Tuesday , January 18 2022


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  1. Repeat repeat repeat. Safety my friends. The young lady moving and assembling furniture in her bare feet. Tsk tsk tsk. Sorry nothing impressive except the balcony.

  2. First tv work with wireless electricity 😀😀😀

  3. as long as its not made by china Im all for it

  4. Please, where can I get information about the library shelf that turns into a folding bed?

  5. Like your TV has to be switched off and all the cables removed …get whiskey bottle out …. Connect all cables … Have whiskey while watching TV… Take all cables out …. Put your bottles all in … Connect all cables ….. Repeat…

  6. You should call it transformers furniture

  7. None of this helps. I want to buy the TV mount. Although (buymodels) company. Isn't real. Or I just can't find it

  8. 6:39 when you turn on the Xbox and grab the wii remotes.

  9. The tv stand with hidden shelf would be good next to desk

  10. So the TV where are the connections between the Wii system and TV and the power cord to the where is it at?

  11. The hidden shelving behind the tv is a great idea, but where is the power? I saw no plugs.

  12. I’ll never click on an “another level” video again.

  13. Thumbs down you keep repeating yourself and the furniture once is enough

  14. Does anyone else hate convert-able furniture? I'm not going to waste my time extending furniture and break it back down. Just like apartments that have hidden pull out walls and tables that also serve as ironing boards. Like i barely have enough energy to put pants on in the morning…

  15. Who makes or where to buy the TV Stand with hidden storage?

  16. That is the most fucking annoying song.

  17. Um…that TV thing is stupid… the TV cant go flat against the wall… essentially its a TV mount with shelves behind it which means if you ever need something off the shelf you have to move the TV out of the way – which is impractical if someone is watching it

  18. Space saving TV stand @0:18

    Awesome window balcony @5:03 bloomframe

    Coomo furniture @6:38

  19. must be hard to remember the places of the hidden rooms!!!

  20. TechZone it has come to my understanding that you provide viewers and subscribers of your YouTube channel/page with innovations that wows everyone and would want the viewer get something similar and the same as in the video. But you don't give any information for the viewers to reach the manufacturer or purchase the item.
    I am of a strong opinion that you include the manufacturers name, contacts(email, website, social media handles). Also include a discount code/voucher from the manufacturer since you're kind of advertising for the manufacturer.

  21. I MUST HAVE THAT CHAIR!!! who needs a bed at a friends house? When you can bring the chair and sleep on it folding out to a couch.

  22. Great video.
    I really liked the Stand Tv (0:14), please, what is the name of the company that manufactures or markets?

  23. i wondering the tv stand is finishing from chipboard

  24. Balcony is good idea but I think it has no one interested in!

  25. Is that a wii in twenty nine-teen? damn boy

  26. No price tags though for this ad video… cost would turn 95% of viewers off to these cool but impractical innovations

  27. Where do you get the accessories ? Buy or make ?

  28. Can I fit a hammock on the balcony?

  29. Excellent – I watch everyday

  30. Could you use a more annoying voice over artist ?

  31. The is how many fans he has


  32. The balcony? I have to ask my 7 children and ALL their friends. Besides, me Mum R.I.P. took the dive off a high rise, since then I'm queasy.

  33. I have just watched a video that has 6.3 million substcribers in any category about world class new materials and now this video with 1.2 million subscribers is as impressive in its home category !

  34. 7:23 It seems like the books did fall over at the upper part but it's still an amazing furniture.

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