Thursday , September 16 2021
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Inside Afghanistan Under Taliban Rule

Since the U.S. withdrawal, the Taliban are trying to show that they’ve adapted with the times, but several videos, which they say they are investigating, show abuses.
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  1. The rat-d*ck Taliban couldn't run a taco truck!

  2. The Flag Has Been Painted Over All the Murals In The City
    Killing The Sense Of Neighborhoods And Urban Culture
    ( that kind of soft genocide )

  3. The NYT published a detailed investigation into the 29th August Drone Strike that killed an innocent family of 10 including 7 children. US Military lied about it being an "imminent suicide attack".
    Sec of State Blinken was questioned by Rand Paul in the Senate about whether the victim was an ISIS-K Operative or an Aid Worker, and his reply was "I don't know, because we're reviewing it"
    Why is this not being covered by the rest of mainstream media????

  4. Frauen kämpft gegen Unterdrückung !!

  5. Tell your liberal memes how great um Taliban are NBC. And why Demented Joe is giving them 10 billion dollars–Plus all those weapons.

  6. The fact that you think there gonna be civil is a joke to me.

  7. We need to move on like Biden. Stop reporting on Taliban.

  8. F#$@ Blinken for even trying to see if the Taliban should be trusted. You might as well ask sheep to trust wolves.

  9. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  10. Anyone who had the footage among the public went missing in USA on 9/11 about the tawers
    (1)Who did the 19 highjacker highjack from unknown.
    (2)The tween tawers that were made to with stand heavy winds were hit with two small aircrafts.
    (3)The security aircraft of USA allowed it to happen if not show any attempt even a failed attempt.
    (4)The tween tawers didn't drop on any angle they came straight down.
    (5)The airplane black boxes were missing as the government's lies would be exposed.

    Why blame Muslims, Taliban or Arabs?
    It was the government of USA who wanted a war with Muslims, so the war wasn't war on terror it was war on scapegoats The Muslims and their religion.
    Arabs are Muslims but they are American allies so move else were.
    Afghanistan and Pakistan were the targets they followed their freedom of religion that the western governments opposed and disliked.

  11. Peace was never an option only war. too bad they won and we lost. I think the United States has one of the most corruption problems in the free world

  12. you can get a Taliban flag on Amazon. I just checked and Amazon has them

  13. Pro Taliban Propaganda is hilarious. The Taliban sucks and everyone knows it. They want money

  14. Where are the stories on Afghan women's hands cut off??? Hypocrisy!

  15. They were undefeated they will be undefeated inshaAllah , these secular and liberals wont be able to do any harm

  16. Afghanistan miss competitions .it would be good to organize in Kabul … and the Taliban will monitor when the girls are in bikinis…🤣🤣🤣👍

  17. This time round the Taliban will establish law and order with justice tempered with mercy. They need to root out the rogue elements from their ranks.

  18. Bush promised us, Allah promised us victory. We’ll see which promise comes true. Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid

  19. Obaidullah omitted to say that he never got paid by the former Afghan Ghani government

  20. Yeah while USA drone strikes innocent families

  21. Just nuke the Talibans. Problem solved.

  22. Joe Biden was simply too weak

  23. You ran into the woods for 20 yrs then came out when the US left. That’s not winning?????

  24. I am asking all international sports organisations to ban all male afghan sports teams from playing for all sports that are now forbidden to women in Afghanistan like Cricket and football. The international community must stand together. It is small steps that bring change!!! Australia already wont play the male afghan cricket team since they banned the women from playing. Go Australia!!!!

  25. Now is the time for ISLAM to rise !
    Allahuakbar !

  26. Infighting already started. These fools have no idea how to run a country. A few Taliban leaders are already missing.

  27. The same Tribesmen (gilzai) that defeated the once mighty Persian( Safavid empire) have know brought American military war machine to its knees. Long live The mujahideen.

  28. Anyone else feel weird there's only one interview? I mean…did they find the only person in Kabul that's not afraid? I feel like the Taliban has so many internal rifts that even IF there were Taliban that were "progressive" there will always be the old Taliban so long as the old leaders are still running the show.

  29. ( I don't know if it's lawful but , I placed a sign in my front gate , no beards, no guns, & no Republicans.)

  30. Who cares about these idiots? Next.

  31. They have to get used to new situation then it will be alright
    New era taliban era…

  32. Afghanistan is pathetic 🙄. Welfare county.

  33. They say not long ago American helicopters are taking off from the embassy they still our just a Taliban are flying them now

  34. LOL This NBC report is a joke!

  35. Where's Kamala? hiding as she knows this mess will end her political career and that's the one positive thing for the American people

  36. Best wishes to NRF and the people of Afghanistan 🇦🇫

  37. Biden would surrender to a pod of dolphins. We are is serious trouble, send help

  38. Biden left American citizens behind along with citizens from Allied countries. These people will be tortured and killed by the Taliban. Joe you need to be held accountable for your stupidity

  39. Young economist: As a young economist for the former government I now love the Taliban;
    Reporter: Why?
    Young economist: Because they said they would cut my balls off if I didn't say that.
    Reporter: LONG LIVE THE TALIBAN!!!!!

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