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Inside the fires as the Amazon continues to burn l ABC News

ABC News’ Matt Gutman reports on the ground in Brazil where a record 80,000 fires this year are devouring vast swaths of forest.

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  1. Don’t play wit god people

  2. I wonder who got true fire started god is watchin u every wer u go now u gotta pay back for all his creatures

  3. If i was god i will be like make it rain till next month

  4. Their trying to destroy us pay attention stay woke

  5. The world has come to an end
    #This is just the beginning

  6. My god it's so beautiful watching it burn

  7. Only for money we forget about the health of our nature . All reason behind the bad things related with money. We forget how to love our nature and animals to increase our prestige and bank balance we never think about others.

  8. Boycut Brazilian food and wood items. Soya produkt to farm animals is a huge sinner here.

  9. Boycut Brazilian food and wood items. Soya produkt to farm animals is a huge sinner here.

  10. Look they say they dont want help but we all have to do somthing!

  11. Its our fault we will never learn our faults..

  12. Guy's human are the ones that contributed the most to the fire therefor we are the ones who have to put it out!!

  13. Is there is oil in the Amazon you bet your ass America be putting troops and firefighters on the ground to help regardless with that dipshit president of Brazil says cuz then they would just fabricate evidence that there was weapons of mass destruction there

  14. Why are they still didn't do artificial rain?

  15. They don’t need any fucking help yeh fucking right they planned this

  16. Stupid President of Brazil! Shame on you as you Invade your own TERRITORY! What kind of President is that?

  17. There are 1000 communities of creatures including mankind in the world. Out of them 400 communities are in the land and the rest 600 are in the water as explained in verse 6: 38. All the living as well as non-living things in the Universe are praising and glorifying the Lord as told in verses 17: 44 and 24: 41. It is the responsibility of the mankind endowed with intelligence as the vicegerent of Lord to act well for the survival of himself as well as of whole creatures in the Universe. For this he/she has to involve, help and promote others in planting trees and organic farming.

    The leaves of plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and excrete oxygen and water; thus reduce air pollution due to carbon dioxide and thereby regulate atmospheric temperature. By absorbing the polluted water and fertilizers, the roots of plants help to maintain hygienic surroundings. The roots of plants also prevent soil erosion and help to maintain the fertility of soil. The water vapors evaporated from the leaves cool the atmosphere and form the clouds which lead to rainfall. That is why rainfall over forest area is greater than that of other places. For all creatures both in land and water oxygenated atmospheric air is crucial for maintaining a healthy life. Therefore, we should plant and encourage others to plant more trees (especially trees with fruits) anywhere as far as possible testifying Lord’s teaching through His Messenger: “You plant trees even though you knew that tomorrow is the Dooms Day”. Lord also taught through His Messenger: “During the Last period you have to involve in cultivation and farming”. The one who purified his soul with Adhikr—Book for Purification—will only eat wholesome foods. Today, as wholesome foods are not available in the markets, we should involve and encourage others to do organic cultivation and farming intending not only for our own sake, but also for the sake of whole creatures including mankind. We should discourage cultivations using artificial fertilizers and pesticides which are harmful for all creatures. Remember that Lord’s creatures belonging to 1000 communities are always praying and glorifying Lord with their soul. So it is the duty of mankind bestowed with intelligence to maintain the climate and ecosystem by utilizing Adhikr–the Food, Cloth and Sight of the human soul.

    We should also aware the mankind about the hazards of hybrid genetic crops which cause cancer, blindness and all such genetic disorders. We should discourage cutting down of trees, demolition of mountain (since mountains are the anchors and nails to keep the Earth in its equilibrium), and construction of huge buildings especially in fields as well as in seas. It is a fact that the proportionate presence of natural resources such as petroleum, coal, minerals, metals, etc. are maintaining the gravitational force of the Earth. The unlimited mining of these resources may cause to lose the magnetic power of the earth and there by it cause Pole-shifting. Today those countries blessed with crude oil are rigging it without any restriction aiming their financial gains without considering the miserable consequences neglecting verse 30: 41 which says: “Mischief is appeared on the land and in the sea because of what men’s hands have earned, so that He may let them taste something of what they have earned in order that they may turn back to the aim of life”. The burning of petroleum products in the vehicles and industries are causing the air pollution which increases atmospheric temperature as well as decrease magnetic field of Earth.

    Therefore, oh man! You try to be a man and not a Kafir. See the explanation 2: 18, 171; 4: 140 and 7: 205-206.

    From Adhikr-the Best Interpretation of Lord's Book

  18. The President said they don't need any help. He might want Amazon to burn for their own benefits. What a globalist. 🙄

  19. Is anyone even thinking about the animals and insects that probably died and their homes has been destroyed?

  20. why are people putting water on the fires when water ignites fires?

  21. A unit right behind my school caught on fire, they keep all the files and paperwork in a big shed just only 15m away from the burning unit. Who knows what we could have lost if the fire spread

  22. We're killing the world, we're killing ourselves.
    The world will move on without us.
    Watch this and open your goddamn eyes.

  23. Pretty sad that the whole world care about the rainforest burning down but every person I see commenting from Brazil doesn’t seem to give a fuck about it burning all

  24. You are full of bull shingles

  25. All this is an elite plan to deforest the Amazon, and to put their businesses there, where they will win many millions of dollars, the greed of man, reaches to destroy the planet earth 🌎 and the most affected will be the animals and the poor people.

  26. What the hell you cry you need help and then reject it! Seven Nations offered 20 million dollars which would have helped a lot of people. What do they want us to do rebuild the Amazon Rainforest? I don't care what their dispute was, take the money and use it! Saying "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth".

  27. they want farm land not jungles – that is why they do not want help

  28. Greatest modern day crisis to the environment and AOC and the rest of the Democrats are nowhere to be found!

  29. The Lord is going to punish us severely one day for this. We humans are greedy. Luke 12:15 said watch out, be on your guard against all kinds of greed a mans life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. We will pay for this one day.


  31. People talking about raiding area 51

    No, let's raid the Amazon to stop the fire.

    Where's the public outcry ??????

  33. Fire good and natural order for regeneration of forest but not sure about all at once. Aaaaaaa..

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