347,:/3&

  21. Hey Pelosi, how about a trip to Gitmo, and you republicans better start to hide.

  22. How sad that they want to impeach President Trump to keep him from running for the presidency in 2024. It has nothing to do with the Capital being attacked by crazies and they know it. It’s a shell game to keep you from seeing the truth!
    It’s embarrassing to have a VP like Harris, a cackling clueless hen!

  23. Biden and harris are EVIL United State it's going to know how bad it's gonna be now.

  24. Biden will be the problem, in less than a week! Forget Trump; he's done! This is madness.

  25. Is a diversion tactics from democrat because they know that joe Biden had a stronger case of impeachment that invoke with China and Ukraine embezzlement of tax payer money

  26. President Trump was set up by the all of them, democrats, republicans and rino’s… and it’s obvious they are scared! No way Joe Biden got 80!

  27. Harris doesn't know how to just be real anymore. She's faked it so long that she forgot.

  28. Biden is a stealer . He steals the election . He can never never be my president ! Americans don’t want a thieve to be our president ! Go back to your basement !

  29. Nancy was the one who posted her pic eating gallons of ice cream. ice cream from China is positive for covid. What were you trying to get Americans to do Nancy? Eat the ice cream. OMG

  30. Operation Crossfire hurricane. Donald Trump Declassified everything.

  31. Biden to be impeached his first day for corruption.😀👍

  32. Hey Nancy while you are throwing your old lady temper tantrum ….chinas ice cream is covid +

  33. Respect to pence for Manning up and showing what a man looks like not some crybaby that can’t take a lose

  34. So much time and resources to defeat ONE MAN?
    Seems a bit suspect if you ask me.

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