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Inauguration Day security on high alert following pro-Trump riots l GMA

21,000 National Guardsmen and thousands of federal agents are part of the team keeping Washington, D.C. secure as the FBI continues to target nearly 300 suspects who stormed the Capitol.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I know a lot of people thought this was excessive but Corn-Pop do be running some bad boys.

  2. The media is Biden’s paid bi***.

  3. Why don't they show the riots in Seattle and Portland and report on that? Oh right, it does not fit the agenda they are trying to manipulate people with.

  4. Antifa/blm marxist groups never got this much negative coverage and they did way worse for a long time.
    Thank you failed news media for not covering that. Way to brainwash the sheeple. Peace & Wisdom to All.

  5. I’m a republican but guess what…. I don’t wish joe Biden death. I don’t hate joe Biden. U know why?… Because I’m an American. I know that joe Biden is president now, I know joe Biden isn’t the best president for America. But just because he’s our president now doesn’t mean I’m gonna start a riot… God Bless America and may God bless joe Biden to make the right decisions.✌🏻

  6. The only riots that occurred were from Antifa. I love watching the left eat themselves

  7. America's funeral was today. Truth be told, it died long before this. Today was but a formality. It was inevitable that America should pass eventually, but many Americans will be shaken despite warnings from both the bible and their own experience. Too many have listened to false-hope-selling-hucksters. Stop listening to them. Heaven and earth shall pass away but Jesus' words abide forever. God never promised to preserve America, and it is frankly long overdue for judgment. This country forsook its God many years ago. Apart from the obvious abominations, American churchianity as a whole has long been a stench in the nostrils of God. American Christendom has largely honored God with their mouths while having hearts far from Him. We are certainly entering a dark time, and in all likelihood we are entering a prophetic time. May this shaking cause those who were looking to something or someone else for hope, to repent of their idolatry and hope solely on Jesus Christ and His promises. For those who are truly following and hoping in Christ already, may they be encouraged that our Lord has gone before us. In the world we were promised tribulation, but be of good cheer; Jesus has overcome the world (John 16:33). The floodplain of the Jordan, as it were, may be upon us. Be ready to contend with horses (Jeremiah 12:5). When communication is confused and stifled from haters of God in big tech, know that God always hears and His arm cannot be shortened. When your earthly liberties are uprooted completely so that you appear to be dwelling in an unrecognizable place, know that liberty in Christ is all that ever mattered and Jesus and His Father promised to make their home with us (John 14:23). We are pilgrims on this earth just passing through to the Celestial city. While in chains at midnight, Paul and Silas sang hymns to the Lord their God while the prisoners listened to them. Why? If the Son makes you free, you are free indeed (John 8:36). True liberty was never purchased on parchment in 1776; True liberty was purchased on a cursed tree nearly 2,000 years ago. Many men died to purchase some earthly liberties for several generations here on earth, for which we are no doubt grateful, but only one Man was worthy and willing to die for the sins of mankind to purchase souls for all eternity. What can compare to this amazing grace? You may take my country and even take my life, but you can never take my Jesus from me. While we enjoyed many liberties in a land of plenty, those things that can be shaken will be, so that the things which cannot be shaken will remain. May the Lord's will be done. While it is sad to see what has become of a once God-fearing nation (in many ways), it is good if the Lord sees fit, to let it all crumble that we might know that He alone is God and the He alone liberates captives. Our outward freedom was never promised on this earth. But our eternal freedom was promised and secured by Jesus Christ Himself, which thing no man can deprive you of. We have the same task today as we had yesterday, which is to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Men can separate us from our families, our friends, our liberties on earth and even our lives…. but who can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:37-38)? Maranatha! Credit Serves Christ

  8. This is Biden's first on many failures. He is denying Americans their freedom of speech and their 1st amendment rights to protest his inauguration. What a bozo.


  10. You mean people are pissed off after years of division and being sh*t on by the elites… we see $100,000 in flight food bills ext. while we struggle to pay electricity / heating bills.

  11. trump riots? your lying we all know democrats and blm rioted Trumps rally was a peaceful protest

  12. Imagine being an officer and getting attacked by a thin blue line flag, oh the irony.

  13. GEE, maybe you should stop lying now. You got the president out. Took you and your ilk four years of constant lying, omissions and hatred. But it is done. Try to be honest now. There was one protest that was infiltrated by Antifa agitators and some foolish Trump supporters went along with them. One time. After a summer full of deadly riots where no one on the left seemed to care at all.

  14. For the trip the Arlington National Cemetary, did any of the “Democratic” Congressmen/women request that America’s Fallen be vetted for political reliability beforehand? Can’t be too careful these days

  15. whelp we didn't get to riot but i dont think there is anymore crime

  16. they literally dont have magazines in some of these pictures. No bullets = unable to shoot

  17. The fraudsters must protect themselves from the nation

  18. If he won by the most popular vote then why all of the theatrics that’s going on. He stole it , he knows it! He also knows that at some point this is going to
    Implode. My preacher thought a lesson several months ago that said we have to just sit back and let God deal with this. We want everything to be done on our time and right now, but God has the solutions and he will prevail in this and hold everyone accountable for their part in destroying America. Why a very sad day for us all!

  19. Hire me on the job. I'll go sicko mode on thise idiots.

  20. Washington DC looking like a new prisons for Democratic Party new home. Hope trump took the keys

  21. Both trump and Biden are POS

  22. Well looks like the military aren't on Trump's side 😂

  23. Gee I don't see any Russians out there today. lol

  24. BLM ‘protests’
    Pro – trump ‘riots’

    U fucking sheep

  25. Why does this great man need all this protection? Lol….. great my ass

  26. "Our values are the core to who we are as human beings. They are also the easiest way to identify and connect with others in meaningful ways. That is what makes us great." ~Total Life Relax (calming, relaxing and sleep music expert) 💚

  27. 20$ says there’s gonna be an assassin attempt in the next 3 months

  28. China now holds office of President of the United States…

  29. Social engineering, divide and rule has gone to far. Time to invent a new foreign common enemy.

  30. Thanks Donald. The memes have been great, but we’re happy to see you go.

  31. The dislikes are wild 🥴

  32. Correction: Pro-US Constitution protest

  33. I'm am thrilled the coming of The New World Order 2021.

  34. Imagine having this kind of mindset when we get "hacked" by Russians and apparently chinese spies. America is a sick joke.

  35. Wouldn't be this way had trump acted like a decent human being, which he has never been. Move on! For those of you who think Trumpty is the end all be all, news flash, if he had just put on a mask, he would no doubt still be in office. But as we all know he is guilty of the negligent homicide of over 410,000 Americans. Thank you anti maskers, you helped elect our new president!

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