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In El Paso mass shooting, acts of heroism among chaos and terror I Nightline

At least 22 people are dead and more than two dozen people were wounded in the massacre Saturday when a gunman opened fire inside a Walmart crowded with shoppers drawn to a back-to-school sale.



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  1. it was not in the mall you idiots. get your shit right. it was inside the walmart NEXT to the mall. shit pisses me off when these news channels dont have all their facts

  2. My friends cousin sadly was one of the victims

  3. see that man who targeted one race to kill that is genocide right there. and im Hispanic i would be scared if i was there

  4. This is the price you pay for supporting terrorism around the world and in my country Syria

  5. Mis condolencias a toda la familia del el paso estan en mis oraciones dios me los llene de fortaleza….

  6. 22 veterans a day kill themselves, Nobody talks about that. More people die from choking themselves while jerking off than from guns. The government had something to do with this I’m certain.

  7. I live in El Paso and that mall was my childhood I would go to build a bear with my mom or dad this summer I went shopping at that mall with my family.the day that it happened me and my mom where going to go shopping because of back to school but we stayed home and cried for hours while watching the news my cousins friend had a cousin that got shot and he passed away.all my prayers go out to the El Paso victims and the Ohio victims(edit he's the one who's in the picture is wearing a red shirt


  9. 1:50 black man like he not even frighten, he like another day in my life. Rip to all who died thou.

  10. We are strong ! Latino strong ✊🏼 que viva la raza we are here to stay !

  11. Sorry but people that do these cowardly acts should be publicly burned to a stake. Call me insane but i would still say they got off lightly. Infuriates me that people like this exist how is it even possible.

  12. Americans never mourn when Jew.S bombs other countries and kills thousands of innocent people

  13. When will white people admit that they’re born evil

  14. These mass shootings are being engineered. I can tell you what is happening with these mass shootings but will you believe it? Do you remember Guyana and Jim Jones who brainwashed his followers to drink the Kool Aid laced with poison. 909 people, a third of them children were killed in this massacre and Jim Jones said he did it al in the name of the Communist party. Do you Remember when 38 people died in the Heaven's Gate mass killing. All these people were brainwashed to kill themselves. If you look up Brainwashed to kill here on YouTube you will find a video explaining how clinical hypnosis can be used to program anyone to go out and kill others. Brainwashing does exist and has been used by intelligence agencies for years. With illicit drugs or Pharmaceuticals they can be more susceptible hypnosis and can be put under to murder people. So what they are doing is abducting programming people who have been diagnosed with mental issues and using their mental condition as a cover to blame mental illness as to what is causing the problem in the mass killings so they can say we have to get rid of the semi automatic rifles thus making America a soft target for foreign intervention. There are many videos of Holocaust survivors warning do not give up your guns. History continues to repeat itself..!

  15. America's enemies are not in the middle east they are literally next door.

  16. Being from El Paso and now a Midland transplant. Trump is to blame! This is all his fault. Im glad he enjoyed his wedding that night of the shooting. Just like Bush did when 9/11 happened.

  17. This is so crazy to me, the violence that is happening in the United States is off the chain!

  18. We are all human beings regardless of skin colour, race, religion etc. Hearing about the racially motivated shootings just makes me lose faith in humanity.

    How can the shooter justify killing innocent people in cold blood? He should be put in solitary confinement and they should throw the key down the drain!

  19. Remember El Paso And Dayton Report Active Shooter Activity

  20. R.I.P those who died in this mass shooting, the Gun law is shit in u.s.a, because of this so many of the families have lost there loved one. U.s.a is a beautiful country but its more of a shit because of this gun law.

  21. I hate this target that’s on Mexicans This was just straight fucking hate he drove 10 hours out of his home and county to shoot people he never ever meet and just because they look Mexican don’t mean their Mexican its sickening then they go back try to do a mass deportation that same week once again it will never be a crime to want a better life for your child but they never lie when they say it doesn’t affect you until your in that position right

  22. We tried get you Amigos to see this when you were coming over to the country thinking you were white, and acting like you are better than us, just because your ancestors got raped more by the albinos devils and you kind of look white. Now you all see how they really feel about your presence and that they'll never accept you as white no matter how much of their albino dna you have.

  23. America was never great and will never be great.

  24. Can’t imagine my thoughts being to grab my phone and video in a horrific situation like this…I’d be way too terrified…God Bless You Pfc. Oakley 🙏🏻💔🇺🇸

  25. Trump's speech was so hypocrite…

  26. After all these mass shootings it seems clearly that the good guy with gun is nothing more than comic book character. That why he will never shows up.

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